Author's Note: Hey people! I actually decided to put my new story up! I didn't realize I started typing it until I looked in my flash drive files. This is the prologue, but there's two parts Naruto's POV and Sasuke's POV. I really hope you like this story! I'm still deciding on the plot, but I think it's gonna turn out really good! Well I'll stop talking! But thanks again to all who read!

Summary: This story is about how Sasuke and Naruto love each other, but they just don't know it. Naruto is going to try to take his Jounin exams. The only problem is trouble brews between the Elders of the council and maybe more. Will their feelings ever be revealed between each other or will they end up never finding out how they really feel?

Warnings: In this story there will be violence, lemons, lime's, and whatever good stuff there is in a yaoi.


~It Makes Me Ill~

"Prologue: Sick Puppy"

Have you ever loved someone? Well, I love someone. I fantasize about them all the time. I can't breathe or sleep without thinking about them. But how do I tell them?

I'm scared to think what would happen if I told him. Yeah that's right! The Great Naruto Uzumaki scared to tell the one he loves that he needs him. Makes a lot of sense doesn't it.

If you didn't notice earlier well I'm telling you now, but I said, 'I need him.' That's right I'm gay or at least gay for Sasuke Uchia. The most popular and hottest guy out of the rookie nine. We're all about eighteen years old and all Jounin; except me. I'm trying really hard and my test is coming up soon.

"You coming Dobe or I'm gonna leave you behind.

I look behind me to see a very good looking Sasuke. I inwardly smile to myself.

"Coming Teme!"

"Well then hurry up I don't have all day."

I hurry to climb off my perch from the fourth Hokage's face to stand next to Sasuke.

"Ready! Believe it!"

"Che, Dobe."

"Don't call me that Teme!" I yelled.

He smirked as he turned around to start walking back down the mountain. As we started to walk away all I could do was laugh. That is really all I can do. I'm really such a love sick puppy. As we continue to walk I realize that just being by his side is good enough for me.

~It Makes Me Ill~

"Prologue: Depressed Teme"

"Stupid Dobe having me look all around for him."

Yeah that's right, Sasuke Uchia. That's my name and don't talk to me. I went after revenge for my brother, but I've been back in the village for the past 2 years. I think the person I have to thank is Naruto (Not gonna happen). I will admit it's not so bad to be back in the village.

When they brought me back everyone was glad to have me back, but no one seemed to notice Naruto was the one who brought me back. But of course the stupid idiot doesn't care. I was under house arrest for a for a year and then me and Naruto started to become friends again.

After that year of being locked up I realized I love my best friend, Naruto. But he'll never love me. After all the hurt I caused him in his life. Besides, he;s so hyped on Sakura he possibly couldn't love me. How can I think of this crap when I'm walking. I'm acting like a giddy teenager. Where am I anyways. I look up to see a very steep hill to see I'm heading towards Hokage Mountain.

"Humph, the Dobe will be here," I said to myself.

And bingo there he was day dreaming again. He probably forgot about the training again.

"You coming Dobe or am I going to leave you behind."

He cocked his head towards me. I love his eyes. There as clear as the sky. Just beautiful.

"Coming Teme!"

Wish you would (play on words couldn't resist).

"Well then hurry up I don't have all day."

He hurries over to me and gives me his 1,000 watt smile.

"Ready! Believe it!" he says.

"Che, Dobe," I say.

He's so cute when he gives me that glare, "Don't call me that Teme!"

I smirk and he laughs as we start towards the training grounds. As long as I'm by his side, I'm ok with that.

Author's Note: I hope you liked the opening! To me I think this is turning out really good of what I wrote of it. I'm gonna try to post "Safe in Your Arms" up as soon as possible. Thanks again for all who read and subscribe and favorite. Thanks again :)!