People always imagine how they'll meet the love of their life. Most of the time it was a meeting in a coffee shop, best friends since birth, strangers in a library, or a blind date pushed upon by a group of friends. When you envision meeting the person you knew you were destined to be with, you generally imagine something of sort of calm yet wonderful scenario. Yeah, not everyone had that privilege. When Ichigo Kurosaki met the "love of his life" there was no coffee shop, there was no library or blind dates. And there was definitely no "best friends since birth" situation. In any case, the whole case seemed the quite the opposite of the latter. Or at least the feeling was one-sided, for now.

Ichigo was only ten when he met the man who'd come to love him as an equal one day. No, that was wrong. He was ten when he'd realized he was in love with the guy, but the two had knew each other long before that. Their fathers were rivals of some sort. While Ichigo's father ran a small clinic out of their home, his enemy's, or lover's depending on your intake of the situation, step-father ran a large business frontier. How were two different jobs connected? The business frontier was a medicinal business with over-charged medicine that kept Ichigo's father
in a constant financial struggle.

Now you're probably curious as to how Ichigo figured out he was in love with his family influence enemy. Well that was easy. The realization was beaten into him. Literally. When Ichigo was nine, he lost his mother to a car accident. Things since then had never really been normal since then. He was at the scene of the accident, saved by his mother who had pushed him out of the way of a swerving car. This caused everyone to give him a constant look of sympathy. Seeing your mother die in front of you for your sake was not really a sight any nine year old needs to see. He didn't need anyone's sympathy, though. He was fine, perfectly fine. At least that's what he kept telling himself. Within the following year, thanks to a lot of pent up anger and outrageous colored hair, he was the target of numerous fights. Most of which involved a certain enemy

One day while walking home Ichigo was ambushed by a familiar blue haired kid. He was tackled to the ground and flipped over in a matter of seconds. Ichigo was unable to guard himself from the punches that were quickly thrown his way. Ichigo looked up at the boy who was straddling his waist, his vision blurry by the assault on his face. Once he was clear that it wasn't just anyone who was attacking him, Ichigo quickly tried to push himself free.

"Grimm, what the hell are you thinking! Get off of me." Ichigo kicked his legs and began to thrash his hips in attempt to kick off the boy.

"Oh but why berry? This is my favorite game!" The blue haired boy merely laughed at the smaller male.

"Come on, get up." Ichigo felt something in his body twitch as the male on top of him shifted his body on Ichigo's waist. A deep flush swept across Ichigo's face quickly. "This isn't funny! You already messed with me today, leave me alone!" Ichigo continued to kick his body, using all his strength to knock over the bigger boy, but his body wouldn't budge.

"Ah, ah, ah Berry." The bigger kid stopped his hits and placed his hands on either side of Ichigo's head, their faces dangerously close. "Just because I messed you once already, doesn't mean I'm done."

Ichigo's insides twitched again. Even for a ten year old he knew the comment was rather suggestive. Using the time of Grimm staring at them, Ichigo took the time to flip them, using a hold he had learned from his karate experience. Now that he was on top, Ichigo felt his face flush hard, unaware of the real feelings that were residing inside of him. Ichigo stared into the deep blue eyes beneath him, trying to figure out what was wrong with his insides. The blue haired boy stared up at him, a confused look etched on his face. Ichigo didn't think, but all of a sudden he felt his body move forward on his own. He pressed his lips against the other boys, causing his stomach to do flips. He pulled back just as quickly as he pressed down. Both boys stared at each other with wide eyes. Blush painted across their cheeks, but lucky for the blue haired kid, his blush quickly went away.

"Oh well, well, well. It looks like I should have been callin ya fairy instead of berry. Ain't that right, fairy?" And then he smiled, which caused Ichigo to be even more confused. That was until the other male placed a well thrown punch, considering his position, and successfully knocking Ichigo out. Ichigo was unaware that that would be the last time he'd see the blue-haired kid.

It had been nine years since that night and Ichigo wasn't the same small boy he used to be. Nine years since he realized he like members of the same sex. Nine years since the love of his life suddenly moved away without a word. Nine years since he had faced rejection for the first time.

Ichigo was in the grocery store buying ingredients for dinner when he saw a small green haired girl run between his legs, screaming joyfully. He looked behind him, his eyes catching the odd colored hair, not that he had anything to say considering his carrot orange hair. Ichigo was turning around when he heard a somewhat familiar voice.

"Damn it Nel, get back here." He was thrown onto the ground by the impact of a large male running towards him.

Ichigo's eyes went wide as he saw a shocking head of blue. "Grimm-Grimm-Grimmjow?"

"Well what do you know? After all these years you still know your place is on the floor, huh Berry?" Ichigo pushed himself off the ground, picking up his dropped basket, still staring at the boy, no, the man in front of him. Grimmjow simply smirked at him.

"Onii-chan! Why'd you thop playing?" Ichigo looked as the girl with sea-foam green-haired girl came around the corner. She had a red band-aid across her nose. "Onii-chan?"

Grimmjow turned to look at that little girl, a snarl making its way to his mouth. "Damn, Nel, how man times do I have to tell you not to run off?" He took a step towards her, but the girl hid behind Ichigo's legs. He growled slighty. "What are you doing?"

"You have ta tag me firth." She peeked behind Ichigo's legs and stuck her tongue out.

"Nel, we don't have time for games." He let out a loud sigh, trying to control the anger that Ichigo was noticing bubbling to the surface. He took a step forward, which caused Ichigo and the small girl to take a step back. "Ichigo get out of the damn way." He reached for the small girl, who shrieked happily before running away again. Grimmjow let out an aggravated sigh.

"You have a sister?" Those were the first words he said to the boy since they ran into each other.

Grimmjow looked up with an aggravated look. "She's my half sister. She's five."


Ichigo didn't know what else to say, he was still completely baffled by the fact that Grimmjow was standing in front of him. The two merely stared at each other, a familiar tug pulling at Ichigo's heart. He remembered this feeling. It was the feeling Ichigo first discovered when he was ten. It was the feeling of attraction to a male. More specifically, it was the attraction to the blue haired male in front of him. The silence between the two was deafening. Grimmjow slipped his hands into his pockets and let out a sigh.

"Well, I better find the kid before she runs off completely."

Ichigo said nothing as he watched the large male walk away. The rest of Ichigo's shopping was in a zombie like state, he mind trying to wrap around of the idea of his tormenter slash crush was back in the neighborhood. When he was walking out of the store he caught sight of Grimmjow walking a little way in front of him. He had a bag of groceries in one hand and the small girl thrown over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes, held by the other. The small girl caught sight of him and smiled.

"Hai Itsyugo!" She waved a hand at him, causing Grimmjow to look over and smirk.

Ichigo watched as Grimmjow walked away, hitching the small girl higher onto his shoulder as she seemed to chatter incessantly in his ear. As Ichgio watched him walk away, he felt extremely confused by the rush of emotions. All of which were placing different questions. Why was he here? When did he get a sister? What do these feelings mean? Do I still like him? And most importantly: Why did he leave in the first place?

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