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Severus looked into the living room wondering where Harry was; His son wasn't known for leaving for hours and he was beginning to get worried. He had everyone in the house help, but even then they failed at finding the lost boy. Frustrated Severus flooed the Weasleys to ask for help.

"Severus? How are you?" Molly Weasley asked.

"I'm fine Molly, is Ron there?"

"Yes he is, is everything okay?"

"Harry has been gone for quite some time now, and we just can't find him." Severus answered, reluctantly.

"Oh dear, well if you need any help I'm here. Oh good, here's Ron." The matriarch's head disappeared as a confused Weasley replaced hers.

"Professor? Can I help you?"

"Nobody at the house has seen my son for hours and we're getting worried. Do you know where he is?"

"Have you checked the corner of the library? The section on magical theory and application? Harry's trying to figure something out, but he's keeping it secret." Ron said with a slight frown.

"Thank you Mr. Weasley." Ending the connection Severus rushed to find Harry and swiftly went up the stairs into the old library.

Quietly entering the room he turned toward the section that might be housing his son. Once Severus turned the corner he paused; for the table was covered in estranged papers and books, a quill unmoving in the hand of the sleeping boy. Harry's elbow was on the wooden table supporting the slumped head, snoring lightly. The dark haired man gave a small smile and silently approached the table and took the ink bottle from the table and capped it tightly and placed it on a shelf. Sneaking through the door, Severus went to fetch his husband; Lucius would want to see this. He entered the brightly coloured kitchen where the rest of the household were sitting restlessly. Severus entered and looked toward the others.

"Any luck?" His husband asked with a worried tone.

"Why don't you come and see for yourself?"

With the knowledge that they would follow Severus lead his friends to the library, motioning for them to be silent, and continued. Walking towards his hidden son Lucius' hand met his, his worry for his son showing. Severus squeezed his husbands' hand reassuringly and gave him a small smile. Coming to the corner Severus stopped his friends telling them to wait there, bringing Lucius to see his son at the table. Lucius gasped at the sight smiling, his eye's showing his love for his child. Lucius released Severus' hand and went to fetch his son. He lovingly picked Harry up placing Harry's dark head upon his shoulder, and supporting his knees and back. Harry's eyes fluttered open groggily, but seeing who it was promptly fell back asleep. Gazing on with loving tears in his eyes, Severus walked towards his family and moved his hand through the short strands of his sons short hair. Lucius, still smiling, pecked Harry on his head and started for the group of people waiting around the corner his lover at his side.

The worry their friends had felt melted away as they saw the loving family return to them and kept silent. The small family kept walking, but the others did not follow; knowing that they would be okay. Harry's bedroom was just down the hall, and as they passed the threshold Severus went ahead to pull down the gray bedcovers for his son. Moving closer to the bed Lucius bent over gently placing Harry on the soft mattress, and pulled up the bedding. His husband stepped beside him and Lucius put his arm around his waist, both gazing at their sleeping son.

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