"Home sweet home!" Cyborg announced as the Titans flew the T-ship over Jump City with a plain view of Titan Tower.

"I've never been so happy to see it in my whole life!" Beast Boy flung his hands up in celebration. "What will I do first? Take a nap? Play a video game? Order pizza?"

"I vote that you take a shower," Raven dead-panned, receiving laughter from Cyborg and Robin. Beast Boy pouted and slumped in his chair, raising an arm to sniff his arm pit as casually as possible.

"It is so very nice to be back home," Starfire smiled. "But I would not have minded staying in Paris for a while longer."

"Yeah, Paris was nice," Robin grinned with his head in the clouds. He shook his head to clear it, his facial expression showing his determination to be the serious team leader. "But we're needed here. Vacation time is over."

"Man, you think a week alone with Starfire would have loosened you up more," Cyborg groaned.

"Yeah," Beast Boy chimed in. "What exactly did you guys do while the rest of us were in Amsterdam?"

"Uh…" Robin blushed before countering. "Well what did you guys do in Amsterdam?"

"Nothing illegal," Raven assured.

"Can you say the same?" Cyborg grinned. Robin narrowed his eyes and shook his head.

"Robin and I would never do anything the law says we cannot," Starfire frowned at the accusation. With a grin she filled them in, "We had much romance, with the lights and the city and the snuggling."

"You snuggled?" Cyborg burst into laughter.

"Robin's a snuggler!" Beast Boy laughed along.

"Heh," Raven chuckled. "Snuggling."

"Shut up!" Robin crossed his arms angrily. "You're all just jealous!"

"Right," Raven shook her head as Beast Boy and Cyborg shrank in their seats. There was complete silence while the jet landed and everyone dragged their suitcases into to the tower. They all were about to part ways, each heading to their separate rooms when Robin cleared his throat.

"We all had a nice, long vacation. Two whole weeks without lifting a finger against crime," Robin began.

"Except for that simple street thief in Naples," Cyborg interrupted. "He had no idea who he was stealing from, did he Rae?"

"He's lucky Beast Boy intervened before I could send him to a hell dimension," Raven grumbled. She had gone in street clothes, leaving her cape behind for the vacation, and had immediately regretted it when a boy had snatched her bag away from her.

"Yeah, he sure freaked when he saw a Tyrannosaurs Rex coming after him," Beast Boy grinned from ear to ear. "Nobody steals from my friends."

"I'll never forget his face," Cyborg laughed. "I guess he won't be stealing any time soon."

"Well, there was that," Robin agreed. "But like I was saying, now that we're home, it's time to get back to work. So take an hour to unpack, clean up, and then meet on the roof for training."

"Are you kidding?" Beast Boy groaned, slumping against his suit case. "But… but…"

"C'mon, man! We just got home," Cyborg argued. "Let's take the day off to get our clocks adjusted. We can start training again on Monday."

"We've been on vacation long enough," Robin disagreed. "We need to get back to work."

"But I'm exhausted!" Beast Boy whined. Robin looked to Starfire for help.

"I would like to check on Silkie," Starfire shrugged, waiting on them to make a decision. Robin turned to Raven next.

"I could use some time to meditate," Raven droned.

"Fine," Robin groaned. "Two hours."

"Doooood!" Beast Boy moaned.

"C'mon, Rob. Training can wait one more day," Cyborg patted Robin on the shoulder.

"No it can't! Robin growled. "We were sloppy in Tokyo and now we've gone two whole weeks without training or fighting. We probably couldn't even handle Control Freak right now!"

"Oh, please," Cyborg waved him off. "We could handle anyone, anytime, anywhere."

"Well, I'm the team leader, and I say we need to train!" Robin yelled.

"And I keep wondering who died and made you king of the Titans!" Cyborg shouted.

"Please, friends, to stop the screaming and fighting," Starfire tried to get between the two seething Titans.

"Maybe if your boy here would give us a break for once," Cyborg mumbled.

"I just gave you two weeks!" Robin exclaimed.

"After five years of non-stop butt whooping!" Cyborg countered. "You'd think after all the bad guys we've shut down we could get a couple more days here and there!"

"Well, evil doesn't take a holiday, so neither can we," Robin put his fist to his hips in classic super hero pose.

"You've got to be kidding me!" Cyborg laughed. "Do you know how many bad guys have vacation homes? And it's not like we're the only heroes out there. If we need to, we could call in some help. Everybody takes a break now and then."

"We're not everybody," Robin stated. "We're the Titans, and this is our city. We will defend it 24/7 for every 365 days of the year."

"Uh, guys?" Beast Boy tried to interject. Raven shook her head with two fingers on either side of her forehead as she tried to keep calm. Starfire looked on desperately.

"Well, maybe you want to have some crazy god-complex where you'd like to train yourself to death, but I have other things to do!" Cyborg turned to move towards his room.

"And maybe you'd like to waste your time with little kid nonsense, but I have a city to save!" Robin yelled after him.

"Have your little training session, Rob. But I'm not coming!" Cyborg screamed over his shoulder.

"Then you're not a part of this team," Robin spat. Cyborg glared at him, shook his head, and then disappeared into his room. Robin glared down the rest of his team mates. "Training in an hour."

"I'm out, too," Beast Boy shook his head and moved to his room. "I can barely move, let alone transform."

"I need to meditate for at least a few hours before I'm in any shape," Raven sighed as she too moved to her room.

"Robin," Starfire spoke hesitantly, "since no one is going to train, perhaps we could rest and cuddle?"

"You're disobeying me, too?" Robin dropped his jaw in shock.

"Not disobeying. Disagreeing," Starfire nodded shyly. "I am your equal, am I not?"

"I can't believe you guys!" Robin turned to storm off.

"Robin?" Starfire called.

"Forget it. I'm out of here!" Robin fumed. "See how the Titans do without me."

"But Robin?" Starfire watched as he took his suitcase, turned for the front door, and left.

"Yo, what's with all the noise out here?" Cyborg peeked his head out.

"Seriously," Beast Boy also popped up. "I was just about to take a nap."

"I can't meditate with all of this yelling," Raven complained.

"Robin is gone," Starfire pouted, her head hanging and her shoulders slumped.

"Ah, he'll be back," Cyborg waved his hand and went back to his room.

"He's just grumpy cause he needs sleep," Beast Boy agreed and went back into his own room, too.

"He'll cool off," Raven nodded before returning to the solace of her own room.

"I hope so," Starfire whispered to herself before dragging her suitcase off to her room.