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Summary: This story is about how Sasuke and Naruto love each other, but they just don't know it. Naruto is going to try to take his Jounin exams. The only problem is trouble brews between the Elders of the council and maybe more. Will their feelings ever be revealed between each other or will they end up never finding out how they really feel?

Warnings: Contains Yaoi, violence and cursing. Don't like, then don't read.

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~It Makes Me Ill~

Chapter 2: The Feelings I Have

Sasuke's Point of View

"I'll go home and rest. See ya!" said Naruto as he disappeared; the leaves swirled around as he disappeared into thin air.

Why was he in such a hurry? I turned my head towards Sakura giving her my best "Uchiha Death Glare". She was just standing there with her eyes shut and a small smile on her face.

"You can stop glaring at me now," she said opening her right eye to look at me.

My glare intensifies, "Why did you do that?" I asked her with venom escaping from my voice.

I was so mad at her! She knows I like Naruto and yet she still acts like the giddy girl she used to be; well around me anyway. "Why did you do that? He seriously has a fever and you know how Naruto is. He'll ignore his fever until it gets even worse than it already is!" I started to yell and wave my arms in place.

"The damn idiot won't take care of himself! Tomorrow he'll just lie and say he's fine! He'll push himself so hard until he ends up in the hospital because of it!" I started to breath harshly from all my anger.

As I seethed with anger, Sakura turned towards me with a smile on her face and then she started to laugh. That made me even angrier, "What's. So. Funny." I said through my gritted teeth.

My nails were digging into the palms of my hands. I never show my true feelings, but when it comes to Naruto everything just escapes from my small bottle of emotions. My face was covered by my bangs and my whole form was shaking. I just don't understand why I feel this way? Wait a minute, I know why. It's because I love Naruto Uzumaki.

She stopped laughing, but she is still smiling, "Are you done brooding?" she asks.

My hands are still clasped together, but I reply with a nod of my head. She sighs and puts a hand on my shoulder. I lift my head up to see her face that was very stern.

"You should tell him how you feel," she said with pure honesty in her voice.

I scoffed and looked away from her to look at the clear blue sky. Birds flying free; that's how I feel when I'm with Naruto…. "Free." When I came back to the village, I felt like a bird stuck in a cage. Looking at the world that never moved; time continued to stand still. It wasn't until Naruto showed me what it means to care for others.


Normal Point

"The Uchiha Complex didn't change much," said a cheery blonde with bandages along his head, arms and legs. He also had a brace on his right arm since he hated casts and the Kyuubi was healing it pretty fast. The blonde started to walk over to the dark figure sitting in the middle of the wooden paper doors.

The room was plain with white walls, tatami mats and a wooden coffee table in the middle. The blonde stood in the doorway on the other side of the room. Watching the Raven sitting there looking out at the garden, in which case he then decided to sit next to the Raven.

"What do you think Sasuke? I think Sakura did a nice job cleaning the place. Well?" The blonde looked at Sasuke with a smile, but Sasuke didn't respond. The blonde's smile slowly decreased and his eyes filled with sadness as he slowly turned to look at the garden.

They sat in silence until something was rustling in the bushes. Sasuke glanced at it while Naruto started to get up. The rustling increased until a small bird came out. Naruto relaxed quite a bit. He made a gentle smile and he slowly took a step off the ledge and towards the little bird; Sasuke still watched the bird. The blonde made his way towards the bird, but then he noticed the injury on its wing. He gave a sad smile towards the little bird. He then stopped about 10 feet away from the bird.

Naruto crouched down as he started to talk to the bird, "Poor little fella! You got hurt. Don't worry, I'll take care of you," said blonde started to walk towards the bird.

When he was close enough, he tried to grab the bird. His fingers were so close to touching the bird, but what Naruto didn't know was that the Uchiha's eyes turned red. The toma's in his eyes spun round. The blonde was close to the bird until the unexpected happened. Naruto's hand was just a mere inch away when all of a sudden the bird bursted in flames. It gave distressed calls until it fell over into a pile of ash. The teenager knew what happened. He didn't have to turn around to see the Raven's eyes turn back to their normal shade of steely black. Sasuke was surprised he could use that little bit of chakra.

As Sasuke was silently congratulating himself, Naruto was frozen in place. As the ash of the bird started to blow away, realization came upon him; it was dead. Naruto collapsed onto his knees with his hands in between his legs clutching the grass. The boy's blue eyes became dull as the tears started to stream down his face.

'Is this what's going to happen to Sasuke?' the blonde asked himself.

As Sasuke sat there looking at nothing in particular, he heard a whisper, "Why are you doing this?" The Raven showed no emotion.

"Why don't you speak no more?" the blonde's frame started to shake,

Sasuke covered his mouth and said nothing. Naruto spun around to show the dullness of his eyes and the tears that seem to never stop. He clenched his fists as he closed his eyes and yelled, "Why don't you speak anymore. It hurts when you don't eat or talk! It hurts because I want to hear you talk! I want to help you!" Naruto took in a deep breath, trying not to sob he grabbed his shirt to try to support himself.

Sasuke looked over at the blonde, who couldn't fight back the sobs anymore. He looked down at the chakra bracelet on his ankle and said, "Because I have nothing to say to you Naruto. You helped enough by bringing me back. I'm like this because of you," Sasuke said as he looked over to Naruto as he seen the crushed expression in his eyes.

Naruto gave a knowing sad expression, "I see, you don't feel anything at all. Revenge was pointless." Sasuke gave a smoldering glare towards Naruto, "Was it worth all the pain and suffering now?" as quick as Naruto said that Sasuke had him pinned to a tree.

The dull blue eyes looked at the face of the laboring frame of the Raven, "You don't know a damn thing so stop acting like you know!" Sasuke yelled in Naruto's face.

The blonde's face was impassive. The scars on his cheeks were darkened from the very tears of his eyes. He continued to watch Sasuke, "You think I don't know what it's like to lose people, to get revenge?" Naruto said in a whisper and then all of it bursted into anger.

"You have no idea what I've been through! Not only trying to save you, but every day in my life! I have the 'Fuckin' Kyuubi inside me and people hate me for it! I lost my Sensei because of what I am! I killed people; I did so many selfish things in my life!" Naruto screamed at Sasuke as his eyes became slitted with his scars becoming darker and more prominent.

Sasuke's hand was trembling as he tried to black out what Naruto was saying.

"Just because you don't have anything to do in life and you want to mope around, fine! I'm surprised Itachi didn't kill you because you're so weak," Naruto smirked.

"Stop it," Sasuke said in a whisper.

"You're a piece of shit that wants pity!"

"Stop it," Sasuke said a little louder.

"If you feel that way then just go and die!" Sasuke's head jolted up when Naruto said those words with a blank face with dull blue eyes.

"You're lying!" Sasuke yelled which made Naruto a little bit guilty. By now Sasuke was shaking really bad. He didn't expect Naruto to say something like that. No he couldn't believe it. He said again, "You're lying," he said just barely above a whisper as if reassuring himself. No one told him to just die like that.

Naruto leaned in to Sasuke's ear and said, "I don't care what you do anymore."

Sasuke jumped back and gave Naruto a punch to the face. Naruto fell to the ground just sitting there with a blank expression. Sasuke started to breath heavily from the exertion and adrenaline running through his veins. His bangs covered his eyes as he bit his lip. The taste of metallic in his mouth, he gritted his teeth to ask the question he wanted to ask.

"Why?" he clenched his hand into a fist as his palms started to bleed. It was getting harder for him to breath. He glared at Naruto, "Then why did you bring me back to this place?" Sasuke yelled even though he had tears in his eyes. He didn't understand why Naruto was saying this.

"Why do you come here every day with empty hopes of trying to get me back to my old self? Tell me why you saved me?"

By now Naruto's dull eyes were staring into the angry fire of smoldering obsidian eyes. Naruto got up and walked towards Sasuke with his arms still clenched to his sides. He was surprised to feel warmth everywhere. He felt arms wrapped around him into an embrace.

"What do you think you're doing Dobe?"

Naruto stayed quiet and held him. They stood there for about a minute until Naruto broke the silence, "I saved you because you are precious to me. I care for you very much. You are my best friend," Naruto pulled back from his embrace to look at Sasuke. Sasuke didn't know what to say.

"I didn't want you to suffer. I want to help you. I don't want you to end up like that little bird. Withering away into noting to be forgotten, because I will never forget you," Sasuke stood there listening to Naruto's every word.

Naruto lightly gripped his shoulders, "Be the bird who escapes his cage. The bird that is willing to do anything to spread his wings for that freedom. Rise from the ash and spread your wings. Please, please just don't give up everything up. Stay with us your friends. I'll always be here and I'm not leaving anytime soon. So what are you going to do?" Naruto asked with a dull look on his face.

Everything that happened, everything that Naruto said came crashing down on Sasuke. Sasuke's eyes began to fill with tears and the thought of not being here today. Sasuke was then embraced by his best friend. They fell onto the ground as Sasuke began to cry. While Naruto whispered sweet nothings into his ear.

It was night fall by the time Sasuke was calm. Naruto pulled him back to look at his face.

"Are you alright?"

"Yeah," Sasuke said as he and Naruto stood. They made their way to the porch. They sat there listening to the sound of the crickets and feeling the summer breeze blowing through their hair. Looking at the night sky they both felt at peace.

"I'll try to change."

Naruto looked over at the Uchiha, surprised. This brought the biggest smile onto his face. "I'm glad! Well let's get something to eat!" Naruto exclaimed as he walked into the house.

Sasuke looked to the night sky, 'One day I'm going to be that little bird that spread his wings' thought Sasuke as he walked into the house.

***End of Flashback***

~Sasuke's Point~

I look back down at Sakura to see her face filled with concern. I sighed and said, "He will never like me like me that way."

I started to walk away.

"How do you know unless you try?"

I turned to look at her, "What are you getting at?" I asked with my eyebrow curled up.

"Well," she started to walk towards me, "because I think Naruto likes you."

This caught my attention. I nodded for her to go on.

"Well he ran away when I was hanging on your arm… a reaction. Next, you guys are inseparable. I also scared him to his house where he's sick. This is a chance to show your concern," she stops a foot in front of me.

I was so confused, "Your point?"

She groans and smacks her face with the palm of her hand, "Honestly Sasuke, you can be so dense! Why don't you check up on Naruto since you're so con-cern-ed," she said slowly.

Then everything clicked! I gave a smirk and started to walk towards Naruto's apartment. Before I was near the trees, I heard Sakura call me.

"Sasuke you should tell him. I'm sure everything will be fine," she said as she started to wave. I gave a small wave and started to leap tree to tree to get to the village.

As I jumped, getting closer and closer to the village, I thought of one simple thing was this, 'I never knew I could have these feelings.' With that, I continued onto Naruto's with a content smile on my face.

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