Harry sat between Hermione and Ron at the Gryffindor table. Dinner was almost over and most people had left for their common rooms. Draco hadn't arrived yet.

Ron passed Harry some chicken and gravy and Hermione passed him vegetables, both waiting to hear what happened with Malfoy on the pitch. Harry just shrugged off their questions, pretending to be too hungry to want to talk. Hermione tutted, pushing away her dinner plates and getting out her Ancient Runes text book. She started revising the Greek section.

Ron prodded Harry in the shoulder.

"You know when you said experimenting?" His voice was hushed, glancing over at the main doors and around the other tables to see if anyone else heard.

"When I held your hand, yeah." Harry looked at Ron, voice only a fraction louder. He didn't really care who heard them.

"Right, well." Ron straightened up, confused. "What did you mean? I don't see you like that Harry… I just…." Harry chuckled.

"I don't see you like that either Ron." Harry confirmed, patting Ron's shoulder. Ron calmed down a little bit.

"Okay, sorry mate. Thought you might have…" Harry blinked and Ron's eyes darted to change the subject and avoid an awkward situation. He spotted Draco sitting down at the Slytherin table next to Crabbe, grabbing some food off his plate and starting to eat it. His eyes never left the back of Harry's head. "So who won, out on the pitch."

"Between me and Draco?"

"Yeah. He's staring at you." Harry grinned. "So?"

"Oh, he won." Ron raised his eyebrows.

"Please tell me you let him win." Ron's voice was practically a whimper, he seemed to be that terrified over the prospect of losing a Quidditch match. Harry realized that the only reason Draco had won was because Harry had been distracted by…

"Yeah, I let him win." Harry chuckled, standing up. He hadn't eaten much, but he wanted to leave. Now. "Come on." He tugged at their arms, pulling Hermione away from her book, practically dragging them from the great hall. Harry stole a glance back at Draco, their eyes meeting for a brief moment before they both looked away.

Harry waited until he thought the others had fallen asleep before getting up. He was about to wrap the invisibility cloak around himself when he heard Seamus' voice from across the room.


"Seamus?" Harry squinted into the darkness at Seamus' bed.

"You going to see Malfoy?" Harry nodded before realizing Seamus couldn't see him. He walked over to sit on the foot his four-poster.


"Does he know?" Harry nodded, the silhouette of his head bobbing slightly. "Good. I don't want him to hex me again." Harry ran his fingers over Seamus' thigh, smiling.

"See you later, Seamus." He stood up, turning away, his hand pushing the dormitory door ajar so he could slip through.

"I want to know all the details, Harry." Seamus called out, laughing slightly, watching Harry vanish under his cloak.

Draco paced the empty common room, thinking about Harry. He had debated waiting outside in the corridor, but Snape was lingering, and he'd rather not get dragged off to his office for another one of his punishments. The room was starting to get colder and colder, the fire dying in its grate. He knelt by it, pushing another log into the embers. The chunky wood ended up putting the whole thing out.

He opened the enchanted wall to the common room instead, peaking out to see if Harry was waiting outside. The corridor was empty and Draco was about to close it again when he felt something warm take his hand.

"Come on." Murmured a voice, pulling him out of the common room. The wall slid closed behind them and suddenly Draco was covered in a cloak. Harry was beside him, taking his hand.

"So this is the famous invisibility cloak?" Asked Draco, a little too loudly.

"Yeah." Whispered Harry. "And it doesn't block out noise, either." Draco blushed.

"Sorry." He mumbled. They started to walk down the corridor. "Where are we going?"

"I was going to go to the grounds… it's quieter there." Draco smirked. Trust Potter to be the type for sex outdoors.

They reached the front doors of the castle, unlatching the mini door and hurrying to get through, Draco first. Harry took his outdoor cloak, waiting until they had walked far enough away from the castle not to be seen before wrapping it around their shoulders. Harry stowed the invisibility cloak in his pocket, taking Draco's hand and wrapping his arm around his waist.

"Are you cold?" He asked.

"A little bit." Draco confessed, resting his head on Harry's shoulder. It was nice, Harry was warm. He smelt nice too, a warm tangy scent that was sweet without being overpowering. His cloak was musty, probably never dried properly, thick and protecting Draco's body from the wind. It was a calm night, the breeze icy but slow. It pushed its fingers through Harry's hair as they walked. Draco felt slight envy for it.

They settled on the floor just outside the greenhouses. Draco shivered, pressing his face into Harry's chest. It was hard, the itchy wool of his jumper scratching his cheek. He could hear his quickened heart beat. Harry's lips pressed into the top of his head and his fingers rubbed circles and shapes into the side of his arm. Draco sighed, curling his legs in and submitting himself to Harry's affections.

It wasn't long before they were kissing harder and deeper and longer. Harry's hands run up Draco's back, finding his hair and tilting his head away. His lips kissed along his neck, nibbling gently at pale skin, tiny pink marks following the pathway of his mouth. Draco's hand cupped the back of Harry's neck, guiding him downwards. He bit the hard bone at Draco's collar, his hands pulling his shirt up his abdomen. He dipped his finger into his navel, trailing over the light hairs that lead into the top of his pants.

Draco's eyes sparkled in the light, watching as Harry's hands undid the buttons on his trousers. Black material slid down his thighs and he parted his legs willingly. He could see the bulge at Harry's groin and he fully planned on exploiting it as his.

Harry's hand wrapped around Draco's shaft and he let out a long moan, watching as the tight fist peeling back his foreskin, his head spilling pre-cum over the reddened flesh. A thumb swiped the liquid away, rubbing it into the hard length of Draco's cock, hand pumping keenly up and down.

"H-harry…" His hips rolled up, begging for more. He bent his knees up so that Harry got a good view of his hole. "Want you."

One of Harry's digits was pressed to his lips, begging to be sucked. Draco opened his mouth, humming around it as Harry's other hand moved to cup his balls, squeezing them gently. His tongue swirled around three of Harry's fingers, cock dripping with pre-cum. Harry leant forward to lick it away, eyes meeting Draco's as he took the tip of his dick into his mouth.

Draco spat the fingers out, mewling loudly in need. Harry smirked, pushing the first one inside. Draco was so hot and tight, clenching around his finger.

"Feel like a virgin, Draco…" Harry hissed, curling his finger gently, moving it in and out slowly. It dragged on his inner walls and Draco groaned loudly. The noise echoed around the empty courtyard.

"C-call me a slut again, Harry… Tell me what I am." Harry rubbed the tip of his finger into Draco's prostate, earning a scream.


"Fuck…" Harry grinned. He was enjoying his power. He slid a second finger in, stretching the tight ring of muscle between them. "Sh-shit…" Stammered Draco, nails digging into Harry's shoulders. He tugged at his jumper, whining pitifully. "Want you naked."

"Beg." Harry was smirking. "Beg for me Draco."

"Please Harry… Please…" Draco looked truly desperate. His cheeks were flushed, hips angled up into Harry, bucking into his hand, trying to fuck himself on it. "Give me more…"

"You're such a whore." Harry shoved his third finger in, watching Draco's face in awe as he grimaced in pain.

"Your whore." Thrusting his hips again.

"Whose?" Harry gripped Draco's hips, thrusting his fingers harder. Draco's cock was coated in his spunk, the clear liquid lubricating the sides thickly, dripping from his slit.

"Yours." Harry stopped thrusting his hand, his fingers sheathed to his knuckles. He could feel Draco pulsing around them.

"Say it." He started to curl them, angling them up towards that sweet spot inside. The one that made Draco shriek. "Say who you belong to."


"Say it."

"I'm yours."


"All yours."

"Come on Draco. You can do better than that."


"Yes baby?" Oh how Harry loved to patronize.

"Fuck me." Harry drew his hand away slowly, taking hold of Draco's thighs, pulling him onto his lap, tilting him so that his entrance ground against the front of his trousers.

"Still wearing clothes, Draco." Draco wriggled, trying to push Harry's pants down. He clawed at Harry's thighs, raking his fingers up his shaft, fingering the slit open so that hot clear liquid oozed onto Draco's hands. Harry groaned, dropping his head forwards onto Draco's shoulder. "Ride me, Draco."

Draco dropped his hips, his entrance swallowing Harry's dick and clenching around it tightly. Harry gasped, nails digging into Draco's hips and bruising the skin against his bones.

"You're so fucking tight Draco…" Harry growled. Draco started to move back, crying out as the head of Harry's dick rubbed against his prostate. "You sound like a two cent whore."

"Your whore." Harry's hips snapped up into Draco's, pushing inside him and hissing.

"Filthy bitch." Draco scrabbled against Harry's arms. "My filthy bitch." Harry felt sadistic, dragging his nails across Draco's arse, bouncing him up and down his cock, tugging his hair back to expose the smooth skin on his neck which he bit into and bruised with his teeth. He loved every second of it.

Yanking Harry's hair, knocking his glasses to the floor, Draco writhed and moaned. He could feel each ridge of Harry's dick when he clenching around him. Harry made him go faster every time and the burn was too much for Draco.

Cum splattered up his chest, his whole body tensing up in the shock, shrieking in pleasure before falling off Harry's lap and into the dirt at the side of the greenhouse. Harry followed soon after, spilling his release of Draco's body and staining his clothes. Draco dropped his head back, watching Harry come down from his high. Draco slid his finger along a rope of cum on his cheek, pulling it into his mouth and tasting it.

Harry propped himself against Draco's chest, shivering against the cold. Draco's arms covered him protectively. The blonde head rolled onto his shoulder, silver eyes shut with exhaustion.

"That was amazing." Harry mumbled, kissing his ex-rival's forehead.

"Shut up Potter."


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