A tiny little brunette walks in at the bar who at once catches the eye of a tall man. She reminds him a little of someone he used to know. The attitude, the hair, the length; it all fits. Even if the original girl was far more complex than her looks and attitude of course.

"A whiskey on the rocks please" the girl says. She looks over to see him staring at her. "What?"
"Aren't ya a bit too young to be drinking, kid?" he says as she receives her drink, no questions asked from the bartender.

She pulls out her wallet and an identification card.

"Ah. I see. Hello Rachel Berry, Han Solo here. Pleasure to meet you." They shake hands.

"You too" she says, a bit hesitantly.
"I see you're from planet Earth. What brings you up here?"
"Guy trouble." she simply says.
"Care to elaborate? Always good talking to a stranger – you're probably never going to meet him or her again."
"At the latest, there was a bunch of guys up to no good. But first there was Finn. Two times. First time he didn't want me. Second time he kept on lying, or rather he never told the truth. In between it was Jesse. He broke up with me and egged me. The worst part is that while he egged me, he said "I loved you".
"I know."
"I mean, I know the feeling. Of not being loved anymore."
"I'm sorry."
Han shrugs his shoulders.

"It happens, I guess."
"So, someone let a gorgeous guy like you go?"
"I know, it's a wonder."
"Don't get cocky kid."
"What are you plans here anyway? I suppose you're not a expert around ships?"
"I thought of entertainment. I'm quite a singer."
"Oh yeah? Prove it!"
"With joy."
She stands up, and looks at him. As she moves over, he follows her with his eyes, shaking his head a little. Then she goes on a stage-like thing and grabs a microphone and turns it on.

"Hello. I'd like to sing a song for you."
No one really takes notice of it, but she begins to sing anyway. 'Thank you for the music' by ABBA. Soon enough, head by head turns towards her. When she is done, she is greeted by many applauds. She smiles, bows and makes her way back to the bar.

"That was pretty nice, I must admit." Rachel simple smiles at this. "Don't get cocky kid."
"Wouldn't dream of it."

A man walks to them, attempting to grab Rachel. Han simply grabs the guys arm and gives him a mad look, and the man walks away.

"Thanks Han. You're so chivalrous."
He stares at her shortly.

Now, she turns to the bartender.

"You've got anything home made dessert to eat?"
"We don't bake. The recipes are too confusing."

She sits there for a while, deep in thoughts, while Han studies her.

"I guess I'm off. Have some work to do" Rachel says.

"You want to meet me again?" Han asks.
"Didn't you say I could talk to you because you were a stranger, who I would probably never meet me again?"
"Well, sort of. Still?"
"Sure, laser brain" she says smiling. "Time and place?"
"McKinley space station, Tuesday evening?"
"Sounds like a plan."
Han gets this weird smile on his face and they say some goodbyes before Rachel stands up to leave. Funny situation, she thinks. She can't wait to look into those eyes again and tell him about her school club nemesis founded that space station. Nice situation, he thinks. In a weird way, he felt like he could really talk to this Rachel girl. And he would.