Well here it is folks, the beginning of my fic known as Vigilante. Now some of you of the Pokémon fandom know of an OC that hunts criminals, his name being Demetri Koslov. This is now his story and how he impacts the lives that meet with him on his journies.

I do not own Pokémon, Nintendo does. I only own Anderson/Darkmask and his friends.

The Violet City festival was quite an event.

It was not called the 'bright and shiny city of fun' for nothing. The people of Violet City liked nothing better than to enjoy themselves, and could be relied on to make a special effort at festival time. What was more, this year's festival was extra-special.

For none other than May Maple, the legendary 'Queen of Hoenn,' was participating. It had certainly drawn the crowds. People had come from all over Hoenn for the chance to see her.

But there was one man for whom the whole event was a waste of time.

For that matter, he found Pokémon Coordinators to be an even bigger waste of time, and had never broken the habit of saying so openly. It did not make him popular.

It was late, and the streets were deserted. He preferred them that way, for there was no one around to comment on the mask that he wore. It was a stylized Samurai's mask, covering the whole of his upper face aside from a pair of ice-blue eyes. The mask revealed his narrow mouth, but this was hidden by the high collar of his long red trench-coat. Underneath it was a simple green t-shirt and black jeans. A casual observer would have judged him to be in his mid twenties, on the basis of his height.

His blond hair fluttered in the wind as he walked down the empty street. He had been down that particular street before, and had already figured out where he had to go. His destination was a door at the end of an alley, not of any great interest to most people, but one that the young man had seen certain persons coming in and out of.

He stopped at the end of the alley, staring straight at the door. Anyone who cared to look closely, as the masked man was doing, would have noted that it was not an ordinary door. It came with a keypad, and closer observation would reveal numerous bolts on all four sides, holding the door firmly closed.

The man smirked under his collar, backing away as he reached one hand to his belt. It came away with a Pokeball.

"Go, Gardevoir," he whispered, smirking. The ball opened, and in a flash of light the occupant appeared. Gardevoir, the so-called 'Embrace Pokémon' straightened up, looking expectantly at her Trainer.

"Psychic." Gardevoir nodded, turning with characteristic grace towards the door, eyes glowing red, shining like stars in the low light.

The door shrieked and groaned, bending out of shape as Gardevoir's will was unleashed on it. The man could hear shouting from inside the building, and decided that backup was in order.

"Tyranitar." A heavily-armoured reptilian pokémon flashed into being, growling in readiness. Both pokémon knew what to do. Their masked Trainer had planned everything.

Finally the door flew in, Gardevoir's mental powers rolling it up like a paper towel. The yells grew louder and fearful as the incoming door wrought havoc.

A instant later, three men came boiling through the newly-divested doorway, followed immediately by a crush of others. They all looked very annoyed…

"What the hell is going on…"

"Luxray." His Luxray came out on command. It was unsteady on its feet, wobbling as if intoxicated. But its heart was in the trim, glaring murderously at the three men. It snarled, lightning arcing and crackling across its shivering body.

Its mission was simple. Kill everyone inside.

The sight of a battle-ready Tyranitar, a highly capable Gardevoir, and an enraged Luxray would be enough to frighten anyone. What truly terrified them was the Trainer in the mask. They knew that mask well.

"Its…its…its" stammered one of them.

"Darkmask…" whispered the other one, fear gripping him. The Trainer smirked with glee behind the top-half of his coat, relishing the fear he saw in their eyes.

"Get in there and use Discharge." Luxray charged, the men falling over eachother to get away. It was too late for them.

The building shook as if in an earthquake as Luxray unleashed its power. The walls crumbled as lightning tore through them, the bolts flashing through to strike other buildings nearby. The building collapsed in on itself, clouds of dust fanning out away from the base as the walls came down. The blast wave swept over Darkmask, fanning his hair and making his coat billow. He did not flinch as the force buffeted him.

Then it was over.

Darkmask sneered as he surveyed the destruction. As the dust settled, he could see the bodies of the men he had come for, lying half-buried in the rubble. He could see the red letter R resplendent on their shirts, the red turning a darker shade. Threads of blood ran over and from under the debris, pooling at the edge.

Luxray came trotting out. Its unsteadiness was gone, and it no longer shivered. The crackling lightning was gone too, its power having been used up. It stood next to Gardevoir, and if either pokémon was unsettled by the sight, they did not show it.

There was a clatter from the debris. Darkmask narrowed his eyes as he saw something move. One of the men, one of those he had come to kill, was not yet dead. That wouldn't do at all.

"Tyranitar, Hyper Beam." The saurian pokémon obeyed without hesitation. A gleam of light appeared in its open mouth, the air around it glittering as dust particles were annihilated by the rising power. The power hummed, then shrieked as the beam was unleashed. What remained of the building disappeared as the beam tore into the rubble, debris flying in all directions. Darkmask and his pokémon stood where they were, Gardervoir's Reflect a shimmering barrier around them, protecting them from harm.

As the roar faded, Darkmask could hear the shouting, and the sirens. He would have to leave quickly, or else fight his way past police officers and wannabe-hero pokémon Trainers. He could not afford to be caught, or to be a cop-killer. The police gave him enough trouble without that kind of motivation, that kind of hate. The hate he knew all too well.

"Gardevoir, Teleport us out of here".

Darkmask and his pokémon disappeared, almost as if they were never there.

An instant later, in a clearing to the south of Violet City, there was a flash of light. When the light was gone, Darkmask and his pokémon remained.

Darkmask grinned in satisfaction. Gardevoir had landed them right on target, exactly the place he had chosen. So far from the city, and so unlikely, that no one would think to look there for several hours.

They would not catch him that night.

It had all gone so well. He had staked out the building for three days, suspecting it to be one of Team Rocket's local hideouts. He had planned the attack to perfection, choosing the clearing as his escape route, and even deciding how he would destroy the hideout.

All to strike at Team Rocket. All to strike fear into them, and anyone foolish enough to join them.

Pleased by the success, Darkmask allowed himself a brief moment of rest. He unbuttoned his trench coat, and pulled the mask from his face, stowing both in his backpack. To walk the roads wearing them, after his work that night, would be asking for trouble.

Only the doomed saw them.

"Job well done," he said sincerely to Gardevoir and Tyranitar. Both pokémon perked up, enjoying his praise. He smiled at the pride in their eyes as he returned them to their pokeballs. He glanced up at the moon, shining above him in the night sky, the only illumination in the clearing.

A nip at his trouser leg drew his attention down. Luxray stared back up at him through knowing, familiar eyes. It knew as well as he did that although one hideout had been destroyed, there would be more. Many more. The pokémon turned his head south, and Darkmask followed his gaze.

Luxray was a he, that much he knew. Gardevoir and Tyranitar were it, partly because he wasn't sure what gender they were, and for that matter didn't know how to find out.

Not that it mattered.

"I know, Luxray," he said. "Never forgive, never forget." He put his hand to his face and headed for the main road, the Gleam Eyes Pokémon trotting along beside him.

They would never forget that day, when everything changed.

At the very beginning…


"Come on Bale! The sooner we get to the arcade, the more time we have!" called a red-headed, freckle-faced young boy who wore glasses. His name was John, and he was 14 years old.

"Cut him some slack now Johnny," reassured a slender girl with long blonde hair. "We have until ten to play, we'll be fine." Her name was Brooke, and she was 16.

"I hope that the Conference will be playing in the arcade…I wanna see if that Dragon user guy wins the semi-final round this week" commented a rotund boy with black hair. His name was Matt, and he was 15.

"You mean Drake right? Wasn't he a sailor at one point?" asked John.

Before Matt could answer, a young Asian woman with long purple hair joined them on the sidewalk in front of the arcade. She was tall and slim, with an elegantly-tapering face.

"Bale-kun in car grabbing cash. Be patient Johnny-san" she said in broken English. Her name was Saeko, and she was 17.

"Well I say we go inside without him" said John impatiently. "We've been here many times, he can find us."

"Wait, Bale is grabbing loose change in the van? How come he didn't get money from home?" asked Brooke.

"His kaa-san" replied Saeko, "remember?" All of the teens had sullen looks on their faces when they thought of Bale's mother.

Barbara Anderson, mother of Bale Anderson, had a severe case of Down Syndrome. As a result, she was extremely dependent on her son to do everything around the house. Bale didn't have much of a choice. Her therapist had demanded that he assist his mother in any way he could, no matter what the cost. Suffice to say, Bale hated every moment living with her. Fun, relaxation, freedom, all were secondary to her needs. Fifteen years of it was enough to poison any soul.

His one escape, his one taste of freedom, was in befriending and caring for a wild Shinx he had found one night while walking home from a friend's house. It had been raining hard, and had Bale not been so selfless, the unfortunate pokémon would have died of hypothermia. They had been together ever since.

Bale would have gone to compete in the Gym Challenges and then the Conferences if it hadn't been for his mother dragging him down like an anchor. Those few outings that he had with his classmates at Veilstone High were precious to him.

It was not Barbara Anderson's fault, the friends had decided. She had wrecked her son's life just by being alive herself, but she had not chosen to be as she was. She was cursed by her genes, condemned the moment that sperm met egg, so much so that Bale's healthy birth was nothing short of a miracle. Indeed, she had only been able to take care of him at that young age with the help of charity volunteers. But as he grew older, and showed greater competence, the burden had shifted to Bale's young shoulders.

And it wasn't their fault either. They were too few, with too many cases, unsupported by a government that preferred to pretend that people like Barbara and Bale Anderson didn't exist. People like Bale and the volunteers got patted on the head, told they were heroes, and then left to get on with it.

It hurt them to consider it. It hurt them that their friend suffered so, yet they could do little or nothing to help. It hurt Saeko most of all, and had driven her to make a very important decision.

"Okay fine, we'll wait" said John.

None of them really noticed the van as it drove up and parked in front of them. Two men got out and headed for a café across the street. A young blond boy noticed this but paid no need.

"Okay guys I got some money!" yelled a voice followed by a cute "Shinx!" cry. The kids turned towards the source of the voice.

Running towards them with a Shinx on his shoulder was a 15 year old boy with shaggy blond hair and sky blue eyes. He laughed playfully as he came, full of life and joy over the fun time with his friends that awaited him. The kids smiled and waved as he came, enjoying his happiness.

Suddenly he tripped, his cellphone falling from his pocket as he fell. The Shinx leapt from his shoulder, landing gracefully on all fours.

"I hope my phone isn't broken" he said as he checked while still on his knees.

"Come Bale-kun! We gonna play!" yelled out Saeko. Bale smiled as he saw her, at the way he long purple hair danced in the slight breeze. Even though his girlfriend didn't speak English that well, she was still a kind person.

Not to mention hot.

"Coming!" he called as he was about to stand up.

A roar filled his ears, and a flash of light blinded him. Bale felt himself flying, hurled through the air by some invisible force. His whole body jarred as he struck the sidewalk and rolled to a halt.

Bale couldn't breathe. His ears were ringing, and his body would not obey him. He could see only running feet, and debris bouncing off the road before his eyes.

His senses returned. He breathed slowly, shaking his head as he regained control. He turned around, looking for his friends.

"Guys! What was…"

What he saw would be engraved in his mind for the rest of his life.

The van, which had been parked right next to the arcade entrance, was now a smouldering ruin. Bale could see the wheels lying in the street, the hood right next to him, and even the AC unit on top of a small building across the street. Lying in the blackened wreckage were a dozen or so Voltorbs, black and bruised from having used their Self-Destruct attack inside the van.

His friends were no longer there. Bale stood up, and walked towards the ruined arcade entrance. He was lost, unable to hear the bystanders as they pleaded with him not to look. He could see John's broken glasses lying amongst the broken glass that had been the arcade's front door. Brooke's shoes were inside the café. Matt's hand was smeared to a wall, recognizable only by a ring on one finger.

But it was the next image, the next horrible truth, that would see one life end, and another begin.

Saeko Yukimura, the love of Bale Anderson's life, was now a smoldering corpse slumped against the brick wall to the right of arcade door. Her face was twisted in shock and fear. Shards of…something…had impaled her full bosom, passing through her spine, killing her instantly. Bones protruded from her legs, which were bent an unnatural angles. Unable to stop himself, Bale took in the full horror, the blasted ruin that had once been a beautiful young woman.

In her one remaining hand, there was something. Something clenched tight, fluttering in the wind. It escaped, smacking a dumbfounded Bale in the face. He snatched at it.

It was a photo of him and Saeko kissing underneath the night sky, illuminated by fireworks. It was when the Grand Festival was in Veilstone last year and the beginning of their relationship.

Saeko had never had any knowledge of Sinnoh. She had been an outcast as a result of her poor English. Bale had been awkward around her at first, but eventually they had become friends, and then more, so much more, as the months went by.

She had given him something, something utterly precious, something that no one else ever had or ever would. Something that would have changed his life for the better.

She had given him hope.

Bale fell to his knees. His Shinx stared at him, mewing in concern, until he in turn saw what remained of Saeko, his eyes widening in horror. Bale clenched his fists, squeezing them even as they drew blood. His eyes bulged, the colour draining from his face, breathing faster and faster.

He felt another set of arms as a policeman tried to pull him away. His head turned towards the café where the van's owners had been. They were gone.

He screamed.


"Man, what stressful weekend this has been."

The young girl looked to be about 13 years old. Her eyes were brown and very large. Her hair was also brown, of the same shade as her eyes, curling around her face and out at the back. It was topped by a large white hat, complete with a red ribbon tied in a bow on the left hand side. She wore a red shirt with a white collar, the sleeves just passing the elbows, and very short blue dungarees. Her toned legs were encased in white stockings, leaving her upper thighs exposed, and red sneakers.

A yellow bag swung from her shoulder. A Totodile, strong and healthy, trotted along beside her.

The cause of Lyra Goldstein's stress was a series of recent events. The first had been an encounter with a certain red-haired thief, the one who stole Professor Elm's prized Chikorita, Silva. She encountered him again at the Sprout Tower, still spouting his "people who care for their pokémon are weak!" shtick. All she had wanted to do there was train for her upcoming battle with Falkner, the local Gym Leader. Thankfully she didn't need to battle him again.

Next was the not-so-minor inconvenience of having to defeat the Elder and acquire the Technical Machine Flash in order to leave the tower. It would have been considerably easier if she had thought to bring a few more potions, and if the pokémon her father in Sinnoh had given her, a Leafeon, hadn't been weak against Flying types such as Hoothoot. To make matters worse, that particular Owl Pokémon just happened to know Hypnosis. It had been aggravating, but she had managed to defeat the Elder and gain the TM.

The second was when she had rushed to the Pokémon Center to have her pokémon rest for the night while she went to see May Maple win another contest at the Violet Grand Hall. She never knew she could run that fast, but she had gotten the VIP ticket as a bonus from the old man who had given her the running shoes, so she didn't want to miss out.

She felt like she had run a marathon, running from the Sprout Tower to the other side of Violet City to attend the once-in-a-lifetime event. Thankfully she was not disappointed, as the Queen of Hoenn showed to Violet City citizen's that she had earned her title, coming out on top and earning the Prize Ribbon.

The third took place directly after event, with herself several other attendees of the Festival having to take the long way home due to a mysterious explosion in the city. From what she had heard since, one building had been destroyed and several others damaged. Fortunately only a few people had been killed, their remains being found in the ruins of the destroyed building. Even better, all the identifiable dead were known criminals and, so the papers speculated, members of Team Rocket.

Lyra didn't feel much sympathy, for she hated criminals. What annoyed her was having to walk all the way to the Pokémon Center, arriving at 3 in the morning. What was more, having to walk alone at night with no Pokémon was enough to make any girl her age nervous.

And exceedingly cranky.

The fourth was the day after that, when she finally battled Falkner. Both had used two Pokémon; her Leafeon and Totodile against his Spearow and Pidgeotto. Leafeon had fought well, taking Spearow down with him, but the true torture had been the battle between Pidgeotto and Totodile.

She made a note to find a pokémon that had Heal Block. She didn't want to go through that ever again, a battle that left both Pokémon exhausted and forced Totodile to pull a win out of his ass using Torrent and Water Gun.

Now, after a day's rest at the Pokémon Center, Lyra Goldstein was getting ready to continue her journey south towards the Union Cave. Beyond there was Azalea Town, and her second badge.

"Man, at least today we'll be getting some rest, right Totodile?" She looked down to the Big Jaw Pokémon. He looked up gave a nod with a "Toto!" as a reply.

"Let's go for a walk. Maybe we can find a clearing and have a picnic" she said, the idea popping into her head. "The city is looking kinda stuffy and loud today."

This was true, as even though the Queen of Hoenn's contest was over, there were still many tourists and fans of the contest still in town. It would take about another day or so before the buzz of May Maple's clean sweep left the city.

So Lyra and Totodile walked to the southern outskirts. After about a few impromptu encounters with wild Ratatata and Mareep, she found a nice large clearing away from the city. She groaned, stretching her arm.

"Man that walk was tiring, let's find a good place" she said as Totodile trotted alongside her. She noticed a large tree in the center, and decided that that would be her spot to rest for the day. As she neared the tree, she noticed that she wasn't alone.

Sitting at the base of the tree, with a large black and yellow lion-like pokémon on his lap, was a blond haired man in his twenties wearing a green t-shirt and black jeans. His eyes were closed, as were those of his pokémon. Lyra's mouth dropped open in shock when she saw the livid burn mark over his left eye.

'Maybe we could share! I'm sure he wouldn't mind, besides I can't all of this myself' she thought. But there was one problem.

She had been thinking out loud, and the sound woke the lion pokémon. It leapt up, snarling and glaring at her. Totodile came immediately to her defence.

"Sorry, we were just…"

"What are you doing here" snarled the Gleam Eyes Pokémon, cutting him off.

"Didn't you just listen to what my Trainer said? We were going to have a picnic and we wanted to share with you and your Trainer" replied Totodile. Luxray gave a scoff.

"Why don't you do us all a favor and leave before I…"

"Luxray. Desist"

Luxray immediately stopped his growling. He walked in a circle once, then twice, then sat down by his master, now fully awake and staring at the Totodile and young girl with annoyance and curiosity. Lyra was more than a little frightened by the Gleam Eyes Pokémon's Intimidation, but her Totodile, having a brave nature, stood to her defense. The Luxray continued to glare at them.

"What are you doing here?" asked the man.

"Umm…well…I was just in the area to have a picnic for lunch and I was wondering if you wanted to have some" Lyra awkwardly said, putting her basket down and opening it. She took a sandwich in one hand and walked over to the sitting man. Luxray's growled even louder as she approached, baring his fangs. The man stared down.

"Luxray, I said desist" he ordered in a stern voice. The Luxray gave a scoff and turned his eyes away. He looked up the girl leaning forward to give him the sandwich.

"Well…do want some? I can't eat this all on my own."

"Did I say that I wish to take part in your activity Miss?" he replied. Lyra was taken back by his attitude.

"Well…it is nearing noon and it looked like you haven't ate lunch so…"

"I am not hungry, although your offer is…" he was cut off by his stomach rumbling. The girl giggled, only to receive a loud growl from Luxray. The man now narrowed his eyes at his pokémon.

"You're going back to your pokéball" he ordered. The Luxray snorted, walked back to his master, nudged his nose on a pokéball and went inside with a flash of red. The man returned his gaze to the girl.

"My apologies. Luxray can be a bit…defensive" the man said as he took the sandwich. Lyra giggled as she ran over to get the basket.

"It's fine. My Totodile can be that way too sometimes" she said as she sat down. She grabbed an apple and took a bite.

"So what's your name?" she asked eating her apple. The man quirked his eyebrow.

"You know it's rude to ask for one's name before giving your own," the blond commented. "Not to mention talking with your mouth full."

"Oh, I'm sorry" she apologised. She swallowed with a gulp. "My name is Lyra Goldstein from New Bark Town".

The man was conflicted. He never knew that someone, an adolescent girl of all things, would stroll in while he was sleeping. If she was a Rocket, she would be staining the grass red care of Luxray. But she had a sincere look in her eyes, quite unlike those assassins Magma and Aqua had sent after him in Hoenn a few years earlier. If the food was poisoned, Luxray would have known. His condition had given him a heightened sense of smell, amongst other things.

Well, it wasn't like he was going to travel with the girl, so giving her a name wouldn't hurt.

"Demetri Koslov, from Veilstone City in Sinnoh".

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