A/N: And now for a short ending. I know this is random and I didn't expect to be anything better than what it is.

Chapter Four- That Was a Fail

"Captain!" Muccus rang through the Dutchman. "He's back!" The crew of cursed men came to see their captain gliding through the water next to the kraken.

"Where were ya?" Greenbeard asked.

"Gone," Jones said. "Kind of a weird story. I was target practice for the Royal Navy. They wanted ah map of the ocean floor-ah. They began shootin' at me when I didn't comply. A lass came and set me free, though. They call her 'the archer'."

"You ran into the archer?" Bootstrap gasped.

"Ye know 'er?" Jones asked. The man nodded.

"Deadliest shot in the country, easily," Bootstrap informed him.

"Ah'll say," the captain smirked. "She'll shoot ye in the balls lads and don't think she'll miss!"

"He's gone," an officer reported to Beckett. The heart was still in the chest on his desk that morning. The night before, the warning bell was rung, but Jones was nowhere to be found.

"Then bury this," he ordered. "I have no use for it. Take to some uninhabited island and bury it."

"Yes Sir," the officer replied, taking the chest. They couldn't even unlock it anyways.

"That was a failure," Beckett said to himself. He then looked at the maps Jack brought him. "Well, maybe not completely." He then analyzed the maps and their content closely. He saw the one word written for Shipwreck Cove and then the Black Pearl's status. The only one they might stand a chance with was Tortuga, and what a pointless place to waste the men on now.

"Okay, yes a complete and utter failure." Next time, he thought, maybe I should listen to the legends and consider what pirates may get into these days.