When you're gonna stop breaking my heart?
I don't wanna be another one...

A smile, arms wrapped around his waist, a kiss behind the ear. He desperately wanted to stay this way. Those eyes looked straight through him, until he was left bare. Fingers intertwined, the smell of espresso boiling away. The whistle of a kettle screeching.

"ARRGHHH!" Eames woke with a strangled yelp. He sat up, throwing off the thin sheet that covered him, and hung his legs over the edge of the bed. Cradling his head in his hands, Eames thought back to the dream. That smile...

No, he wouldn't go there again. His dreams were getting worse. Not really nightmares, just the worst type of dream imaginable. The same dream that he couldn't forget, because it wasn't really imagined at all. It was a memory of something real, something he just wanted to be real again.

Eames stood from the bed and paced around the cramped bedroom for a minute or two. Stopping to stare vacantly out the window, he suddenly grabbed a sweatshirt from his barely unpacked bag, and threw it on over his threadbare t-shirt. He pulled on his trainers, and making sure the door was locked behind him, Eames made his way out of the run-down motel he was staying in. Slipping his key onto a light chain around his neck, he tucked it into the neck of his shirt, and began to jog through the immense city of Hong Kong.

He needed to get that face out of his mind. He meandered down to the waterfront. Eames was staying on the Kowloon side of the city, but the view from this end at dawn was breathtaking. Unfortunately, the only thing he noticed about the city was its hulking weight pressing down on him at every angle. Eames had to get out. With a tired grimace on his face, he took one final look at the city's beautiful skyline, and let out a low sigh. Hopefully this would be the last time he saw it.

Where do we come from?
Do I know your name?
Doesn't really matter,
In this life we're all the same...

Arthur gave himself a quick once-over in the hotel lobby. Straightening his tie with a deliberateness not usually seen in the young man, the mirror-image seemed to gaze back with an empty look. Blinking, at his own vanity, he stepped away from glossy black wall, and turned to walk into the restaurant.

After a muttered conversation with the hostess, Arthur grabbed a seat at the bar. Flagging down the bartender, he ordered a drink. Leaning against the low back on the tall chair, now all he had to do was wait. The man he was waiting for had simply slipped a card into his pocket, with the name of this restaurant, a date, time and the letter "E" scribbled across the back.

Arthur wasn't sure of whom he was meeting. He barely even remembered what this man had looked like; if that was even the person he was meeting tonight. And if it wasn't him, well then Arthur would be in for a surprise. He wasn't even sure what the meeting was to be about. But hopefully it was about what he thought it was. After all, he was really only ever good at one thing, dreams.

"I hope I haven't kept you waiting long, Arthur, dear." Turning at the familiar foreign accent, Arthur came face to face with a man he knew he knew. He just couldn't place the face in his mind. There was something familiar in this man, but for the life of him, he could not remember what it was.

"Have we met?" Arthur asked. The man cracked a small smile before giving the bartender a small wave and ordering a beer. After a minute, when his drink arrived, he responded affably.

"But of course we have Arthur", taking a sip, he continued, "In your dreams" The man winked, and began to walk away, towards a table in the back of the restaurant. After walking a few paces, he spun around to find Arthur still watching him from the bar. With an amused grin, he jerked his head towards the waitress waiting at the table, "Well we haven't got all night darling"

After they were seated, Arthur glanced up at the man across from him. The hair was perfectly combed, and the five o'clock shadow was fittingly allowed free reign. The navy pinstripe suit, from what he'd seen, was perfectly tailored, if tad a bit eccentric in pattern choice with the silvery-white paisley tie. The light blue shirt brought out the man's eyes, which were currently watching him with a delighted twinkle.

"Glad to see my fashion choices are still of interest to more than just me and the woman sitting behind you" Arthur jerked back a bit and looked away with a light blush, before looking straight into the man's eyes. Pointedly, he asked,

"Who are you?" After a moment of silence, Arthur realized that he wasn't going to get an honest answer, so he leaned forward on his arms, and asked again quietly, "Really? Why do I feel like I know you?"

"Because you do know-"

"Oh, don't give me that bullshit!" Only when the man's eyes darted around the room did Arthur realize that he'd said that a bit louder than he'd intended. "Sorry"

"Eames" Arthur's head snapped up to reexamine the man in front of him. That name, it was the same name from the dreams he'd been having recently. But those were personal dreams. Not work dreams. They weren't even work related dreams.

Suddenly the face in front of him seemed much more familiar. He knew this face, but from his dreams. What the hell did that mean?

"What the hell does that mean?" Eames chuckled.

"You know, they told me that you wouldn't remember, but I refused to believe them," Eames muttered to himself. Reaching into his back pocket, he pulled out his wallet, and placed a hundred dollar bill on the table, before standing. "I'm sorry to have dragged you here tonight. I hope you enjoy the rest of your meal" He took a step forwards, before turning back to Arthur. "Here." He placed a card with his number onto the table next to Arthur's hand. "In case you do remember", and with that, he walked out of the restaurant into the night.