This is set around five years after the ending of Naruto Part 2. Naruto has yet to become a Chuunin or a Jounin, but the story isn't about him. It's mostly about the new adventures of the Rookie Nine and Team Gai as they each get their own Genin. Their comrades in the village dub them the "Jounin 10". Tsunade is still Hokage and life goes on as usual, or does it? The first ninja you get to see are Konohamaru's team who are now all Chuunin, they help Iruka and Naruto with the Academy Student testing. After that each Jounin gets their own Genin team to train and torment.

Chapter 1

It was their last days at the Academy. The classroom of thirty Academy Students, who were soon to be full-fledged Genin, stood at attention waiting for their teacher. A casual observer of the classroom would be able to easily pick out the students who were up late the night before, studying before the exam today, they were slouched over barely keeping their balance in place. As they stood at attention like every other day, none of the students would realize that their professor would be a little late today.

As each and every student realized the fact that their professor was running late, excitement started to build up in their little bodies, each and every student save for a few hoped and prayed to their god of choice that their exams had been cancelled. The clock at the front of the room seemed to get louder and louder with each passing second, and the students finally started to relax.

Suddenly, the sounds of light footsteps were heard outside, it seemed to reverberate throughout the entire classroom. A few of the students, those who were ahead of many of the others in class could already tell whom it was while the others remained oblivious to impending judgment. Their professor had arrived.

He reached the door to the classroom and slid it open; he strolled in holding a stack of papers in the crook of his arm. He was wearing a green ninja tactical vest and a black headband with the Leaf symbol in the chiseled into the sheet of metal. He had a slight smile on his face only because while he was happy to be doing testing today he was a little upset to have been late.

They all called him Iruka-Sensei in class, but outside on the playground, many called him grandpa-sensei.

Iruka Umino didn't think he was that old, he was only thirty after all and what was most important was that he still felt young. He chalked that feeling up to working with children everyday. The Chuunin put his papers down on the desk in the front of the room and looked at his class, now the smile on his face grew, contorting the large scar he sported over his nose and across his cheeks.

"Today we begin testing!" He spoke finally. As he spoke the students took their cue to sit down and at once they started to fidget and squirm with nervousness.

Many of them cracked open books and poured over the contents, hoping to catch some last minute studying before the test. Iruka chuckled to himself as he picked up the papers from the desk, shuffled them a bit and then started to pass them out.

"You guys know the drill already. This test will encompass everything you have learned here in class over the past year." He said as he passed them out. Iruka spoke again as he arrived at the last row of seats at the top of the class. "You have exactly two hours to complete this test, when everyone gets one I will start the timer."

He walked back down the steps to his desk and opened up one of the drawers. Iruka pulled out a large clock timer and spun the dial on the front to two hours. He set it down and told the class to begin. When everyone's heads were down he counted out two minutes in his head and then started the timer. He smiled as he sat down. Iruka gave the class a slow scanning look and then dropped his eyes down to the rest of the papers on his desk.

Nearly two hours later, many of the students had finished their tests. A few of students were still checking over their work and only two were still writing furiously, correcting their work for the fifth or sixth time.

The rest of the students stared at the timer as it inched closer and closer to zero. Finally the timer started to ring and Iruka looked up from his desk.

"Well, that's it, put down your pencils, you may leave." Many were already getting up as he was speaking, gathering up their belongings and making their way toward the door. Suddenly, Iruka remembered something and yelled it out over all of the commotion.

"Tomorrow you don't need your books! Where doing Jutsu testing!"