Hello people of Earth!

So I'm writing a new fanfiction but I want your guy's characters.

It's a BTR/GG fanfic.

Summary: So the guys of BTR find out their spies! So they go to Gallagher Academy while the exchange is going on with Blackthorne. What will happen? There are no original characters from the books! Apps are still open!

Here is the template for the characters you make up. I still need 3 other girls.

Name (first last):

Code name:



Appearance (skin tone, hair-color-length-style, eye color, ect):

Favorite color (used for personal things):



Where they are from:






Personal Style:

Most Likely to Fall for (Logan, James, or Carlos):

Spy feature (ex. Cammie was good at being invisible):

Anything else interesting:

And here's my character that will be in the story too.

Name (first last): Ariella Daemon (Ari for short)

Code name: Songbird

Age: 16

Birthday: April 26

Appearance (skin tone, hair-color-length-style, eye color, ect): Ariella has tan/white skin, blonde hair a little past her shoulders, and blue eyes.

Favorite color (used for personal things): Aquamarine

Personality: Caring, optimistic, funny, always rushing, and brave.

Race: American.

Where they are from: Parents are from England. Ariella is from San Francisco California.

Hobbies/Talents: Reading, Writing, Having fun, Singing, Karate, Flirting.

Dreams: To be loved and have a good and adventurous life.

Fears: Squids and rain.

History: Ariella had a brother, Ben. Their parents were on a mission and they were at a family friend's house. One day they went to the aquarium, and an enemy spy from an evil company arrived and lured her brother, Ben into a giant man eating squid's tank. The squid eat her brother while she watched, in tears. Ariella then kicked the spy's butt and left him unconscious for the police to find. She was only 6.

Family: Her parents, Maribel and John, are both 32. Ariella is now 16 and her brother, Ben, would be 21.

Personal Style (clothing): She always wears whatever she feels like whether it's a tutu or short shorts. Most of her clothing is casual though.

Most Likely to Fall for: Kendall

Spy feature (ex. Cammie was good at being invisible): Karate and fighting.

Anything else interesting: She is beautiful but doesn't believe it. She also doesn't open up very much; she's also a really good secret keeper. Also she's amazingly loyal to her friends.