What it Means to Lose Control (a twelve-chapter MedusaxStein fic, available from my profile) may be over, but I still have ideas for scenes from it. So I'll put those here. They will not necessarily all be MedusaxStein scenes; there might be some scenes from Marie's recovery, or some hurt-comfort scenes between Marie and Stein because those are fun and angsty. I know this is a pretty sloppy way to handle a fic, but guess what? I'm gonna do it anyway.

As for this first chapter: it was written as a response to the "Seduction Kiss" section of dA user Insanity-24-7's kiss meme. I literally wrote it the day before I got volume 17 and learned that Stein had started smoking again, so... whatever.

"This is your brand… correct?"

"I don't smoke anymore." He quit, dammit. Months ago. So his heart shouldn't have pounded, his fingers shouldn't have twitched as Medusa put a cigarette to her lips and lit it. It should have been a simple matter to tear his eyes away, especially when she smiled with scorn in her eyes.

"I remember. You told Marie that if you could steel yourself and quit smoking, you'd be able to steel yourself and fight your own madness."

Her voice was rich with amusement, and Stein felt a piece of his willpower crumble. Yes, that was why he had to resist—or was it why he didn't have to resist anymore? He was mad; he knew that, could feel it as his thoughts swirled wild and indistinct. And he liked smoking. Liked the feeling of hot air flooding his lungs. Liked the taste of fu cigarettes, and that was what Medusa was offering him. But—no. He couldn't. He wouldn't.

Medusa rolled her eyes and shook her head. "You've been fighting for far too long, Doctor. Here."

She inhaled, and then took the cigarette from her mouth and leaned towards him so that her lips met his. He could taste the smoke on her. And then her tongue nudged his lips open and the smoke flowed into his mouth and he sucked it down instinctively and—yes. His troublesome confusion dissolved, and she pulled back so he could exhale the smoke in a long, satisfied sigh.

"Let me guess." She tucked her cigarette between his lips and smiled when he began smoking it as if he'd never stopped. "Can't even remember why you quit now, can you?"