A/N: More Dante/Lady love. It's based after DMC3, but there isn't really any plot to this... just boredom lol.

xx Whatever

The night sky is a starkly contrast against the twinkling blanket of stars. She tilts her head curiously, her mismatched eyes following the different constellations written in the shimmering heavens. A cool breeze kisses her bare shoulders and she closes her eyes.

Father is dead… finally. And, the sad thing is, is that there is a part of her that died with him—the part of her that hoped all those horrible things about him had been wrong; that he actually was a good man and she could have had a family… or some semblance of it. She shakes her head aggressively, pushing those vulnerable thoughts away. For a moment, he had tricked her in that tower. He had baited her into believing that there actually had been a sincere heart beating in his chest.

"Son of a bitch…" she growls.

"What's eatin' you, Lady?" a familiar voice pipes up behind her.

Dante… She rolls her eyes. "What do you want?"

He plops down beside her, completely ignoring her rude greeting. "Want a slice?" He asks as he offers her the pizza box.

She glances down at the cheesy slices and picks out the smallest piece.

Dante tries to speak with a half-eaten piece dangling from his mouth. "Is that all you're gonna get?" Of course, it sounds more like 'Iii ta aaww yuuu gonna geff'.

She inspects the slice lazily. "I'm not that hungry." Then, she turns to him. "What are you doing here anyway?"

He shoves the rest of the piece in his mouth and practically swallows it whole. "Well, I figured you were lonely and I had nothing better to do… so here I am."

Lady snorts. "You mean you were lonely."

This time, it's Dante's turn to snort.

"It's okay, demon. You can admit it." She grins at the use of the word 'demon'. Somehow, it seems to bother him. Though he does a pretty good job at hiding it, she can still tell.

"Psshh! I never get lonely. I've got my phone ringing off the hook with women who want me."

"Hmmm… do any of these women have a habit of shooting you in the head?" She takes a bite of her pizza and glances back at him, a playful smirk on her face.

"Actually, one did it the other day." He retorts sarcastically. "It was crazy. We hit it off straight away."

"You're full of shit." Lady laughs as she takes another bite of her pizza. "If you wanted company so bad, all you had to do was ask, Dante."

"Whatever, Lady." He says in-between another slice of pizza.

She looks back up at the sky, a soft smile on her lips. "Whatever, Dante…"