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Sonic and the Dark Chef: A Fatal Reckoning

It was a dark and windy night on a secluded South African Mountain, where two men in cloaks meet in a secluded cave. Both of the cloaked men are of a great stature with one a far bit rounder than the other. They chat quietly as the wind swallows most of their words. The few that can be heard sound like: DNA, coded, pepper hedgehog, chili, allergic, not, legal, murder. They stop conversing the round hands over two bags and disappears on a roundish flying contraption. The thinner descends the mountain in great and vanishes. All is quiet for the rest of the night.

...6 Months Later ...

It is a Sunday in Station Square , when Sonic the Hedgehog runs through town hear a clamor that stops him cold. "Welcome the the grand opening of Larek's American Dinner Factory where we have everything that the USA US Awesome in and as opening promotion we are giving free entrees to the fifty customers and free buffets to the first twenty.", carouses a six foot Sapient bear. He continues, " We have Cheeseburger, hot dogs, Chili Dogs, And everything in between you name it we cook it and in mass."

" Free Chilidogs!",Sonic exclaims while screeching ti a skidding stop in front the humongous restaurant and running into the Sapient bear. "Why yes my spastic peedy friend your in as you happen to be our tenth customer so go on in and have a seat in my establishment and please read, feel, or listen to sign because entering means you agree and understand.",says the Larek the owner. "Huh, why should I," snarked Sonic. " Legal issues Sir and you wont be fed if you don't, but to sum it we are not responsibele for any allergy issues regarding our food you don't bring up top our attention.", replied Larek. "Oh okay ", says Sonic," I don't have any allergies." Sonic proceeds to enter after reading the sign in Sonic speed, then orders a Chilidog Thought Time Special which is basically every type of chili dog combing that has ever touched American shores in sane quantities. The order was intended for a party of fifty over several hours with large predators factored in and is received in a private room.

...6 Hours Later...

" I don't feel so good", Sonic groans as an overstuffed hedgehog. HE begins to shake as his pulse quickens and his skin turns pale not even noticeable under his fur. His throat swells and air becomes sparce. A strange euphoria over takes him as goes. His eyes close as he passes looking for all the worlds asleep. No one but the bear knows or suspects. He died not with a bang but a whimper.

It is silent.

...6 years later ...

Sonic corpse was found hours later by the janitor. Their was an uproar. The death was termed allergic reaction . No charges were pressed . Sonic friends arranged a funeral with Larek support . A family emergency made him miss it. Just as well since Robotnik nuked the ceremony from Sonic's grave or so say the public. The Eggman Empire and G.U.N. Continued to clash and have mostly split the world in half. Larek's over came the scandal minimally scuffed and went on to be a huge success. Life went as it will.