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"Why the hell didn't you say anything until now?"

"Calm down, James! It's not a case of willfully withholding vital information. I didn't think she was serious!"

"Mare! Come in here! Jack says he knows where Lysander's run off to!"

"What? Where?"

"Ta be more strictly correct, I have a strong theory."

"Sparrow, repeat what you just told me."

"Lysee's mentioned, she has this older acquaintance in town- Cheryl O'Brien- who's been relatin' yarns about how she spent her last summer before startin' college. Same stage Lysee's at now..."

"We're aware of that."

"Cheryl's told about back-packin' through Europe, paying her travel expenses by performin' as a street musician. Staying at hostels an' travelin' by bus when she earned enough, sleepin' outdoors an' hitchhiking when she didn't. Accordin' ta her it's much less dangerous 'en reputed. Lysee told me she was makin' plans ta do the same. She figures she can play a penny whistle well enough to..."

"Good lord- that's why she's been practicing that thing so much! Sparrow, why didn't you tell us?"

"Because she's said naught about it fer days! Not since she invited me ta come along, an' I replied I'd have ta discuss that with you two. I thought she'd abandoned the idea! But, in light of this note she's left..."

"You know how impulsive that kid can be- you should have said something!"

"It seems I should've. But I was under... that is, she'd requested..."

"She asked you to keep it a secret."

"In effect."

"That's no excuse for putting her safety at risk!"

"Aye, yer right- I'm at fault. 'Seems appropriate I should make amends by going after her myself. If I cash in my Corridor-use points, I can be in Calais in one hour. Probably not before her Chunnel train arrives, but not verra long afterwards."

"I should be the one to go. I have some expertise at tracking people down."

"As per yer Academy trainin'- I haven't forgotten, Commodore! But I possess a possibly more valuable asset; 'twas me she discussed her plans with. Furthermore, it won't require special expertise ta spot her, with that two-tone hair she's currently..."

"James, I think he's right. Jack's the one she confided with- he can probably pick her trail up sooner."

"Point taken... Sparrow, will it accomplish anything at all if I beseech you to behave responsibly?"

"When Lysander's welfare is involved, you may count on it, Mr. Norrington."

"And make damned sure you phone us the minute you find her!"

"Within the first half-minute, Mrs. Norrington!"