"T'ere is one."

The ominous sound of the mystic's crooning is heavy and reverberating, making every syllable send shivers down Captain Jack Sparrow's spine.


"You must find de one who you can trust. Trust wit' your treasure, trust wit' precious Pearl, trust wit' your own life."

This sends Jack's calculating mind reeling, changing his problem from a question of 'how' to 'whom.' Searching for ways to remedy this new obstacle. Searching memory for anyone, anyone at all who Jack placed such confidence in. But there was no one that Jack relied upon. There was no dependence. This, a fact he had prided himself upon, was now turning to his most horrible defeat.

"T'is treasure has been kept away from t'e world, not only because it is impossible to discover, difficult to learn of, and thousands have been slaughtered on the search for it, but because t'e men who seek it do not 'ave one t'ey trust. Do you 'ave such a person, witty Jack?

Honestly, Jack cannot not think of one person. He knows Tia Dalma knows this. He knows she knows he knows she knows this. But, that never stopped Jack from lying to her anyway. "Yeah, sure I do," He lies guiltlessly.

Tia Dalma raises her eyebrows in skepticism, but goes into her back room anyway. "T'is is not t'e map to t'e treasure. T'is is a way to find t'e map." She hands the rolled up parchment to Jack. "It will begin you on your way to t'e treasure what waits at t'e end, but witty Jack," she stops him, before he walks out the door. "Do not search for it without t'e one you trust. The spirit that guards t'e treasure will swallow your soul if you appear at t'ose gates wit' no one."

"Er... thanks," Jack heeds the warning, as morbid as it was. He knows Tia Dalma is not kidding.

As one can see, Captain Jack Sparrow has an interesting problem. He likes treasure. A lot. He doesn't like sharing it. If he can't get the treasure himself, and has to bring one person he trusts, (which is an anomaly in and of itself), he'll likely have to divide the treasure with said person. Of course, half a fantastic treasure is better than none, but Jack did not become a pirate because of his generosity.

So, on his way back down the Pantano River to the Caribbean Sea, this is what Jack pondered. He had the ship, he had the first clue to a legendary treasure, and he had a cryptic warning, now all he needed was a partner.