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Well, David finally found true paradise in the most unlikely of places. Too bad the happy couple's honeymoon was spent upgrading their hut to accommodate the both of them and the beautiful daughter they had later on - not to mention the training David had to go through to be shaman while Kiri was trained by Urari to be the tribe's new herbalist. The resident David ousted in Amanaki's eyes was selected to be David's bodyguard - a man by the name of Afi Mohea. Though bitter about his former teacher's choice for a short while, Afi managed to refrain from poisoning the one he was sworn to protect for getting the job he felt he deserved. He later surrendered to the fact that Amanaki had made the right decision.

During his reign as shaman, David tamed one of the hyenas running loose, making a family pet out of it, used the Staff of Tuzu's immense power to purify the Forbidden Village to make it habitable once again, had a small, but plentiful herbal garden for Kiri on that plot of land they owned by the time he retired, and he even tamed a rare, unclassified species of hawk that was constantly flying around his property along the way. In his spare time, he even used his crafting skills to build a small, handheld radio, a personal board game, and even a radio controlled coconut. Waiata, meanwhile, was even given a special tree of his own and settled down with a nice lady orangutan. David went down in the island's history as one of the tribe's most successful shamans with the most unique origin.

Over time, the friends David made on his first few days in the village eventually paired up…

- Emobi finally tied the knot with Orama, though their union was an all work, no play type of relationship, though they had… something that kept them together - a true testament to the fact that love isn't all about sex 24/7.

- Timoti hooked up with Raiuni (who saw that coming?) and he turned out to be one of those hen-pecked husbands that was always eager to please his "domineering" wife (if you catch my drift.)

- Akolo, the village Romeo, had his eye caught by Tumata, a couple known for both parties having a roaming eye, who were a couple that truly deserved one another.

- As for Ahio? Almost two years after this story concluded, there was another airplane crash on the island, and the lone survivor was a young redheaded woman named Jessica Knight. Like David, she was welcomed with semi-open arms while she healed her wounds. Over the course of that following year, she and Ahio formed a bond that only David and Kiri could rival. The fact she was a teacher back in civilization helped matters some when it came to her standing in the island community.

…Led by David's daughter, Aurora, the next generation of the island tribe was in good, strong hands.

And if you're wondering about whatever happened to Robby and Emma, they were (technically) given the deed to the lagoon where they lived out the rest of their lives in a state of early retirement in the tropical paradise they could have only dreamed of back in civilization.

Unfortunately, however, Amanaki and Urari passed away soon after handing over their ranks, responsibilities, and knowledge as shaman and herbalist over to David and Kiri. Fangaloka and Huhana both passed on together a couple of years thereafter, leaving their then pre-teenaged daughter Nanihi in the care of their guard Rohahu until she was old enough to rule the tribe on her own. Until then, Rohahu filled in as pro tem tribal chief. Their urns currently rest in the House of Tuzu - now an exclusive mausoleum used to house the urns of the chiefs, shamans, and their beloved spouses, guarded throughout eternity by the remains of their faithful bodyguards.

Bart Pittman's grave still rest on Volcano Island, where a popular myth states that, even though his soul is at peace knowing his death was far from being in vain, and that his death was avenged by the kind stranger who came far too late to truly save him, his spirit still walks the barren beach of Volcano Island, where no islander is allowed to tread. At least his spirit can now rest in peace knowing that Rhinehart can no longer harm those around him where he's damned to spend his afterlife. Still, until the time he was no longer able to do so, David made annual trips to personally pay his respects to the man who finally opened his eyes to how dangerous the professor really was.

As for Hugh and his crew? Who knows… Who even cares? More then likely they're on some other deserted island struggling to survive. I guess even their rescue pilot didn't have the patience to deal with them, either. Sandra kept trying to fiddle with the radio trying to find her favorite station, Gina tried to fly the chopper in several consecutive loop-the-loops, while Hugh just kept trying to run the show. Oh well, wish them luck… this time they're really going to need it.

Well, there you have it, a story about a man who took a trip, secretly hoping to meet his soul mate, who had many adventures along the way, made many new friends, some new enemies, and (ultimately) found exactly what he was looking for in the most unlikely of places.

I guess life's funny like that - not only are some events meant to happen one way or another for whatever reason no one can truly understand and that little can be done to change that, but the undeniable fact that some people get what they deserve, while others deserve what they get. The trick to understanding what that particular statement means is never really knowing which of those people you really are.

Now, I know the last line this little tale has to offer sounds awfully cliché - but I really felt it fits this story in particular - "And they all lived happily ever after - The (Living) End…?"