Need – A Naoi One-Shot

One look at Naoi's smirking face told Paiyten everything. "How many times?" She asked, anticipation filling her stomach with butterflies. But seriously, Naoi chose the perfect word: who can't say "what?" at least once a day? Paiyten had counted three times, even when she'd told herself she would not count. The boy's smirk grew and he held up his hand, revealing the tally he'd marked on it. "Elven." He drifted closer, and whispered the next part into her ear: "That means you owe me elven kisses."

(Paiyten's heart thumped in her chest, her cheeks flushing at the thought of Naoi's lips on hers, his caressing, his soft touches, his warmth.)

Naoi smirked at the girl's reaction. This wasn't their first kiss, nor their first time playing this game, but Paiyten acted like every kiss was their first. Not that he could blame her; he felt the exact same way. (The way their bodies fit together perfectly, the touch of her lips, the sensations both felt when contact was made. The way a locked gaze could remove everything but each other from their minds. It was meant to be.)

Regaining control, Paiyten pulled Naoi towards her, and just brushed her lips against his. "One." Another feather touch. "Two." A peck on his forehead. "Three." Brushing her lips against his cheek, she could feel the tension, along with Naoi's frustration, rising. "Four." The same for the opposite cheek. "Five." Butterfly kisses down his nose. "Six."

Before she could do the same again, but to his neck, for seven, Naoi placed a firm grip on her chin, holding her but an inch away from his mouth. "Kiss me properly," he murmured and Paiyten detected a note of desire which had pleasurable tingles shooting down her spine, "Or I'll make you." Naoi's eyes glowed red, threatening hypnosis. Since lack of breath made giggling impossible, Paiyten settled for leaning closer. "If you want it so much, then I guess I'll have to give it to you." With a last small smile, she captured his lips.

Only Naoi was able to contain a groan at the feel of moist lips moving together, but he wasn't the only one to deepen the kiss. They lost themselves in each other, in their melded bodies, in the bond they had had forged. Hands rubbed at skin, adding to the sensations the kiss stirred, fingers tangled in hair (Naoi's hat had been pushed aside by that point), small noises of pleasure escaped them, anything to express what they felt.

When they parted, panting and, for the most part, still tangled in each other, brown eyes met green and affectionate smiles crossed lips. "Seven. Four left." Paiyten said once she'd caught her breath. (Though her body was still on fire because Naoi was still holding her, still touching her, still smiling at her, still looking at her, still there.)

Naoi's trademark smirk returned, though that too was affected. (His body was burning too, because Paiyten was there, still acknowledging him, still loving him, still needing him.)

In the background there was a cough, the kind which was used to politely signal one's prescense, except that this cough sounded like it was either very embarrassed, or that it couldn't believe what it had just witnessed, or very possibly both. Only then did the star-crossed lovers remember that they were still in the SSS office, neither patient enough to wait until everyone had left, and therefore had an audience.

Paiyten ducked her head, trying to hide crimson cheeks, then realising her bodies placement on Naoi and trying to disentangle herself from him, struggling to get to the opposite end of the couch. Naoi kept a tight grip on her, addressing his next words to the entire room but keeping his eyes fixed on Paiyten. "What are you looking at, scum?"

(They had needed each other to make the world bearable, and it was but the start of many lives together. Because everyone needs to be acknowledged and everyone needs to be loved.)

In case you don't get it, the parts in italic brackets are supposed to show how much they mean to each other, or something like that. Really, I just wrote this beacause I LOVE Naoi Ayato. Spare a moment to review?