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Chapter 1: Bree

I made my way to the Prancing Pony slowly, hiding my face with my hooded cloak from unwanted attention as fog surrounded me. I stepped through the doorway and looked at the innkeeper.

He smiled and asked, "Hello there. How can I help you this evening?"

"I'm looking for someone. An old man named Gandalf. Has he happened to pass by?" I asked in my melodic voice. He stared in shocked silence, not expecting a woman ranger stopping by his inn. You'd think he'd be used to it.

"N-not recently. If you wait a while I'm sure he'd be bound to show up, Ms..." He trailed off, not knowing my name.

"I prefer to go by the name of Jade," I said expressionlessly as he gulps and notices the weapons I hid under my cloak.

"T-the Jade?" He trembled. "T-there's a free table over there." He pointed to one of the two dark corners. I walked over silently, snickering to myself about the owner's reaction. He obviously knew my lethal reputation. There was another man in the other corner who watched me walk by, hiding his face in the shadows while smoking a pipe.

I tilted my head at him in acknowledgment as I sat down. A pint of ale was placed in front of me

as I hesitantly took a sip then grimaced, sitting the drink back down. The ale was alright but when you're accustomed to Elvish wine, it's bland in taste.

A short while later, four hobbits stumbled in and spoke with the innkeeper before sitting at a table close to mine. I kept a close eye on the hobbit with the darkest hair, knowing this was the one Gandalf had told me about. The one who carried the Ring of Power.

The ring-bearer asked who the other man in the corner was. I'm actually surprised the larger hobbit hadn't seen me watching. The innkeeper replied that it was Strider and that the man was one of the many Rangers in this area. 'Strider' was more than likely an alias.

My head immediately whipped around to the hobbit surrounded by laughing men when I heard the name 'Baggins'. The dark haired hobbit sprang from his seat and ran to his crowded companion. The ring-bearer tripped and my first reaction was to stand up, ready to bolt. I watched as the ring flew up into the air then came down, landing awkwardly on the hobbit's finger. Panic arose when the hobbit disappeared from everyone's sight.

The hobbit reappeared slightly away from the group as the other Ranger, Strider, dragged him up the steps.

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