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Last Time….

"¿ella se mueve?" I continued down the alley way. We ran right into… a dead end. "¡maldito sea!"

Carmen and I headed back toward the street, and stopped in horror. The witch was in the Alley way. I pulled Carmen next to be, behind a dumpster. I aimed… and fired.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Screamed the witch launching herself at me, digging her nails into my shoulder as I fired off another shot, gun shots ringing in my ears. The witch knocked me down as Carmen got a good shoot at her, finishing off the witch. She helped me up.

"shhhh ... que está bien ... " She cooed. I grabbed my pain pills and swallowed a few, gagging on the horrid flavor. A few moments later I couldn't feel much pain. I stood on my own. Carmen and I headed back out to the street.

"ROAR!" We'd hardly taken three steps up the street, and there was the tank, emerging from the alley ways we'd tried earlier.

"SHIT!" I swore, bolting up the street, Carmen a few steps behind me. The street was a hill, and it was getting steep. I turned toward the tank about half way up, my gun in my hands.

A bullet pierced the Tanks stomach.


I looked at Carmen who looked at me. A bullet whizzed by and pierced the Tank's Shoulder. We both looked up the hill and saw a tall man, with thick dark brown hair and brown eyes, muscles, A farmer's tan, and wearing a muscle shirt and loose blue jeans. In his hand was a shot gun. He glanced at us and Smiled loosely before firing another shot into the tank. I turned back around to fire bullets into the Tank with my shot gun and continue up the street backwards. I watched Carmen do the same thing shortly after. The tank ran up to Carmen and Threw her sideways into a car just before it fell to the ground dead, and a high pitch wail of a car alarm filled the air. I ran to Carmen's Side, and our possibly new friend running to her side, both of us pulling her up onto her feet and helping her run up the street away from the car

"Quickly, up the street to the apartment building on the end of the street. Just behind it there is a small bakery there, it's been transformed into a safe house." He exclaimed, revealing a rich voice, not deep, but masculine. He turned around and fired off a few shots at oncoming zombies.


Carmen hit the ground, as I ducked looking backwards over my shoulder to see a fireball and a big cloud of smoke coming from the car. I looked at it with wide eyes as I pulled Carmen up off the ground. Our new friend looked at us with a smile and started toward us.

"Come on…" He exclaimed, leading us up the streets now that the car alarm was no longer going off.

"What did you do?" I asked, looking at him in surprise.

"Molotov to the gas tank." He exclaimed with a smile. I chuckled at him, shaking my head. Carmen looked between us slightly confused before shrugging.

"My name is Chris. You lovely Ladies have names…" He trailed off as the cry of an incoming horde reached our ears. He ran up the street, us chasing after him. He turned the corner sharply into an ally way, with us following. He ran through a door and ushered us through it before slamming it shut in a zombie's Face. A heavy metal door. He barricaded it quickly and then lead us further into the little bakry.

"The whole place is Safe, I would know, my 'sister' owned the place. It was her dream. Anyhow, I'm Chris." He exclaimed.

"I'm Danica. This is Carmen. Fair warning… She doesn't speak much English. Spanish. And what do mean by sister? The way you said it suggested she wasn't." I asked.

"Indeed she wasn't. But at the same time she was. I belong to a fire company. So did she. She wanted to be a volunteer firefighter E.M.T, and own her own little bakery/Café. It was her dream. Girl had a lot of engry, talked a lot, had a horrible volume problem, gorgeous brown eyes and long curly hair. She cared a lot, and though it took her years to get on her feet for the fire company, she got there. She got good. She always said to me, She'd on day be good at it and would know what to do, but that day was a ways away, and in the mean would need someone to explain to her what the hell she was supposed to be doing. She got there alright. She was my sister, no relation, didn't matter. She was cute too. I had didn't mind having to explain to her what everything did and how to use it, I just loved talking to her." He sighed and looked around the place before continuing.

"And this place was her dream. She went the CIA, Culinary Institute of America, worked her butt off saving for the place and the equipment, and one day she finally got it all together. Then she worked hard getting this place in shape. I didn't mind helping her. These freaks showed up and she paniced, turning this place into a safe house as well… she went outside one day, freaking out because she left something at home though I told her not to. I haven't seen her since…nor Ed for that matter… who followed her out."

"Ed?" I asked.

"My best friend. He and I were here with Crystal, holding it up. We'd worked to turn it into this… we didn't actually think anything would come of Crystal's paranoia… we were shocked when it did turn out to be something." He looked at a photo on the wall. In the photo was a girl with long curly brown hair brown eyes and short, about 5 foot, Chris about 5 foot 7, and a really tall guy with orange hair and glasses shielding green eyes, the three of them standing in front of a white Fire Truck each wearing jeans and navy Blue Polos with the fire company insignia on the left chest, and names and positions under it.

"I take it that's her?" I asked, walking toward the picture.

"Yeah, that day was her pride and joy of the fire company. She had just finished getting her fire 2, and responded to a call, her first call. It was a small House fire. She had taken charge of the whole thing. That picture there was taken a few hours after we'd gotten back from the call, for the open house that night. She did nothing but show off her skills that day, to save that house and in showing off at the firehouse open house. She supplied the cookies we had there too. She was real proud. For many reasons. The firehouse was impressed with her food, her skill, her knowledge, and her determination. Many of the guys thought she didn't take the job seriously. All because she was a little shy, a little clueless, and not much of a serious person." He kept looked at the picture as I got up close to the picture. Carmen was looking around looking at other pictures around the place.

"muy bonita…" Carmen whispered, as I wandered around the room looking at pictures. Crystal in Turn out gear, Crystal on the truck, Crystal in a formal gown next to what looked like an older verison of her in another gown, her and an older Man, Her and a girl with Short brown hair, pictures of other people, then a picture filled with lots of people along the side of a white fire truck that said Rescue on it. She was there in the front row, sitting with Chris next to her on one knee, and lot of other people in the picture, all wearing jeans and the same Navy blue shirt with the firehouse insignia. Then there was a big photo on the wall by the desk that was in the room, a picture of Chris, the guy from the first photo, and a girl with short brown hair and hazel eyes, wide shoulders, and compared to Crystal had no breasts. The four of them were on a fire truck, an engine to be exact. The girl with short hair was sitting on a big metal box I would assume contained the engine, The guy with orange hair next to her leaning against it, Crystal hanging upside down from a bar with Chris Standing behind her with his hand on her leg and his other out, like he was ready to catch her if she started to slip or fall, smiles on all their faces.

"Is Ed in any of these pictures?" I asked. Chris nodded.

"He's the tall lanky guy in the pictures with orange hair. In all the pictures I'm in, he's in. Except one." He walked over to the desk and picked up a photo that was a picture of Crystal and Chris. He had his arm Wrapped around her shoulder holding her to his side, both of them smiling at the camera, sitting on the hood of a black GMC pickup truck. Her hair was messed up something crazy, pulled back in a messy pony tail and paint streaked across her light blue tank top and jeans. He was also covered in paint. The paint on both of them was black, and blue, and a few splatters of bright red. I laughed at it as I looked at it.

"What in the world happened to you two? She has paint in her hair!" I laughed.

"Yeah… took her a week to get it out. She was proud of her truck, she worked hard to get it. Sierra Hybrid, GMC. She wanted it so bad, she spent a long time working for it. We'd been painting the back bumper of her car. She had taken a sharpie to the car and drawn flames on it and a fire truck… we were painting them in with paint and a clear coat. I accidently splattered her with some paint. She retaliated and spattered me back. Next thing I know we are flinging paint at each other. Her hair had paint in it for two drills before it came out. We'd painted it behind the firehouse. Ed had pulled up and Started laughing at us, and demanded on taking a picture of it. He sent her this one and she'd copied it and made it different sizes. I think she has one in her wallet too. She laughs every time she looks at the picture." I walked over to the first picture I'd looked at with the talk lanky orange haired guy with glasses, Chris and Crystal in front of a white Fire truck.

"So this is Ed?" I asked, pointing to the guy.

"Yep. Crystal refused to make fun of him. She'd laugh at him and threaten to post videos of him dancing on YouTube and face book, but that was the worst she'd do to him… other then threaten to dump soda on him, or possibly castrate him if he really pissed her off… she used that threat on him once when she was really cranky and he wouldn't stop pushing her buttons. Any other guy in the firehouse would use the threat, we all knew it was empty, but we all knew she meant it when she said she would kick it and make it hurt. She wasn't afraid to kick a guy where it hurt. Oddly enough she's never threatened me with any of those… "He trailed off in thought.

"She sounds like a tough one…" I exclaimed.

"She was. She took a self defense class and later karate until she got her fire 1. She then dropped it and took dance back up. She had balls… She was not afraid to do something others would think weird or strange, she wasn't afraid to do something out of the ordinary, but the girl… it took her forever to actually be able to just jump into a conversation with us. She was shy about it, she was just as shy to make fun of us. If she said something to make fun of one of us, that meant she was very comfortable with the ones she was with."

"You guys make fun of each other?"

"It's a tough love sort of thing. We tease each other and stuff. It took her about two years to finish climbing onto the train and almost two and a half years before she got her training done, but once she was the train… she was racing…" His eyes seemed to be off far, a smile on his face.

"You like her." I stated. He looked at me sheepishly.

"No… I fell in love. It was funny; I didn't realize it until she got hurt playing foot ball at the station with a bunch of us. She'd sprinted all the way down to the road to get the ball and make sure it didn't go into traffic and cause an accident. She got it and ran back toward and suddenly her ankle gave out from under her and slammed her head into one of the parked cars as she fell. Her cry…. was the worst sound I'd ever heard. I was scared… and I realized… I loved her… Ed saw it before I did." He looked sad.

"How bad was it?" I asked.

"oh, she was fine, her head was fine, and her ankle, apparently did that a lot. She'd never twisted it before as far as she knew but she kept getting this pain in her ankle that if she so much as moved it, it hurt, and the pain was in a place she was told by her friends she'd twisted it but she'd be fine in ten twenty minutes. She scared the crud out of me when her ankle gave out in the middle of a call. She took off her pants, but on a brace, put her gear back on and jumped in, even though it was clear she was in pain. After the call I made her sit her ass down. The longer she was on it the more it hurt. I'd been around them enough to know. I helped her out of her gear and made her sit her ass down. When she tried to get up to go the front of the station, I picked her up and sat her down on the rescue. She has that picture somewhere around here too. Ed and managed to take a picture of it with his phone." He started looking for the picture. I looked at the computer and moved the mouse watching the computer wake up. She had a lot of windows minimized, and her back ground was a picture of her, Ed, Chris, and that girl with the short hair sitting on another red fire truck with a huge ladder behind her, her and Chris up on it Crystal Leaning against Chris as she sat there, Chris sitting with one knee up, Ed by him and the girl by Crystal's Feet on a set of steps.

"That's the tower we're on. " Chris exclaimed.

"Who's the other girl?" I asked.

"Her best Friend, Sarah. The two girls are practically opposites, yet so alike." Chris exclaimed, going back to looking for the picture. I clicked on one of the minimized windows. Itunes. 62GB of music….

"wow…" I breathed, scanning the screen of the artists on the list. Kenny Chesney, Kenny Rogers, Kaskade, Cascada, Benny Bennassi, Tim Mcgraw, Usher, Daughtry, Creed, Mr Mister, Evanescence, Ricky Martin, Silversun Pickups, Motorhead, Nickelback, Sheryl Crow, Faith Hill, Robbie Roberston, and so many others.

"Yeah, she listened to just about everything. Her favorite was Techno, closely followed by country. But she listened to everything. And I mean EVERYTHING." He exclaimed. I smiled and clicked on the internet. She had several tabs open, two for face book, one for , , Igoogle, and a website about the different zombies that had appeared. Apparently she'd been following the developing infection. I clicked on one of the links, one labeled 'special infected' Pictures came up with captions of each infected. I clicked on the forums.

'They are disgusting! There's one that rapes people' the response' that's a jockey!'

'They vomit blood… we sure they aren't vampires… they like to drink it!'

'better safe then sorry… this guy… he came into the room saying he was immune and bite me…. Better safe then sorry… I shot the bastard…. Better safe then sorry…' My eyes scanned the page reading all sorts of things about the infection. I clicked on the 'searching for people'.

Up came a page of names of people whom other people were looking for. I scanned the page looking to for mine.

Ctrl+f …. Danica

No matchs. Guess no one was looking for me. I then clicked on R.I.P. Up came a page of names of people who had died due to the infection, either turned into zombies or torn to pieces. I then clicked add and added my families' names. I felt Chris watching me as I did it.

"You've lost a lot." He exclaimed.

"So have you." He nodded. I looked toward Carmen.

"Carmen, hijo de tu, llamo?" I asked in broken Spanish.

"Edwardo…." She looked at me and then the computer screen and then smiled. "Edwardo Cortez." I nodded and typed it into the screen. Chris looked at me.

"Her son." I answered. He nodded. I got up from the computer, Chris taking my spot and then clicking on the 'Pictures' icon after returning to the main screen. I watched him shuffle through picture after picture, Crystal playing frezbie with a dog, and then another with Chris and the dog, then Chris 'tackling' her in a game of football, Chris and Crystal on this huge black quad, a softball game, lots of pictures of the softball game, then a bunch of pictures of a pool party, Crystal wearing a blue bikini and Chris in a black pair of swimming trunks, one picture with crystal in his arms, the next throwing her into the pool, the next him doing a cannon ball right after her, another one where she was tackling him into the pool, and then a series of pictures of the two side by side at a fire, her at nozzle and him behind her, her with an axe and a mask as the two went into a fire, the two of them pulling someone out of a fire, Chris with the jaws of life, Crystal with a bag full of wood. Then came pictures of a fancy party with Crystal in a gorgeous deep blue dress that dipped just over the breasts, open back, split going up the side, her hair pulled up slightly and her curls rushing down her back, and make up.

"Fire house banquet. She was so stunning… especially when they asked her to sing the song she wrote for one of the members who passed away, and 'Shine your light' by Robbie Robertson for him. "He then went through another series of pictures of different quads, pickups, fire trucks, pictures of a holiday party, and then finally stopping on a picture. Crystal in Chris's Arms, coming up between a white fire truck and a red one.

"Wow… She looked like she belongs there…" I exclaimed.

"She felt like it too. I several times took whatever excuse to pick her up I could. Often times I use the excuse it was fun surprising her. I'd come up behind and her and scooped her up. It got to the point she stopped reacting and I had to stop." WE all jumped at a loud bang from the front of the building, Chris grabbed his gun as another loud bang echoed throughout the place followed by a scream of annoyance. And then the sound of shattering glass, and a clatter of metal hitting the floor, I knew instantly as the bar being knocked out of its holder to keep the door closed and it falling to the floor.

"¿qué es eso ?" Carmen asked, quietly. We heard glass crunching beneath feet as Chris went over to the door and put his back against the wall next to it, reaching toward the door knob. From the other room we heard mumbling and groaning.

"Zombies can open doors?" I asked afraid.

"I don't know…." I heard Chris whisper. His hand closed around the door knob and threw it up with a bang and fired a shoot into the other room.


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