I know I said that Need was a one-shot - it was supposed to be - but I just happened to write this. I think I prefer the first chapter (not that I'm planning to make this a series or anything, if anything it'll be a series of one-shots about for this couple). But I put this up here anyway.

Paiyten twisted towards the cough. Naoi was leaning against the wall, arms crossed. The confident smirk that graced his face sent her heart hammering. (His confidence had been one of the things that drew her in; he was able to say things that she'd never be able to, all because of that confidence.)

"You still owe me four kisses." He reminded her, moving towards Paiyten. The statement, the memory of the last seven kisses, made her cheeks flame. Paiyten was still embarrassed of being caught in the act by Hinata and Noda, a day earlier.

The two had been making suggestive comments all morning. And asking some awkward questions: like how long they'd been a couple. The answer had shocked them – obviously they were expecting them to have got together after Naoi had joined, albeit unofficially, the SSS. Not long before that. Noda had not been pleased, and had rushed off to tell Yuri that Paiyten had been 'sleuthing with the enemy behind everyone's' backs'.

(That had hurt. Paiyten hadn't enjoyed sneaking around, glancing over her shoulder, checking that she wasn't being followed; but she couldn't choose. She needed her friends, and she needed Naoi.)

Yuri hadn't said anything yet, but Paiyten was certain it was only a matter of time.

Brought back to the present by Naoi stroking her forehead, Paiyten smiled at the boy. "You shouldn't let the scum bother you. They can't do anything; if they touch you, I'll..." Naoi glanced away from her, not wanting her to see the hatred and fear in his eyes. (She was good at reading his emotions, just as he was good at reading hers. Sometimes it scared him, how much he cared for this girl. He didn't much care for anybody – except the people that acknowledged him.)

"They won't do anything," Paiyten defended sharply. Just the thought of Naoi and the SSS fighting – so much like them – sent fear down her spine like frozen fingers. Naoi forced a smile, entwining his fingers with hers. It was obvious when Paiyten was thinking about her past; the pain in her expression, tears threatening to fall, even a slight trembling. Naoi had never asked about it, she could tell him when she was ready.

In an attempt to rid her of those tears, he pressed closer, pushing Paiyten into the wall, inhaling her sweet scent. His free hand rested by her head, the other pinned her hand to the wall.

"So," his breath fanned across her face, drawing red to her cheeks, "about those kisses..."

He set the ball rolling, cupping one crimson cheek and seizing her lips with his own. And then the tears did fall, down her cheeks and dripping onto Naoi's hand. He pulled back, concern written on his face. "What's wro-"

Paiyten shook her head. "Nothing," she whispered, "I love you, Naoi."

("I love you." The words she had always wanted to hear. Having her mother speak those words to her would have meant the world. And just when Paiyten thought it possible, when maybe, just maybe, she could earn that love... she had died.)

Naoi embraced her tightly, his grip firm, almost painful. "And I love you. Never forget that, Paiyten."

(Never. How could she forget such sweet, honest words? The words she had died to hear.)

Okay. Just to clear this up: Paiyten is actually an Oc I made for the Tv series Charmed. I decided to use her in this, though I haven't made it a crossover because I wasn't actually planning to bring any Charmed stuff in it. I might later though, if so I will change it to a crossover. Does anyone beside me watch both Angel Beats! and Charmed? Probably not.

Here's the simple explanation of Paiyten's past (no Charmed terms): Paiyten's mother believes her to be a demon/monster, and has made several attempts on Paiyten's life. All failed. Her mother hated her (she didn't really, she simply didn't want to get hurt again -Charmed stuff- but it appeared to Paiyten like her mother hated her. Paiyten's aunts do love her and try to convince Paiyten's mother to, sometimes they argue about whether she is a monster (hence: 'like them'). All Paiyten ever wanted is for her mother to love her.

Here is an explanation for anyone who does know Charmed: Paiyten is a female unborn source, brought back from the demonic wasteland (having being slightly altered) by the Elders who think she could be a powerful source of good. Pretty much same as above: Pheobe is scared of what Paiyten did (turning her evil, ect) and reminds Pheobe too much of Cole, so she tries to distance herself from her. Doesn't truly hate her but appears too. Tries to vanquish her. Piper and Paige care for Paiyten (Paiyten even confusing Piper to be her mother) and argue with Pheobe. Paiyten died after Pheobe started to come around.

Should I write more?