My parents are so weird. I am the only teenager in my school who has federal agents as parents. Once, a girl came to the house selling Girl Scout Cookies and they both pulled their guns on her. I heard about that for two years! Why can't they just be like every other kid's parents? The kind that go to parent-teacher conferences and don't do background checks on them first?

My little sister is just as weird. She loves all the life-saving and crime solving my parents do. She wants to be just like them. Me? I'm more like my Aunt Abby. The different one, the one who stands out. That's exactly how I like it, and my parents absolutely love me for it. They say I remind them of two very strong women they used to know, the people I was named after.

And my brother? Well, he's only 10. I guess I can't blame him for being a dork. Look at our family. We're all dorks.

You'll get to know me, and my family, soon enough. They're all kinda strange in their own way, but I love them all. I grew up with them. My parents were very serious about me & my sister growing up surrounded by love.

My name is Caitlin Jennifer DiNozzo, but most people call me Katie. My parents are the infamous Tony and Ziva DiNozzo, NCIS partners turned lovers, and my little sister is Talia Arielle, but we all call her Tali. I have a brother also named Anthony Jethro (after my dad and my grandpa), but he hates his name so much he makes us call him AJ.

Just a little about me: I'm 16. I'm in the 10th grade at Eastern Senior High School. My sister is in 7th grade at Jefferson Middle School, and AJ is in the 4th grade at Amidon-Bowen Elementary School. Every day my dad comes and picks us up in his Mustang (another reason my family is weird) and drags us back to the navy yard, where we do homework in Abby's office until my parents get off of work. At least I have someone to help me with my science homework.

You've chosen to enter my world, which isn't always the most normal of places. But it is pretty funny. So I guess I should start all the way back at the beginning, when my parents first met…warning: This is going to be a LONG story...

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