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Vibes Go A Long Way

Annie stepped back into Auggie's room as she was drying her hair.

She threw on some shorts and one of her cowgirl shirt, as she called them.

After blow drying her hair she heard the yell from downstairs saying that breakfast was ready.

She went over to Auggie.

"Aug, wake up," she said nudging him.

He didn't budge an inch so he leaned closer to his ear.

"Auggie come on wake up," she said as she placed her hand on his bare chest.

She hovered over him, her hair brushing his neck.

Before she could say anything she was knocked backwards on the bed, the back of her head hitting the bed softly.

Auggie smirked at her surprised face as he hovered over her.

"Do I smell bacon," he said and Annie laughed.

"You would wake up for the food," she said and then pushed him forward, trying to sit up.

Auggie pulled her up and she flew straight into him, landing on his lap, seemingly straddling him.

It took all the strength he had not to kiss her right then.

"I love food," he said smiling and playing it off.

"I know. You're such a fatty. You should learn to control that hunger of yours Aug," she said jokingly.

"There are many, many different types of hunger Ms. Walker," Auggie said suggestively and she shifted awkwardly, gulping.

She felt his hand tighten on her waste and her breathing halted.

She saved herself as fast as she could, "I'm sure there are Anderson but, doesn't change the fact that you're a fatty."

She rose up and walked over to her bag rather hastily.

"Excuse me? I am far from a fatty," he said letting her avoidance of his comment go.

"Have you not seen me?" he asked play flexing, making her laugh.

She had to admit her eyes lingered on his body way longer than necessary.

"See you can't take your eyes off me," Auggie said and Annie laughed again.

"Course not. You're just so irresistible," she said and he smirked.

"Now put on a shirt before you scare everyone," Annie said and threw him a shirt.

"With my beauty? Yeah I know it's overwhelming. Even I get a little disorientated sometimes just imaging myself in the mirror," he responded.

He put on the shirt and a pair of shorts and grabbed Annie's hand, smiling at her appalled face.

"You are so very ridiculous," Annie said as they hit the stairs.

"So I've been told," Auggie said and he couldn't help but, focus on their intertwined hands as they make their way down the stairs and into the dining room.

Four new people Annie hadn't seen before were seated at the table along with the Elain, Paul, Karen, Simon, Corbin, Tirana, Jessie, and Corrina.

"Morning everyone," Auggie said and Annie smiled shyly at the middle aged man and woman who rose from their seats in greeting.

"Have you grown Auggie? I know you're an adult now but, I swear you're like a weed," the older man said and Auggie lit up at the voice.

"Hey Uncle Ford," Auggie said happily as he hugged him.

Annie rose her eyebrow slightly at how much friendlier the greeting he had with his uncle was than with his father.

"Good to see you August, you been taking care of yourself," Ford said.

"Yes sir," Auggie said and Annie smiled at the formality and respect of the word.

His aunt reached up and hugged him next.

"Hey Aunty Ana," he said smiling and she grinned ear to ear.

"Look at you August. You get more handsome as time goes on. And who is this young lady we have her," she asked and Annie stepped forward a bit.

Auggie placed his hand on the small of Annie's back.

"This is Annie Walker. Annie this is my Aunt Anabel and Uncle Ford. I'm assuming in one of these chairs is Tiffany and Michael or should I say Michelle," Auggie said smiling as the younger boy chuckled.

"Shut up Auggie," Michael said smiling as he hurled a biscuit at Auggie's chest.

"Thanks," Auggie said laughing as he caught it and bit it.

"I will never understand how a blind guy catches," Michael mutters crossing his arms.

Elain frowns, "Now you stop it right now Michael Lee Anderson."

"Yes mam," Michael responded and Auggie smirked quietly.

"So does this mean I'll be getting some more nephews soon," Ford said taking a big gulp of coffee.

Annie shifted nervously while Auggie just laughed.

"We're just friends Uncle Ford," Auggie said and sat down, pulling Annie next to him.

He muttered something back but, Annie didn't quite hear.

"So what are the festivities for today?" Annabel asked and Corrina grinned widely.

"We get to do a relay race!" she exclaimed happily.

She came up behind Annie and sat down.

"Sounds fun," Annie said grinning and Auggie rolled his eyes.

"Yea…loads of fun," Auggie muttered sarcastically.

Auggie felt Annie squeeze his leg and looked over at her narrowed eyes.

"Cut it out," Annie whispered and Auggie sunk slightly in his chair.

After breakfast everyone filtered out of the house to start the games.

Annie looked across the field to the farm across the way.

There were several men coming in and out.

"What's with all the people?" she inquired.

"A family just moved out," Elena said rather sadly.

The Cambridge family moved out?" August asked his mother and she nodded.

"Yes. They moved to Florida with their son. There's the new owner coming up now," she responded.

"Morning Andersons," a man said as he approached.

He was average height with blonde tousled hair.

He was young, mid-twenties, with eyes that threw you off.

His voice felt familiar to Auggie but, for some reason he couldn't place it.

"Avery this is my other son August and his friend Annie. Avery just moved in," Elena said grinning.

Avery smiled and shook Annie's hand.

"Pleasure," Avery said lingering a bit on Annie.

Auggie intercepted and took his hand stepping slightly in front of her.

"Nice to meet you Avery…" he said and Avery caught on.

"Stone," he said filling in the blank.

"Avery Stone. Hmm where are you from?" Annie asked .

"New York. I'm just here on business," he answered evenly.

"So you mean Stone as in famous art galleries across almost every continent Stone?" Annie asked shocked.

"Yes. That would be me or should I say my father. He recently passed and left the industry to me," he said back smoothly and Annie grinned.

"I absolutely love some of the works at your gallery houses. The one in Paris is exquisite," she replied happily.

"August and Annie work at the Smithsonian in D.C." Elena added smiling and Avery nodded as if to be impressed.

"Oh really? I'll have to look you both up next time I'm in the city," he replied and smiled but, Auggie wasn't smiling.

Something about him was off and Auggie couldn't shake the feeling.

"Well I have to be going. It was a pleasure meeting both of you. Good bye Mrs. Anderson," Avery departed back to his newly bought house.

Auggie stared in the general direction for a while as if he could actually see Avery walking away.

Annie looked up at him.

"You ok Aug?" she asked and he nodded lightly.

"Yeah," he muttered and followed her to the relay race, deciding to ignore the bad vibe he was just intercepting.


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