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Audun: Excuse me? (Glares at me and then turns to Ryu [you'll know who he is if you skip this and read the first chapter or read the original first chappie from 2010 LOL]) ...Hello Ryu. (Glares at me) Why the heck did you put this MORON in this story? You said you wanted it to NOT look like that story you read about that trainer and her mew.

Ryu: Excuse me, I'm a wild mew that tags along. You try to capture me all the time, and you know that I-

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Myuia: Where are the others? Tsuki needs to find- (I stuff his mouth with paper)


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A shiny surprise

I had just moved into the Yuiato Region when I had an encounter with a legendary Pokemon. It was a bright sunny day and my sister, Magpie, was training her piplup, Mimi, as I was expecting a delivery from Professor Oak. I was sitting down on the soft grass holding three Pokemon eggs that our pet skitty, Kit-kat, had laid. I was gazing at the road when I heard an engine, and I looked up to see a small white delivery truck with a red pokeball symbol on the side. "It's here!" I whispered to myself. I sprang up, raced to it and saw the driver, who happened to be my dad (aka Prof. Hemlock) who waved at me energeticly, and then parked on the side of the road.

"Hello Myuia." He said, raking a head through his messy dark brown hair before giving me a hug.

"Hi Daddy-o." I grinned. I hadn't seen him in a week, and it seemed like he hadn't been sleeping. He was wearing the same white lab coat (it seemed to have gotten a little beaten up), his hair was sticking up in all directions, and he clearly hadn't shaved. He noticed me looking at it and chuckled. "A few Pokemon got out of their pokeballs. Some got back in the wrong ones, so call me up if I did something wrong and I'll start fixing things."

He kissed my forehead, and after he finished laughing at my oh-my-god-quit-doing-that face, he scrambled into the back of the truck, where I heard boxes falling, glass shattering, and possibly my dad and a Pokemon screaming in union. Finally, he came out, looking more beat up and tired than before. "I can't wait to get rid of that machop..." he looked up at me and smiled like nothing bad had happened and handed me a shiny, polished pokeball.

"I got the Raikou you wanted!"


"I'm joking! I know that you want a torchic, Myu." He said with his hazel eyes shimmering with mischeif. (Now I know where Magpie gets it from.)

I smiled, and looked at the pokeball. I thought it was cool that it had golden embrodery on the sides, and was "upside-down" like an electrode. (Dad always has a way of getting the pokeball maker decorate the pokeballs he gives to me and my sisters.

"Thanks Daddy-o. Hey-" Before I could finish, his Peter Pikachu* Watch began to buzz. He jumped in his seat and hit his head on the roof and muttered something about Prof. Oak and chocolate chip cookies.

"I'm late for another meeting... Myu, tell your mother that I said hi and that Mia and Moi are coming home soon from college." He kissed me on the forehead and chuckled when I grimaced. "Bye, love ya!"

"Well, Myu, can I see the torchic Dad gave you?" a voice said from behind. I turned around to see my little sister barely holding the three eggs and Mimi bouncing at her feet trying to make sure they wouldn't fall. "Please?" This time she did it with Bambi eyes.

"Okay, but please give Kit-Kat her eggs. Now."

She didn't hesitate. She ran across the lawn, dropped one egg (don't worry, Mimi caught it) and came back jumping like she just had a sugar rush. "I want to see it now." she peeped, her hazel eyes bearing the same mischeivious gleam my dad had in his. Before I could get the torchic out of the ball, I saw a silver blur, and then I fell on my back to the ground.

I looked up to see a boy with long silver hair and dark blue eyes perring down at me. "Oh, its the local theif." I muttered.

This boy was Audun. My rival who appeared out of nowhere and decided that he was going to steal pokemon from my dad and become my nemises. it worked out, and so far, no ones caught him stealing pokemon, and the only reason I know his name is because...


A silver haired boy was running down the street, holding a pokeball in his hand. He took several sharp turns own the road, climbing walls, and anything to get the cops of his trail. Soon, he was stopped to rest, and noticed a girl with shoulder length cherry red hair walking down the street with a map.

She was walking very slowly, looking for her house, with an extremly puzzled look on her face. This was Myuia. "I can't believe I got lost again," she muttered. Then, Myu noticed a bright light. She looked to the side of the road, and saw a trainer card on the side of the road. Someone must have dropped it, she thought. She picked it up, it's surface smooth and shiny. She flipped over, and saw the picture of a silver haired boy with an expressionless face. Next to it was the name Audun S. Cyrus. Another flash of brightness caught her eye, and she turned to see the same boy watching her. He looked sixteen, like her, and his dark blue eyes were fixed on her.

"... Um, Audun? I believe this belongs to you!"

He jumped in the air at the sound of his name. He glared at Myuia, who was still oblivious to his unhappiness.

"I'm Myuia! I want to be a pokemon trainer, too." She looked at the pokeball in his hand. "My dad must have given that to you! He's such a great pokemon professor, right?"

Now Audun was feeling guilty. This girl was pretty, and he had just stolen...wait her father was proffesor Hemlock? He shook away the guilt. I'm not going to feel any guilt because of a pretty girl with beautiful ruby red eyes and short cherry red hair that looks like a crimson red flame in the sunlight... Ugh, Why am I thinking like this?

"Hey, I can escourt you home," he quickly said without thinking, "If you pay me."

"What type of offer is that?" Myuia growled.

"... Fine, I'll escourt you home and you win... a prize!"

"I'm not a six-year-old, you airhead." Myuia muttered.

"What did you just call me?"

"Look, Audie, can you just escourt me home-"

"SURE!" Audun winced when he said it harsher than he intended, and cleared his throut, "I mean, sure... Myu."

Her eyes seemed to beam with happiness, and Audun lead her to her house, after all, he was the one who had robbed the house so many times that the previous owners just moved and gave up the mansion-like house to the Hemlock family.

When they reached it police cars where their on the drive way.

"What the-" was all Myuia managed to get out before Audun cupped his hand over her mouth.

"Listen, don't tell anyone about me, but, I'll tell you this," he whispered before taking the stolen pokeball out. "I'm the prime suspect of this investigation!"

He quickly ran off into the woods, and left something behind... again. Myuia examined it.

"Well, he wasn't lying when he said he would give me a prize..."

It was the key to Myuia's treasure chest that had "disapeared" when they came to the Yuiato region.

End of Flashback

And thats how I know the local theif.

I glared at him as he stood over me. "Oops, did I just trip the local rich girl?"

I smiled sweetly. "Oh, don't tell me, you must be the local idiot." by now, Magpie had hurried inside with Mimi with puzzled looks on their faces.

"Dare call me that again and I'll-"

"Steal my belongings again? Oh, Audun, the only reason you havn't been caught is beacuse I haven't told anyone about you... and that I didn't have my own pokemon before."

Something gleamed in Audun's icy blue eyes. "Are you saying that you want to have a battle?"

I glanced at the pokeball on my belt. Without hesitation, and before Audun could make any comebacks I held the pokeball in my hand. "Yes, but I was afraid that you would run for the hills in fear if I challenged you the way you ran into the woods when you saw the police. "

He growled and bared his teeth"What makes you think I'd backdown from a challenge?"

I rolled my eyes. "Do you want to battle or not?"

He glared at me. "Lets roll."

Audun and I stood fifteen paces from each other. I knew that, although Audun never admited it, he hadn't trained his pokemon because he wanted to battle me at a fair level. That's the only gentleman-like thing he has ever done.

He reached for the single pokeball (yes, the one he stole from my father) on his belt and threw it. "Go, Jake!"

The charmeleon emerged from it's pokeball, eyes gleaming. Ok, maybe he had trained it a little, but I could still win, right?

I threw the pokeball. I prayed that my dad had accidentally given me a phychic type.

Sometimes, I really wished I had never ever, ever EVER prayed that.

I threw my pokeball, not knowing what to call out.

A crimson flash apeared and, instead of taking the form of a torchic, took the form of a small blue kitten with a long, plumed tail.

Even Audun was stunned. Right infront of me was a mew. A shiny mew. A legendary pokemon. That was given to me just a few minutes before. Wow, dad. Maybe you should have given me a Raikou.

Audun, unlike me, is almost emotionless when he battles, and took advantage of me, since I was day dreaming about why the heck I had a mew.

"Jake, use Flamethrower!" Audun smirked as his charmeleon sent a beam of fire swirled towards the shiny mew.

I snapped out of my daze. "Mew, dodge it!" I cried. That blue kitty sure did dodge. More than just dodge. That mew teleported and reapeared behind Jake, wiggled it's tiny fingers in the air, and then, sent a giant wave of water at Jake.

The charmeleon staggered a bit before getting it's balance back again, but the mew had the upper hand. It swung it's tiny paw at Jake's back, and the charmeleon tumbled down.

My mouth literally hung open. My pokemon had just used Metronome and finished Audun's charmeleon of with pound!

Audun glared at me. "You won this time, Hemlock. I'll get you back."

I sighed. "Audun, quit being so competitive."

He bowed and smiled mockingly. "Yes, Princess Myuia."

With that he turned around and ran, muttered something under his breath, which sounded like: "You'll see what I'm capable of soon, Myu. Just you wait."

I rolled my eyes before turning to see the mew, who was chasing its tail. I smiled. "Thanks, mew," I gestured to my house. "Do you want to go in?"

The mew glanced at the woods for a second before noding and hoped on my shoulder purring like Kit-kat would as we entered the house. Maybe this mix-up with the pokeballs isn't that bad, I thought as the mew floated around looking at various objects.

Mean while, in the Eeria Forrest...

Professor Hemlock entered his lab near Cafe Nya Nya, quickly running to his bounty of pokeballs, his growlithe, Bella, bouncing after him in curiousity. He fellt guilty, only now realizing he gave his daughter the wrong pokemon! Of all pokemon he had accidently given away the mew that had just recovered from virus X-13! His mind raced wildly. Knowing Myuia, she would have quickly bonded with the mew, so taking Azula from his daughter was not an option. He took another look at what Adrian had written on that note about the virus... Prof. Hemlock gasped. That meant that... the other six girls... "Oh no... no..."

He dropped the note, and ran to his van. Bella tilted her head to one side, and then looked down at the note which said:

Remember, be careful when handling these pokemon because virus X-13 may be able to infect humans. I am still trying to figure out what would happen if it did infect a human, and if a human could pass it to another creature.

-Adrian Yang

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