July 13th 2012

I stood watching Crystal flip through picture by picture, on her computer, some with her parents, and brother, others of her friends, others of family, and several with her and Chris. She came to a stop on this picture of her and Chris in matching uniforms, light blue shirts, navy blue jackets and matching navy blue pants, and shined black shoes, identical shoes, the outfit looking like that of a police officer, especially the hats on their heads.

"Class A uniform. We were attending a Funeral. I don't know whose idea it was to take pictures, but someone told Dad to." Crystal Exclaimed before moving on. She stopped on a picture of her resting her head on Chris's shoulder, his arm wrapped around her waist, the two of them lying down on the front bumper of the rescue, both had red eyes, and red noses, signs that both had been crying.

"Don't tell Chris about this picture." She exclaimed as she clicked on the next picture.

"What's the story behind the picture?" I asked, walking over to the desk.

"We lost our chief. Chris and I were alone, I'd taken it hard as well, and I just hugged him close. He took it harder than I did, having been there longer. I held his ear to my heart beat like he had, and we had fallen asleep on the front bumper. My dad discovered us and took a picture. I stole it from my dad. He often times threatened to send it to the firehouse, but he and I both knew he'd never do it. Chris never knew about the picture. He woke up and got up, upon hearing people coming toward us. I had pretended to be asleep for it. Ed apparently saw us though. He teased me about it for a little while, probably teased Chris too...but you know… brother's… what are you going to do with them?" She closed the window out as Chris came in.

"Ready?" He asked. Crystal grabbed her gun from beside her, swinging her back pack on over her back. She nodded as I grabbed my gun.

"Ready." I looked over at Carmen. "Carmen?"

"Si." She picked up her gun. Ed came in with a gun slung over his shoulder, going into the front room, with us following him. He opened the door to the safe house, leading us all out, Chris sticking pretty Close to Crystal. I looked up and down the street. It looked deserted. Completely… not a single zombie.

"It's empty…" Crystal whispered, voice sounding a touch haunted. The clouds in the sky suggested rain was on its way, some of the clouds in the distance screamed rain.

"Which means something is near…" I whispered, leading the way up the street close to Ed. Carmen followed me closely. Crystal and Chris stood side by side, each looking everywhere. I looked at Ed.

"They always like that?" I asked.

"Close and guarding each other? Yeah. They go into a lot of fires together. When she goes in, he's her partner to watch her back, never has she done it with anyone else, but Chris, and occasionally me. The three of us have gone in together as well. He most commonly goes with her. The two work well together. She'll man the hose, he'll back her up. She goes into the fire, he backs her up. They are a team, the team of the firehouse. They balance each other out. He's a harder edge, she's a softer edge. She's got E.M.T training and food ideas, he is the fully trained firefighter… and the one who will always try her crazy ideas." Ed explained. " The firehouse always puts the two together, they work great together, and work better together than any other two in the firehouse. Chris and I together don't top it."

"How long have they been dancing around?"

"A long time. I'd say, at least 5 years. She's been part of the station for… 8, 9 come the end of the month. She came to the station just before she turned 16. I noticed it about the time she turn 17. For her that… that she cared for him… They signs had been there a while… I just didn't add them together for a while… I didn't notice him until she just turned 18."

"How old is she now?" I asked, shooting the first zombie we'd seen yet, in the head.

"23. He's 26. She's almost 24, give her a few months." He and I both looked around looking for more zombies.

"There are too little zombies. I don't like it." I exclaimed, looking around, wondering which horror could be near to have so little zombies. Chris, Stood practically on top of Crystal, looking around, looking for the horror we all knew was near.

"Can't be a witch… we'd hear crying…" Crystal whispered.

"Tank or a Charger we'd probably hear…" I responded.

"I've walked right up onto a tank without hearing it." Ed answered.

"I was with him… I didn't hear it either." Crystal added. Chris grabbed Crystal's arm and made her stay put, not letting her move past the wall she was next to as he walked up toward us. WE stood at an intersection with a stop sign at all four ways. I peeked around the wall to look up the other street, looking for this horror that awaited us. I saw nothing. I looked the other way too… still nothing. I looked up the street we were on. Nothing.

"This thing has got to be hiding." I stated.

"It's hiding well." Chris exclaimed.

"You don't suppose it's on the other side of this wall do you?" Ed asked, gesturing to the stone wall we stood next to. I shook my head.

"It would have come at us already." I stated.

"She's got a point." Crystal agreed. Carmen looked at me, took my hand and with it pointed up the street at a lump behind a car. I heard a sound, it sounded like a cross between a giggle and gurgle. The lump moved.

"What the hell? Jockey and a Boomer?" Ed asked.

"No… they wouldn't clear out the area…" I breathed, watching the lump come out from behind the car, revealing the creature. It was hunched over like a jockey, with a large lump on it's back like that of a hunchback, big lumps all over his face, boils all over the body, the skin dark green. IT was big like a boomer, and had some of the muscles of a tank. Smaller muscles but they were there. It looked like someone had mated a Jockey and a boomer, and had somewhere thrown a tank into the mix. The thing looked at us as we stared at it in confusion.

"EW… talk about disgusting… boomer and a jockey…" Crystal exclaimed. The creature suddenly ran toward us, moving at an incredible speed. Chris and Ed started shooting at it.

"I think it heard you Crystal." Ed exclaimed as I started to shoot at it as it reached the intersection and was on us in a few seconds. Bullets pierced the lumps, which exploded, and spewed a noxious green acid, which bubbled, some of it landing on the skin of Crystal's hand and on my arm, surprising both of us, causing her to shriek in pain and drop her gun as I jumped back with a squeak. Crystal Scrambled for her gun as the creature attempted to attack her as we continued to shoot it. Crystal kicked it in the stomach, causing more of the lumps on its body to explode, spewing more acid. It finally collapsed on the ground dead as Crystal picked up her gun. Chris took her hand and examined it, as I examined my arm with was an angry red.

"That looks nasty…." Chris exclaimed as Ed looked at my arm.

"That doesn't look bad." Ed exclaimed. Chris looked at my arm.

"Well, hers doesn't, but Crystal's does." He stated. Ed looked at Crystal's hand and winced.

"That looks nasty." Ed exclaimed. I walked over to him and looked at it. Crystal's burn, was bubbling, an angry red, raw, and bloody wound. Chris took off his health kit and rummaged through it until he pulled out some burn cream and rubbed it gently into her hand.

"ow…" Crystal Hissed, as Chris gently wrapped it in gauze." And I'm the E.M.T. Aren't I supposed to be the one wrapping people up?"

"Yes, you should be, but you are the one injured." Chris exclaimed, putting his health kit back on his back

A/n: first aid kits are good for a few injuries, since this one is small, I'm making it last longer. Depending on the injury size and stuff will deiced how much of it used.

"True…" Ed and I started up the street some, Carmen close behind, and then as we got a house ahead, Chris and Crystal followed.

"Why do they keep dancing around each other? I mean, they are close." I asked.

"He won't risk it, he's afraid of rejection, afraid things will be weird. He'll loss her all together. And if she does deiced to give it a try, there's a chance it will fall apart and again, he might then loss her all together. And it might cause problems with the firehouse."

"And let me guess, similar reasons on her end too?"

"Yep." Ed kicked a stone. "And she's got one more. She refuses to date." I stopped and stared at him a moment.


"Well…" I started moving with him again. "She's dated before, several different guys. One of which Chris almost killed because the guy used her… that guy was the last straw… she apparently left this one guy four times for this other guy she left for different guys like six times… she couldn't make up her mind which she wanted… she'd go with this one and realize she wanted the other, she'd go with him and realize she wanted the one she just left. She eventually said fuck it, and since quit dating."

"wow… she quit dating over that?"

"She says she's done it with three different guys. I quite nagging her about it when I asked if she's date Chris if he asked."

"Let me guess, she responded with yes."

"More like a 'HELL YES!' with multiple exclamation points, and lighting up like a Christmas tree." I laughed. "So I figured I'd convince Chris to take the chance, ask her out, and there'd be no problem."

"That works." I exclaimed. I stopped at the sound of a shriek. I looked for the hunter, Ed looking besides me.

"RAA!" Screamed the hunter as it pounced on me, knocking me on my back, emitting a scream from me.

"AHHHH! GET IT OFF!" I shouted as it slammed it's nails into my shoulder. Ed kicked it off, making the hunter squeak; yes squeak, in surprise, gunshots ringing out as bullets pierced the hunts. A big hole appeared in its head, the barrel of Crystal's shot gun smoking.

"You alright?" Ed asked as he helped me up. I nodded as I grasped my gun.

"yeah.. I'm fine…"I murmured.

"I can't wait for this infection to be over." Crystal exclaimed.



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