I was listening to Len's Psychotic Love Song and one of the comments were, "How many times can this boy DIE?" and another song had a comment that said "Oh my God, they killed Len! Those bastards!" ...SO YEAH.


It was a nice, peaceful late spring day. Kaito, Len, Rin, Luka, Meiko, Miku and Mikuo were sitting at a table in their Master's backyard. The house was rather big but the backyard was small, minus the pool. New Vocaloids would often jump in there without thinking. Kaito would often say something along the lines of 'sucks for them' and Meiko would throw him that lovely glare of hers. A lot of times she would slap him.

See, Kaito and Meiko are good role models. Len learned from them never to say anything stupid around Teto unless he wanted to be slapped.

"Hey, Len..." Rin suddenly said, very quietly. Everyone looked over at her. "Haven't you noticed how in a lot of your songs that you die?"

This time all eyes were on Len, who was now blushing slightly. He fiddled with the belt that hung off in a loop. "W-well, you died in Kokoro, and we both died in Dolls."

"You died first in Dolls," Kaito pointed out, "and same with Kokoro."

"That was in PVs, Kaito," Meiko mumbled, resting her head against her palm.

"Now that you mention it..." Luka touched a finger to her chin in thought. "Len does die a lot in the songs he sings."

"Not in Nameless Song and Soundless Voice," Len blurted out. "Rin died and only Rin in Soundless Voice and Proof of Life."

Miku rolled her eyes. "You know, you guys are all wannabes. Kaito is like, the parody person, I swear!"

Suddenly, Mikuo rose, his hands on the table. Everyone looked at him.

"Oh my God, they killed Len!" he yelled. "Those bastards!"