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It was my fault, wasn't it? That everything became so dull, than even though I have given some colour to my own plain life - everything still stays a mess. I wondered how much time I wasted and why fate likes to have me struggling with my own naive mind. I only noticed now how many plain people were having exact the same thoughts as what I had in the past - the suicide incidents has been increasing.

Ever since I am playing in the movie and visit the set every day, even when I was done with all my scenes in the entire film, Izaya still followed me everywhere. After the meeting with Kasuka he's been tagging along, even meeting his clients while he usually does that in his office. The tension has been so strong.

'There you are,' Izaya's lazy voice echoed through the room, or that is as it seemed like as he made me snap out of it. I turned my head to look at him, his glance rested on my clothing, blue shorts and a pink t-shirt with my hair brushed and all. I saw his lips curling into a cocky smile.

'What are you doing in those clothes at this time, we have to go,' he said while entering the room. How mean, if he really wanted to go he should wait outside not coming in when I have to change.

'I'm not going to the set today,' I mentioned while I stand up anyway. Izaya started to look inside my closet, I had the urge to dash to him and keep him away from my stuff, since it feels too awkward to even look at. I started to walk to my bed and look at the picture next to it, near the window. It was one with my family. Mom and dad. My first year being here almost ended. I was counting the days ever since.

He started to spit through my clothes, checking what I could wear I suppose. I putted down the picture and sit on my bed, watching him. The amusing sparkle in his eyes couldn't be unseen. I felt how my heart thumped differently then before and the slight flush on my cheeks, just because I saw something like that from him. I never knew he would like to find me some clothes, but then again; He also chose my hair cut months ago, I will never change this hair style. Izaya noticed her expression by looking from the corner of his eye as he felt something change in his surrounding. He turned his head with a smirk on his face, giving his arms a rest from taking out all of her clothes.

'Why are you smiling like that?' he asked. Suddenly, my back went straight up - taken by surprise - and my eyes widened, causing my face heat up a little more. I only noticed now that I was smiling.

'Nothing much,' I muttered out of breath. I definitely won't tell him, I absolutely have no intention to tell him what I was thinking at all. He has no right to know it makes me happy to see unexpected things like that. I bet he knows it anyway. There's no way for Orihara Izaya not to know everything.

'Don't get too excited, my dear~' he teased me with a soft voice, keeping his sharp eyes focused on her and his face close to me but he pulled back as soon as he teased me. I wanted to protest but I know it will make nothing out of it, it doesn't matter what I do; every reaction is satisfying him. I decided not to day anything and gave him a ''not funny'' look.

He continued his search through my closet, it makes me wonder why he is taking so long and I stare at the plafond.

'This will do,' I looked at him when I hear his statement, seeing him staring at one of my shirts with long sleeves, but with shoulders open and a v-neck. That's to warm with this weather. My eyes fell on the jeans he picked - my baggy jeans with stickers on it. I didn't do that by myself, it was mostly Mika who did it because it had to me ''more colourful''. Still don't get why though. But I clearly know one thing more about Izaya; He can't pick out woman clothes. I stood up and snatched it from him, he looked at me with curious eyes. His curiosity looks kind of cute… But I won't give in to him that easily. I'm a strong woman, so I won't get flustered just because he's near me.

'These are my winter clothes but I get it, I'll change,' I sighed without looking at him and I put the clothes back in my closet. Was really all his effort just for that? He still has to learn about teenager - female - clothes. I shoved him out of my room and close the door without letting him answer.

My eyes glanced over to my phone when I heard a familiar ring tone. Kasuka's full name was on the display. I just stared at it without moving, without answering it. I'm sorry Kasuka. Izaya would be unreasonable if he hears me talking to him, he'll find out and keep listening easily. I still don't know why, though.

I changed m clothes in something colourful that fits fine with how the weather looks like. 'I'm done,' I said awkwardly when I walk out of my room and see him standing there with a mocking smile on his face. At least is he satisfied enough now. We took me outside, walking hand in hand. Which flustered me but I was okay with it, after all; what kind of girlfriend wouldn't like to walk hand in hand with the one you love? Even though he's a maniac…

We just walked around in the park as a normal couple, surrounded by families, friends and… other couples. It all seemed so normal to me, but we were anything but normal. We sat down on a white bench, just across two elder people. It was so cute to look at. Izaya peacefully rested his head on my shoulder, still holding my hand tightly, at most times I would get too embarrassed at it, but I keep feeling the tension and it bothers me. I didn't really know how to get along with this, I didn't like what happens all the time at the set, I don't like avoiding Kasuka, I don't like keeping it from Mika who's wanting to help me with my love-life all the time as well. I don't like bothering Namie as well. Everyone seems to care so much, I don't know how to handle that. I felt like the heroine of a drama on TV. Izaya… Just how much are you going to pull me through? It was all your fault to begin with.

'There he is!' a low manly voice said, at first I didn't noticed it was targeting Izaya at all. But suddenly a couple of police agents disturbed our only time of silent peace in a rough way - pulling me away while slamming Izaya against the bench we were sitting on. The old couple from before escaped with a worried look on her face, it probably scared them. I started to scream in horror, pure because I am in shock. What's happening? Why are they taking Izaya away?

This can't be one of his tricks again. I could read it from his expression when his head got pushed on the bench that will probably cause a bruise later on. I'll take care of that later on. I hope. They took Izaya away, keeping me under control so I won't go loose. Not like I was about to go crazy anyway. All that I wanted was an explanation, at least. Izaya disappeared without a second look and I became calm again, I silenced myself and pushed myself out of the police's hands.

'Are you coming with us, miss?' one of the two asked. I looked at them and then gazed at the ground, facing the grass. I nodded and walked to the police car with them. One of them opened the door for me and I step in, noticing how soft the couch here actually is. I never been into a police car before, but it wasn't as half as exciting as I thought when I was younger. I knew I wasn't the only at fault, I did nothing wrong. It was all to blame on the time they caught him. But still, I rather having him ''captured'' now then when I'm at school - having the police calling my school and having the school telling me. I glanced at Izaya at my right, his hands are stuck in handcuffs and he gazed at me. I looked out of my window, hoping there was no one I knew who will see me. I haven't done anything and having rumours isn't something I want.

Arriving at the police station didn't feel quite good, Izaya has been taken away from me once again and I quietly follow the agents who will bring me to the room where I'll be questioned. I already expected this. After I entered the room, I sit down at the other side of the chief in charge. He narrowed his eyes while staring at me with passion burning in his eyes.

'Oi Akira, you should've told me it was only a high school girl,' he said at the kind agent who brought me. I looked at him with the corner of my eyes when he got startled by the comment his boss made.

'I-I didn't know I had to mention that, my bad…' he apologized. The chief looked at him with fire blazing eyes.

'If I ask you on the phone for details I expect details of the targets and not an ''No nothing'' Akira!' You could quite say that the chief was OR mad, or just utterly ridiculous in a bad mood or it's just his personality. I was guessing the last one. The agent got away, leaving me alone with the creeper of a chief.

'Then, let's start with your name,'