This is just a brief clip from a story. I am not sure where it is going, if anywhere, at the moment.

Bo climbed out of his race car and pulled off his helmet. His face wore a wide grin as he kissed some admiring female fans who were all bust and painted nails. He shook hands and high

fived a couple of the pit crew.

"Great race," one of them called out.

"You can still outrun them youngsters" Another added.

From across the pit the phone rang.

One of the mechanics picked it up "Hey Bo! Phone call"

Bo dragged himself away from another female fan who was definitely after more than an autograph and took the phone. "Bo Duke. Number one race driver" Modesty had never been Bo's

the strong point, especially when it came to driving.

"Bo! Hi. It's Coy"

"Hey Cousin. You ringing to congratulate me on another great race?"

"Not really Cuz. I'm back in Hazzard"

"That's great. Uncle Jesse'll be real pleased to see ya" Bo was still smiling and waving at his adoring public.

"I have already...Bo, when was the last time you saw him?"

"A few months back" Bo's stomach flipped and he suddenly got more serious "Luke Daisy and me were all there. Why? What's wrong?" Bo walked the phone as far away as he could to

find a quiet corner, feeling the sudden need to give this call his full attention.

"I don't know, Cousin. But Uncle Jesse sure ain't himself. He's spendin' an awful lotta time sleepin' and the Doc's been by regular to visit him."

"Did ya ask him about it?" Bo asked

"Yeah. And ya know Uncle Jesse...He said for me to stop fussin'." Coy replied his voice laced with concern. "He didn't even want me callin' any of y'all. He didn't want any of ya's worryin'."

"Have ya spoken to any of the others?" Bo asked his tone matching Coy's.

"I tried to get a hold of Luke but he's jumpin' right now and I left a message for Vance. I didn't wanna worry Daisy ...I don't know what to do Bo"

"Hang in there Cousin. I'll see if I can get a hold of Luke and get back to ya. Give Uncle Jesse my love."

"OK Speak soon"

As the phone went dead Bo took a deep breath before redialling.


Luke was laughing and joking as he came into the smoke jump centre.

"Hey Laurie." He gave the lady at the desk a smile and a wink as he dropped his dirty notebook in front of her and perched himself on the corner of her desk. "Would ya be an angel?"

Laurie shook her head and pulled a face "Isn't it about time you learned how to type up your own notes?"

"But you do it so well, Darlin'. " He grinned

"I'm the only one that can read that scrawl you call writing" she sighed trying to hide a smile as she picked up the notebook.

"You are a sweetheart" Luke kissed her as he stood up.

"Yeah. Yeah. I fall for your sweet talk every time. By the way that cute cousin of yours called while you were out. He asked for ya to call him soon as you can"

"Bo! I guess he want to tell me about the latest race"

"Or girl" Laurie smirked

Luke chuckled "Or both".

Luke certainly wasn't expecting the conversation that he was about to have with Bo.


Luke pulled his old car up into the car park of the university where he knew he would find Daisy and sure enough it wasn't long before she came out.

"Luke!" she squealed when she saw him leaning on the side of the car. She ran over and gave him a big hug "What you doin' here? Why didn't you tell me you was comin'?" she beamed

shaking him gently by the shoulders.

Luke looked at her seriously, hating to break her buoyant mood. "It's time to go home" He said simply.

Daisy's smile faded rapidly. "Uncle Jesse?" she asked simply.

Luke nodded slowly.


Bo pulled his car up in the yard at the farm. He almost didn't dare get out. Coy came out of the kitchen to greet whoever had arrived. When he saw it was Bo his face gave a glimmer of

hope. Bo slowly got out of the car and went over to him. They hugged each other in silence before Bo plucked up the courage to ask. "How is he?"

Coy shrugged "About the same" His face was drawn with worry and he looked tired and upset

Bo cast his eyes skywards trying to hold his composure before hugging Coy by the back of the neck and they made their way inside.

"Is Luke comin?" Coy finally managed to ask.

"Yeah," Bo replied quietly "He's gone to fetch Daisy...Vance?" Bo questioned

"Arrived this mornin'...He went to town to fetch some supplies...Ain't hardly a thing in the house"

Bo took a deep breath and asked about the one reason they were all there. "Where's Uncle Jesse?"

"Sleepin'...I spoke to the Doc this mornin'...He said it was good that y'all was comin' and he guessed that Uncle Jesse was kinda ready to explain everything"

"I don't like the sound of that" Bo said softly.

"No more'n I did." Coy replied.