"has anybody noticed how different Pen is acting?" Morgan asked Friday morning at the bullpin at BAUs office at Quantico. JJ, Read and Emily were sitter at their desks filing paperwork.

"yea, she's different, but that's probably because of Battle. I mean it's only been 2 weeks" Emily stated.

"No, something is very wrong. She's coming in to work late and she's not focused like she normally is and she's barely talking to anyone of us" Morgan continued.

"I know, but we all handle problem differently" JJ stated.

Morgan knew something was wrong; Pan had shut him out of her life little by little after Battle. Maybe it was because of Kevin? Morgan wasn't sure but something was surly wrong and he was going to find out.

"Statistics show that people who have been a victim in a serious crime often seek answers in different places. Usually they think the answer is outside their normal zones" Reid commented.

Morgan knew this was true. He just hoped that she didn't look way of bounds. He needed to know that his Pen was safe. That she was ok. She had helped him so many times, now he needed to return the favor.

As they were talking they all noticed Pen coming through the door. She was three hours late and she didn't even knowledge them. She went straight to her office. Morgan quickly got of his seat at followed her. He was going to figure out what was wrong. Even if it meant getting himself killed….