Chapter one

right timeā€¦ wrong place

bad timing

Popping in

Rose point of view

I looked at my alarm clock. It read 3:00.

I was going to be late for my training with Dimitri.


I ran towards and quickly got in.

I had the quickest shower of my life. It was only ten minutes long.

I picked up the first clothes that I saw on my floor. It looked like a war had gone on here; I really had to clean this mess up.

I looked at my clock. I said, I ran out of the dorm room. No-one was in the common area. They were all sleeping like normal people.

10 minutes later I arrived in the gym. Dimitri was lying on one of the sparring reading a western novel and looking like the sexy-Russian god, I knew him to be. "I'm here! I'm here!" I panted. He got up and looked at me.

"You're late, again. Go run your laps." He turned his back towards me. I strode towards him and put my arms around him.

"Don't you wanna run with me?" I put on a pouty face for the full effect. He squeezed out of my arms and turned around to look at me. He still had his guardian face on, the one that had no emotion on it. He just stared at me for a few seconds and then his mask finally dropped.

"Roza..." He took the few steps towards me that were needed to fill the space between us. His face leaned down towards me. I tilted my face up so that it would be perfectly aligned with his. He pulled up his hand as to stroke my cheek, instead he tapped it lightly. He pulled away at the same time. "If you arrived a little earlier than this, I would have run with you. Go do your laps." I put on my pouty face again but headed towards the doors anyway.

20 laps later I ran into the gym. Adrian was there with Dimitri. They looked like they were just talking but with them I knew it wouldn't stay that way for long. "Little Dhampir." He sighed in satisfaction when he saw me. He turned back to Dimitri but then suddenly did a double take on me. He burst out laughing. Dimitri turned to see what he was laughing at. He looked me up and down as well then turned back to Adrian. "My god how can you not think that's funny." He gestured to me while he said this. I looked down at myself and was horrified with what I saw. I was wearing a fluro pink spandex training bra that I only use as a last resort. I was also wearing a pair of really short, short-shorts, they were only plain grey but when I turned around I discovered that they said smack this on the back. When I had turned around to look Adrian saw and that made him laugh even harder. When I showed this to Dimitri it even earned a little smile from him. I took advantage of this and dragged Adrian out of the gym and I closed the door behind him. He just kept on laughing and I don't think he even knew I had just kicked him out. I leaned against the all hoping to shield my butt from Dimitri hoping he wouldn't be able to see the writing.

"This is possibly the worst outfit ever known to be worn." Dimitri said.

"Hey that's not cool only I get to say that." I jumped at him hoping to catch him off guard, but with Dimitri he was always ready. My attack didn't surprise him but the force of my jump did. He wasn't able to stop the blow only turn us around so I landed on my back with him lying on top of me. Our faces were so close. Our lips inches apart. We were completely still for a couple of seconds. Then I put my lips up against him. His reaction was immediate. His lips molding with mine. He shoved my head back against the floor the pain only registering in the back of my mind. His tongue snaked between my lips. The feel of our tongues touching was like opening a floodgate of passion. We didn't stop even when we heard the door open.

"Now I see why you love training so much."

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