Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: The Abyss Agenda

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Julie Yamamoto studied her opponent warily, shifting her balance slightly as she did so. She was alert but calm as she anticipated their next move, looking carefully for that one tiny movement that would give them away.

There! Her opponent struck but she was already responding. She swung her racket in a perfect arc that struck the incoming tennis ball and sent it flying away. Her opponent tried to hit it but missed and the ball sailed past her.

The match was over. Julie had won.

The people watching in the stands cheered happily. Julie smiled as she caught sight of Ben, wearing dark glasses and a hat so that he wouldn't be recognized, cheering louder than anyone else. He waved to her and she waved back before turning to her opponent and shaking hands with her.

"Julie, you were awesome" Ben congratulated her when they were alone in the locker room.

"Thanks Ben" she replied warmly as she wiped her face with a towel. She put it down and kissed him on the cheek.

He beamed at her. "Want to go for smoothies?"

"Sure. I'll just go and shower."

"Okay." Ben stood there for a moment and then realized exactly what she'd just said. "So I'll go wait outside" he said awkwardly.

"That would probably be a good idea" Julie said with a giggle. "I'll see you in a minute Ben."

A short time later she emerged dressed in her usual white skirt, black t-shirt and pink sweatshirt. Ben grinned at her. "Ready to go?" he asked.

"I'm ready" she replied.

In a secret base in a remote corner of the galaxy two figures clad in brown hooded robes strode down a corridor. Neither spoke, the only sounds were their footfalls and the low humming of the lights.

Finally they came to an armoured door. One of them entered the password into the wall-mounted keypad and the door slid open with a faint hiss.

The room was sparse and utilitarian, with plain grey walls and floor, empty save for a plain desk and chairs. There was no decoration, nothing that would give an observer insight into the mind of the room's occupant.

He looked up from the computer he was studying. Like them he wore a brown robe with a hood that concealed his face. He looked up as they entered. At the same time they removed their hoods.

Their skin was a pale, sickly yellow with red splotches and their faces were flat, with only two thin slits for nostrils. Each one had long, straggly grey hair. Black eyes glittered menacingly.

"Greetings Sardu, Marus. This had better be important."

"Greetings Rirtu. Yes it is indeed. What we have uncovered is vital to our crusade."

He handed over a disc. Rirtu gestured for them to sit as he entered the disc and accessed the report it contained. For several moments he sat in silence as he read the information on the screen before him.

"Remarkable" he said as he finished reading the intelligence report. "All this time we believed that the Ultimatrix, and the Omnitrix before it contained stored DNA samples. That alone would be impressive, but this? Actually creating an organic machine the size of a planet? Azmuth is even more of a genius than we realised."

The other two nodded. It had taken a great deal of time and effort but they had finally managed to locate a machine used by the Galvan scientist in the creation of the artificial planet Primus (not that they had known that when they first found it). He had, of course, erased its database but they been able to retrieve enough information from it to learn of Primus's existence and purpose.

"This is indeed a problem" said Rirtu. "We have always known that the Omnitrix and now the Ultimatrix is a threat to our goal. As long as it exists, any exterminated species can be re-created. That cannot be allowed. For the sake of our crusade it must be destroyed!"

Marus, nodded. "And yet now we know that the Ultimatrix is nothing more than a receiver. The true threat is the Codon Stream. If we destroy that the Ultimatrix will be useless. Unfortunately, since it was attacked by the warlord Vilgax, Azmuth has moved Primus to a new location and we have no idea where to begin searching."

"Perhaps we do not need to" said Sardu.

He smiled. It was not a pleasant expression. Rather it was one filled with malice and cruelty. "I have a plan. We will use the Ultimatrix bearer himself to accomplish our goal."

An identical smile appeared on Rirtu's face. "I am listening."