"looks like our dinner guest is here" your mum said smiling. You didn't even question about how or why hes here. You are just so happy to see him. You sit down at the table, Justin sits next to you but your mum leaves. "mum where are you g-" but then you realise she was meant to leave & justin had cut your sentence off by kissing you anyway. His lips so soft, made you tingle & realised just how much you missed him. "you have no idea how good that felt after so long" justin said. "caitlin has been doing my head in with her attention seeking." "caitlin?" you ask. "is that what you were doing the whole six months i spent crying my heart out over you?" you said in a kind of angry tone. Justin took your hand, and kissed you again. "relax.. well yeah i was with caitlin but only cos she tried commiting suicide after i told her i loved someone else" Your eyes lit up. "you love someone else ay" you say with a smile. "yeah" he said, "beyonce" he laughed. You playfully hit his arm & laughed too. "you know its you, ive done nothing but drive myself crazy thinkin about you" he went onto explain about Caitlin & then doing concerts. "its been mad" You wanna let him know the pain you felt the last 6 months but you just smile and say "who does this bieber kid think he is ay" and wink. You finished dinner & ask if justin wants dessert. He looks at you & says i'll take desert upstairs. You like the way he thinks but remember your mum is in the next room. "we'll be extra quiet" he says winking. You laugh "i dont think you'll be able to keep quiet when ive got my hands on you" you say winking. "do u have to tease me like that" justin asks. you laughed & nod your head. Instead, you stay in the room talking for a couple of hours. "get your coat" says Justin. "where are we going?" "club rush" he says excited. Your not excited at all, club rush is where you met Ryan & the last place you were together when you broke up with him. "you don't wanna go" justin says because you hesitated. "i do, but .." He looks at you, he knows what your gunna say & hugs you. "i understand" he says resting his head on yours whilst hugging you. You stay like that, with your hands around his waist for about 20 minutes. You feel bad for saying no, so you change your mind. "you know what, lets go idc" "no its fine lets stay here" said justin. "no i wanna go party" you said & kissed him.
On the car journey there, justin held your hand then entire way, "if you dont wanna go in there you don't have to" he reassures you. But you don't wanna ruin the night he had planned. "yeah i do, long as you promise you'll leave with me & not some other chick" you laughed. "says the beautiful one boys would kill to have" he smiled & leant right over to kiss you. He stopped the car & leant over to kiss you some more. He pushed the chair back & you climbed into the drivers seat on his lap. You had your hands around his neck with your body pushed against his. You started to kiss him, his lips, his neck, you took off his shirt. "we gunna do this here? in my car?" said justin "is that complainin i here" you tease him. "no im not complainin at all, infact u carry on & i'll shut up" he laughed. He took off your top & started kissing you back, lips, neck, chest..then there was a tap at the window. Justin rolled down the window forgetting that you both had no tops on & you were sat in his lap. "excuse me sir, sorry to disturb umm, what your doing" you couldnt help but laugh. "but you blocked my car in, do u mind moving please?" Justin laughed & apologised. You got off justins lap, got back in the passenger seat & justin moved the car. "well that ruined the mood" you laughed putting your top back on. "well theres always after the club" he winked & put his top back on. You both got out the car, ready to party at club rush.

As usual, the club is full. You & justin walk in hand in hand. He wears his hat low but the club is too packed for anyone to noticed whose there & whose not. You head straight to the bar & he orders you a coke with lemon & one for himself. He doesn't let go of your hand because he thinks if he lets you go, he wont get you back. Your unaware of the fact that Ryan is at the club. hes in the corner just staring at you & glaring at justin. he's got his hood up & is alone. Some girls pull at justins hand asking him to dance, he doesn't wanna leave you but you say you don't mind & that you'll stay in that exact point. Instead of leaving you, he puts your drink down & pulls you onto the dance floor. "somebody to love" comes on & he sighs. "whose this sexy beast singing this i wonder" you say whilst smiling. He dances anyway & pulls you closer to him. He's got his hands on your waist whilst your grinding on him. He sings " i dont need somebody to love, i- i got ellie, i got ellie" which makes u laugh cos its so cheesy. You turn and kiss Justin as if no one else was around. Seeing the kiss angers ryan. He makes his way over to the table you were stood at. He pours powder into your drink & walks away fast leaving the club. You return from the dance floor, laughing & still holding Justins hand. Your both thirsty as heck so you finish your drinks & head back on the dancefloor. All of a sudden the room starts to spin, you feel so dizzy. "Justin i need some fresh air" So he holds your hand tight & guides you outside. When you get outside you collapse, but start laughing. Justin just thinks you accidentally picked up someone elses drink with alcohol in it & assumes your drunk. But you can't move at all, find it hard to talk & everythings still spinning. Justin sits you up on a bench & laughs at you in a playful way. "what are u doing u drunken mess" he laughs. His phone rings & he walks round the corner to answer it. You can hear him shouting but you have no strength to call him. All of a sudden Ryan picks you up & puts you in his car. You think it's Justin so you don't make a fuss cos your to out of it to know. Justin sees him in his car, unaware that your in the back seat. He looks at the bench & realises your gone & puts two & two together. "NO" he starts panicking, he jumps in his car trying to follow Ryan. He's crying because he knows Ryan is a pysco & he could lose you. "justin" you found enough strength to say his name quietly. "yes babe, its justin" Ryan said smirking. "were going back to my house to have a little fun" Ryan said still smirking. Your phone rang, but you couldn't move at all. Ryan grabs it from your pocket & clicks answer. "ELLIE? ELLIE WHERE THE FUCK ARE U, ELLIE? SPEAK PLEASE." you hear justin crying down the phone. "Shes with me, & imma show her some fun tonight" Ryan says to Justin. "YOU LEAVE HER THE FUCK ALONE, I SWEAR LAY ONE FINGER ON HER & i WILL KILL YOU!" Ryan laughs. "can you hear this? your pathetic boyfriend crying down the phone" he says to you. You start crying. Justin hears you & shouts louder. "IMMA FUCKING KILL YOU" but ryan hangs up.

You awake in severe pain, cuts & bruises all over you. Your arms tied to a bed post bleeding at your wrists, your head is still spinning so its hard to make out where you were. You can speak, but can't move. You cry out for help, but no one answers. Suddenly you hear footsteps. "well well well, looks like the little slag is awake. enjoy your time at club rush did we with your precious boyfriend?" You immediately knew who it was. "Ryan, please im begging you please just let me go. i was wrong, u didnt do anything wrong & i'll take you back i promise" He walks over to you, kneels down besides you & slaps you hard across the face. "aw, the waterworks aint working u fucking idiot so stfu." You cry harder. He punches you in the stomach. " I SAID STFU." so you go quiet in fear he'll hit you again. I put a little surprise in your drink, thats why you can't move or see properly, i hope your having fun. he smirks. He kneels down again, grabs your phone & calls Justin. "Tell him anything & i swear to god you'll never see him again" snaps Ryan. He puts the phone to your ear, Justin answers.. "ellie, please tell me where you are.. are you okay, has he done anything to you i'll fucking kill him" You cry & begin to hear Justin cry. "Justin, i-i cant move, i-i dont know w-where i am, i hurt justin, please help me" Ryan puts the phone to his ear. "your girlfriend is perfectly fine. she'll be even better once i have my way with her." ryan says whilst laughing. "i will find you, believe me. i love her & she loves me. get the fuck over it ryan. she doesnt want u back." Ryan slammed down the phone.
He looks at you, you look at him.. for a moment everything is silent. He then says do you want some music on while we do this? "do what" you ask. "oh dont play stupid ellie u want it as much as i do, he says. He reaches over to the cd player & presses play. "that should be me" starts to play & you cry. He reaches for your shirt & undoes the buttons. you try with all your might to fight but the powder shut down your body. Your crying so hard as he finally gets it off & starts kissing you. He puts his hand down your jeans, you cuss him & punches you. You scream in pain, you didnt deserve this. all you could think about was Justin crying which made you cry more. Ryan came back up to kiss your neck but you spat in his face. "Maybe Justin should hear this i think.." You continue to cry. Ryan rings Justin again, Justin answers as Ryan takes off your underwear. He puts the phone next to you so Justin can hear what Ryan is doing to you. You scream out in pain as Ryan gets on top of you & repeatedly rapes you. Justin breaksdown crying & puts the phone down. For the whole 30 minute ordeal all you do is cry & think of Justin. Finally he gets off you & punches you for nothing. You cuss him more & he takes a bat & smashes you round the head with it.. everything goes black.

You wake up in pain again. Still tied to the bedpost. Your wrists so numb from the pain of rope burn, your body abused, battered & sore. Now you can see properly & move. you realise your in Ryans bedroom. You see a picture of him and you on his desk, that day back at the beach, you had your first kiss. You begin to cry. You were knocked out for about 30 minutes. All of a sudden theres shouting downstairs. "WHERE THE FUCK IS SHE" it was justin. "JUSTIN, JUSTINNN" you screamed so loud praying to god he'd come upstairs. then *smasshhh* everything goes silent. You panick, your heart rate beats faster as the seconds past. "JUSTINNNN!" you begin to cry thinking Ryan has smashed him with something & knocked him out. You hear footsteps coming up the stairs. You panick thinking its Ryan to come & abuse you again. The door handle twists & Your heart is in your throat. The door opens & the person looks at you, all battered in the bed, blood everywhere.. its Justin. He falls to his knees in the doorway at the sight of you & starts crying. You don't say anything, just cry too. He gets the strength to get up & walk over to you. You have so much to say but the words just wont come out.
He unties you, puts your clothes back on you & just cradles you in his arms, gently rocking you back & forward. "ellie" he says. You don't look up. He puts his fingers under your chin & tips your head up. He looks at what ryan has done to you.. he just pulls you closer, you dont care that it hurts. you just wanna feel safe. "how did u find me" you choked. "i asked ur mum where he lives" You cry more wondering how your mum is gunna react. "lets just get out of here, ive called the police so dw" You try to stand up but collapse. Justin catches you & scoops you up in his arms. You can tell it's heart breaking for him to see you like this. He takes you out the house & into his car.