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Song: Sander Bohlke-The Weight Of us

Set in the morning on the rooftop after episode 1x06, Lost Girls

Dear Diary,

I can't help but feel this way. Why does it have to be like this…Why does it have to happen to Jeremy? I just wish it could all be better for Jeremy. But I learned a long time ago sometimes you can keep wishing for things, and nothing will happen. Wishing is not worth it. Sometimes, you have to just go out there and make it happen. I remember a time when the only things I was scared of were pop quizzes and bugs. That time seems so long ago. Now what I'm scared of is the future. But I know no matter what happens, I'll have to accept it and move on. And that's what matters most. In life you don't have to close the book, just turn the page.

I signed my name and set the diary and pen on the roof, my hand lingering on the pages, feeling the paper.

I closed my eyes and faced the sun rise, inhaling the morning air.

"Now what are you doing here?" Damon said.

With my eyes still closed I raised the diary with my hand.

"Why do you write in that stupid thing anyway?"

I opened my eyes, "it's good to have a diary. Damon, in your life you can do things and choose not to acknowledge it, but with me I have a diary so I can write things down. I accept it, and I write about it."

I hurriedly scribbled on the next page, closed the diary, threw it to him and left to go get ready.

Damon p.o.v:

I caught the diary with one hand effortlessly. Opening to the page she just scribbled in, I saw in her messy hurried writing:

"Keep this diary, Damon. Some things you'll have to face sooner or later. You can go ahead and read whatever you want. My story's ended but yours has just begun. Sometimes, the end is just the beginning."

I thought about Katherine then I thought about Elena's face, smiling down at me. It usually is Elena, it usually is… and with a smile on my face I grabbed the pen that lingered on the rooftop and wrote in neat writing- dear diary...

Author's Note:

This is just a short little story where Damon begins to kinda fall in love with Elena. I love the scene at the end of Lost Girls where Damon isn't such a jack ass. :')