The Love of Change

Booth realized as he and Bones walked down the road in the aftermath of what happened outside the Hoover building, that what Bones said was a lie she has changed over the past five years that they have been partner. She was able to connect with people better, she found a life outside the lab, and she was able to forgive her parents for leave her and Russ, and so many other things that just made Bones well Bones. Booth stopped and turned to face Bones.

"What is it Booth I thought we were going to go eat?"

"We are in a minute but first I have to talk to y-."

"No Booth!"

"What Bones?"

"I'm not talking about it anymore Booth we're partner nothing more."

"But Bones what you said about you not being able to change was a lie. You have changed so much the past five years."

"Oh, really how have I changed then?"

"You let your emotion show more to people to let they know that you care. You get it when I tell a joke most of the time. You didn't say "I don't know what that means" as often. You made a speech about believing that there is a thing such as love. So I ask you Temperance why are you so against me loving you?"

"You'll leave me in the end everyone that loves me leaves me."

"But I haven't I've loved you from the moment I saw you. And I haven't left you have I?"

"no." she whispered

"Then why would I leave you now when we're so close to something more?"

"Why do you love me?"

"What's not to love about you, Bones? It's the way you make me fell when you come into the room, the way that you can make me love and hate you at the same time when we bicker. How you got Parker to love science. The way you can take care of yourself but still let me help you when you need it. The way you stand up to anyone that threatens your family. And that fire to get when you get the victims story out for them. Are you scared?"


"Me too, Bones."

"What are you scared of?"



"You have some much power over me. You can make the happiest man alive or the most miserable. So I ask you again, do you want to give us a shot."

"You have to promise me one thing."


"That no matter what that we can still be friends. I need you in my life Booth and that what scares me is my need for you."

"I 'm scared of the same thing too Temperance but together we can fight though anything if we're together."

"We're the center."

"And the center must hold."

Booth slowly pressed his lips to Bones's at first. Then when she didn't push him away he kissed a little harder. Bones wrapped her arms around Booth's neck to deepen the kiss. When they pull away for air and rested their foreheads on each other they both open their eyes and looked at one another. Booth was the first to speak.

"I love you Temperance."

"I love you too Seeley."

"Are you scared?"


"Good, will you hit me if I kiss you again?"

"No but I will if you don't."

Booth smiled and kissed her.

"So diner?"

"Yeah lets go Bones"

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