Twilight Saga-Died, Reunion,, Betrayed

Chapter 8, A Day to Remeber

By: Celene Hudor Midnight

Oh great! This day is just horrible. All day the boys have been drooling and the girls glaring death daggers not even caring if I saw.


Oh GOD! Thank you bell! I rush out of the class as fast as I can without being conspicuous and to the lunch room after stopping at my locker real quick to put my school books back. I open the doors of the cafeteria and gaze around. Teenagers are everywhere. Hopping from table to table, laughing with friends, and playing pranks on each other. I smile for the first time since I've been here in this hell hole. Just seeing everybody carefree and relaxed makes me calm and contained.

I swerve my head back and forth to find the Cullens. I see them sitting all together at a table in the right corner of the room. I make my way over to them, a huge grin on my face. When I get there I sit down next to Jasper who is sitting next to Alice on her left.

Jasper turns toward me and gives me a bright smile. "So…how as your first day?"

I groan and put my hands on my face.

A second later he gives me a reassuring smile. "Oh that bad. Don't worry. It'll get better," he says, trying to comfort me. "…hopefully," he whispers so quietly I had to strain my ears to hear it.

I sigh and pick at my prop, not aware of my surroundings, just getting lost in my thoughts.

"Oh look here girls. It's the loner. Wonder why she's with the Cullens?" says a nasally voice behind me.

I swirl around in my seat to see it's Lauren and her cliché. I sigh. Just when I thought things were turning out for me. I stand up and put my hand on my hip.

"What? You jealous?" I snap back.

She scoffs. "Yeah right. Jealous of you? No way. I bet the Cullens just feel bad for you, that's it. But when the moment comes, they'll dumb you like trash."

I roll my eyes. "Yeah…whatever wannabe. You're totally jealous. I'm with the Cullens and you're not, so why don't you scurry away back to your sad life."

Her eyes widen slightly, but then she narrows her eyes and steps toward me.

"No. Why don't you go back to wherever you came from and stay there. No-one wants you here. You're just a sad excuse of a girl and deserve to die in a ditch ," she hisses.

I step closer to her and get right up to her. I'm not taking any crap from her. I've had enough of bitches who think they're so great.

I growl. "Don't even say that. You think you're all that but for real? You're just scared shitless and try to cover it up with your snotty ass attitude," I say stepping closer, making her step back. "You're a slutty bitch who has a pea sized brain and sleeps with every guy in this school just to make yourself feel better." I keep stepping forward, backing her up. "And you know what? You really are the pour excuse of a girl. You're the wannabe. The loner. The bitch. The slut and so much more. You are pathetic and no-on wants you here." I step forward again and Lauren stumbles over a chair, falling flat on her ass.

Laughter fills the room. Her face turns beat red.

I bend down so I'm her height and say with conviction, "So why don't you just give up and leave?"

Tears spring to her eyes and she quickly stands up. She looks around the room, tears streaking her cheeks. She numbly turns around and runs out of the cafeteria. I watch her go and a feeling of guilt washes through me. Oh, why did I do that? Why? Because she deserved it, my voice in my head says. I sigh and sit back down. I gaze around to see everyone have shocked expressions on. I smile timidly and shrug. This was some first day. A day to remember.

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