A/N: Some crack my friend Katie and I were talking about over the phone. meant to be a one shot, but it became longer. The ideas kept coming.

In Exchange For...

"We have the items you requested," the man said, walking into the office of his superior.

"Excellent," the officer said. "Set them over there. I shall look over them later."

"Yes, Sir," the man said, setting the three items beside the desk of Cutler Beckett. He had no questions of Beckett's orders as he left the room. Beckett got up from his chair, locking the door to his office and shutting any windows. No one else could see this if they already hadn't. He walked to the place where three worthless items to him sat. Yet, these items would mean anything he wanted from the three pirates he so despised.

The primate screeched, putting up quite the fuss ever since he had been in the cage, so Cutler had been informed. The monkey had apparently urinated on one of the officers with some accuracy. He bites too. The other two items weren't to be urinating at all. The chest containing Davy Jones's heart sat as the next item. Apparently it was some pirate legend that whoever stabbed the heart killed him or something like that.

Utter nonsense, Cutler thought, but maybe they still believe it. Finally, the most disgusting thing Beckett had ever seen was in a box, concocting nothing but a stench. A head that was found on who was believed to be Jack Sparrow's father, was in that box. Cutler thought for sure he could have some control over them this way. A monkey for Barbossa, heart for Jones and head for Sparrow. Beckett needed them for a task he didn't want to get into. If they succeeded, they got their items back, simple as that.

The pirates were enraged by this. Barbossa was the first to notice that Jack the monkey had disappeared since his last visit in the market. He assumed Jack had found his way back to the ship, as the animal always had. A day later, Barbossa knew something was up. Immediately, he returned to the town, and was informed by an officer his monkey was being held by Beckett. Barbossa went willingly with the officer. Jack the monkey was his most prized possession on the waters.

Jack Sparrow, after being kicked off the crew of the Pearl by Pintel and Ragetti, who really gave them a good deal. They let him off, warning him of Barbossa's intentions. Jack knew what was best, for he'd be a fool to stick around. He ended up back at Shipwreck Cove where he came back to his father. Teague informed Jack that his mother's remains were taken from them and they had no idea if they would ever get it back. This was tragic for the Sparrows, having lost something they thought for certain they would never lose track of. Teague stuck around by the Brethren Court meeting place, in some mourning over the loss of the head. He recalled a mysterious crew coming into Shipwreck a while back. They had looked a lot cleaner than most of his kind. When he told Jack of this, his son set out for this crew... blindly, of course. But, if the head could be found, Teague knew Jack had his own mad way of getting it back.

Jack actually was told on Tortuga that the same crew Teague described was there a while back.

"Didn't say much," Scarlet told him, a little whinny. "Didn't even seem like pirates to me. They didn't even want to drink at the tavern when I invited."

"Then, my dear Scarlet," Jack said, a hand on her shoulder. "They were not pirates." He thought of that Cutler Beckett at once and found his way to Port Royal. It was there almost a few minutes after being in the market an officer had approached him as well, asking about his mother's head. Jack went willing. It was for his father mostly.

"Well now," Beckett said. "If it isn't Jack Sparrow."

"Hector!" Jack exclaimed, seeing the captain of the Black Pearl beside him. "What a coincidence we'd be here on the same day."

"I've been here a while Jack, and it's about time ye showed up!" Hector snapped at him. Jack shut up.

"Now all we need is Jones," Beckett said.

"Heh, good luck with that one," Jack said. "We'll be here another ten years, and that's if your crew of unconvincing looking pirates find him on the one day he can step on land." Barbossa had a little more information about this operation now.

"So, Captain Barbossa was telling the truth I take it," Cutler said, and Jack looked to Hector.

"I tried," Barbossa shrugged. "Hard to get them to believe in that stuff, so we may just rot here with each other."

"What's he got of yours?" Sparrow asked.

"Jack," Hector replied. "You?"

"Mother's head," Jack rose his eyebrows and nodded. Hector was taken aback by that one. At least his ransom was alive. Well, he was immortal but still alive...partly.

"How can I get to Jones?" Beckett asked.

"You may have to coax him out. Perhaps if yer willing for a ship to go down," Jack said. "But, then just show him ye have his heart."

"That should be the end of it, but I fail to be seein' how yer gonna get Jones to step on land," Barbossa added.

"Oh, I have a plan for that," Beckett said. "Looks like you pirates aren't so bad of cooperators." Jack and Barbossa exchanged a glance, one only they could understand. Becket had absolutely no idea he had two pirate lords captive and he was about to go for the one man that was in love with a goddess. What could Beckett possibly want the three of them for? They weren't friends and Beckett knew this. They were all different, and there couldn't be a task in which they would work together at.

Beckett left the room, ordering that the two pirates be taken to the jail and allowed to see their ransom on a chair far away. They deserved to know they weren't being lied to. The two pirate lords were locked in separate cells where Jack the monkey was placed in front of Barbossa's cell and Sparrow's mother's head in front of his.

"Jack," Barbossa said and began talking to the monkey to reassure him. The monkey wanted to be with his owner and Jack stared at his mother's head, just thinking the whole time Beckett was only torturing him at the moment.

The two pirate lords had no idea how Beckett did it, but within the next few days, there was a cell next to Barbossa that was dug out and filled with sea water. Davy Jones was brought in by a bucket of water and dumped into the cell, and immediately after their task was complete, the men who carried the tub left the room. Barbossa and Jack stared at Jones as the creature came up to the surface to see the two mates around him.