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Both just stood still absorbing each other with their eyes. After a few moments Derek came out of the trans, took a few steps and engulfed Garcia with a kiss. The world stood still around them. Finally she was in his arms again safe. After a while they broke the kiss and sat down on the bench beside the grave.

Derek didn't know where to start. He had so much to say but nothing was coming out. HE just sat there looking at Pen. All he wanted was her and now that she was sitting in front of him he just couldn't say what he wanted to say. Finally he nervously asked; "How are you?"

Pen broke a small smile and took his hand in hers "It's ok Derek. Ask the question"

"Why?" was all Derek could formulate. He was exhausted. Months of searching, worrying and longing made him drain everything he had. Now that she was there, he could let some of it go. In some weird way all the emotions came tumbling. He was angry, sad, happy and so much more in one moment. He wanted to kiss her, yell at her and hug her all at the same time. His mind was going crazy.

"I was scared, in withdrawal and in love with you. I knew I couldn't give myself to you without coming to terms with who I was...who I am." Pen answered. She could feel the tears starting to come. No! She was going to be strong. She knew if she started she couldn't stop. She took a deep breath and looked at Derek. She saw that he was a bundle of emotions. He was wearing his heart on his sleeve. She knew she could really hurt him if she couldn't make him understand why she did why she did.

"I could have helped you. I was helping you" Derek pleaded. She was so darn hardheaded. Couldn't she see that he would die for her.

"I know, but I couldn't make you give everything up for me" Pen whispered and wiped away a tear that had rolled down her cheek slowly. She couldn't let Derek's life get destroyed the way hers had.

Derek took a step towards Pen, took her hand and held it against her heart. His eyes looked into hers as he whispered "I would. I would drop everything for you". Pen drew back her hand as if it had gotten burned. She took a step back. She had to put some distance between them. All she wanted to do was jump into his arms and never leave but she couldn't do that until he understood her.

"I know, that's one of the reasons I left. I didn't want to take that away from you. I needed to do this alone"

Derek was starting to get really pissed. Why was she so fucking hardheaded. "Why is it so fucking hard for you to let somebody in?" he yelled. He was so sick and tired of all this shit. He was done playing around. He wanted answers and he wanted them now. "You hide behind your walls. Not letting anybody see the real you. You always acted like you were perfect. Why couldn't you show that you were falling apart?" he continued.

"Because...because when I let somebody in, I always get hurt in the end. I couldn't deal with anymore heartache. I was at my limit. I made too many mistakes to make them right." Pen screamed back. She was tired of getting hurt. She was done!

Derek was shocked. He didn't see that coming, she had really hid the person she was from him. He saw that she was at that limit yet again. He needed to make her understand how he saw her and how he felt about her. "Your mistakes do not define who you are, they tell you who you're not. You are not a bad person, you are not a cruel person. You are a loving, caring person who needs to learn to ask for help" Derek stated and took a hold of Pens hand. He needed to touch her. He missed her touch so bad. Whenever he was upset she would hug him and talk to him and make him feel better.

"I know that now. I needed some time by myself to figure that out" Pen answered and squeezed his hand.

"You could have said goodbye. I deserved that" Derek stated. He felt betrayed when she left. She took his heart with her that day.

"I knew that if I had tried, you would have made me stay"

"Dam straight I would. I would chain myself to you and never let you go. I love you" said and gave a crooked smile. He was so in love with her that he would have done anything to keep her with him.

"And I didn't want that...come on. I want to show you something" Pen said and motioned for him to follow. They both got into Pens car and drove away from the cemetery. The drove for about a half an hour. Nobody said anything ion the car. They sat there thinking about what to say but nothing came out. Finally Pen stopped the car and motioned Derek to follow. They walked into a pretty run down place. Inside there were people of all ages and colors. Derek took one look around and he figured out where they were.

"What are we doing here?" he asked as they sat down. The chairs were placed in a circle. People started to sit down and soon the circle was full.

"please just listen" Pen said as an older man stood up.

"Welcome everybody. We all are here with an open mind and focus on our goals. So, who wants to start?" He asked and looked at the group. Pen raised her hand.

"yes please go ahead" the man said and sat down. All eyes were on Pen. She looked around the group and her eyes finally ended up looking into Derek's. She took a deep breath and then said: "Hi, my name is Penelope and I am a drug addict."