Tag: Supernatural

Lee sat on the side of Amanda's bed now, cradling his motionless wife in
his arms. Her body was stone cold and her breathing was shallow and labored.
It was just now 24 hours since Krutiov had so cruelly commited his vile deed.


Every worry was gone. Amanda cherished the vivid colors and the light.
She saw her father up ahead, walking by a stream. She had never seen him
so happy! She began to run forward to catch up to her father, "I must run..."

Amanda ran with all her strength! She was weightless! "I'm almost there

From a great distance, someone was calling her name. That voice sounded
familiar. Amanda decided to ignore it. She had to go on!

Over and over that voice called her name. No matter how much she tried
to ignore it, that voice wouldn't go away. Something in that voice was pulling
her back. "I don't want that weight!" Amanda cried. That earthly weight!

Amanda ran on but she was beginning to recognize that voice. There was *love*
in that voice. There was pulling power in that love.

Amanda's father had not yet seen her. She stared longingly at him, wanting to
stand beside him by that stream. Her father continued to walk along. That's
when Amanda knew. She had to go back. Someone on earth loved her and still
needed her.

The light wasn't yet for Amanda and she knew it. "Dad! You'll wait for me,
won't you?"

The weight, that earthly weight, the light was fading...


"Amanda, Amanda, you've got to come back to me...Amanda, wherever you are,
I love you! You've got to listen to me!"

Lee could feel the life slipping away from his wife's body. It was then that
he finally dropped his head and said, "God, I know I've fought against You
because I didn't understand You. I didn't understand why You let my parents
and Dorothy die. The only thing I do understand is that You gave me love
for this woman. What do I do now?" Lee's voice broke.

The room was quiet. Lee whispered, "God, there's nothing more I can
do for Amanda, nothing. Except offer You this love that You gave me for her.
I, I offer our lives to You..." Lee's voice was hoarse with emotion, "Do
with us as You please..." Lee buried his head on Amanda's shoulder.

Warmth. Warmth began to flow into Amanda's body. The warmth flowed from the
top of her head and down, down to her nose, her lips, her neck..Down...Her eyes
fluttered open. Objects in the room came into focus. She could see Lee's
head buried in her shoulder. She could move her fingers now.

Amanda crept her hand along the sheet until her hand reached Lee's fingers and
encircled them in her own.

Lee looked up to meet her gaze.


end ep 6

The Tag was written almost verbatim from Catherine Marshall's story *Christy*.
*Christy* is the true story of Catherine's mother and this is her mother's
true story of a near death experience.