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-Damn That Demon-

Chapter 1: Geeks & Lords

"Here they come, here they come!"

"Get out of the way! Move!"

Ichigo Kurosaki was jostled in the hallway as students of Hogyoku High swarmed the hallways, pushing up against the lockers and shoving other kids out of the way.

Oh Fuck this, Ichigo thought, his fist connecting with the hollow area between a boy's shoulder blades. The kid wheezed and dropped like a rock, allowing Ichigo to step over his unmoving frame with his chemistry textbook.

"Nice shot, Kurosaki!" a grinning redheaded idiot named Renji said, catcalling from the other side of the hallway.

"Shut the fuck up," Ichigo said, exasperated. He didn't have time for the other student's bullshit. If he was late to class one more time, Professor Ukitake had threatened him with another detention, and he couldn't afford it, not when he had just secured a part-time after school job at Urahara Shoten.

"Move!" a gaggle of girls said, squishing him up against a row of tan lockers.

Fuck, now he was effectively blocked in. Kids lined either side, waiting for something. Ichigo already knew what they were waiting for, and it was absolutely ridiculous.

He snorted under his breath as the double doors at the end of the hallway opened, the Big 6 entering.

The guys murmured under their breaths as girls giggled and fawned. Everybody admired them, but all feared them. Every girl had a crush on at least one of the Big 6, and every guy had either gotten beaten up or had begged to join them. It was kind of a sad display, really. In fact, Ichigo had argued with at least fifty different students over why they were called the Big 6 when there were only four of them.

Ichigo's eyes scanned the bored-looking boys that had walked in, walking side by side down the cleared hallway, everybody pressed up against the lockers and staring.

Ichigo tried not to lose his temper: he couldn't fight his way through every fucking student in the hallway, so the best thing for him to do was sit still and be patient until the stupid, eye-gawking students retrieved their brains and started moving again.

"Oh my gosh! They're so hot!" a girl named Momo squealed, clapping her hands together.

"Ulquiorra's the hottest," a busty brunette said, her hands on her red cheeks, "Oh God, I'd do anything to be alone with him for five minutes."

"Well I want Gin," another girl said, giggling.

"I have dibs on Starrk," a very girly boy named Luppi said, sighing dramatically, "he's so quiet, and when he yawns, it's absolutely adorable!"

"All you guys must be high!" Tatsuki said, bumping them out of the way to stand next to Ichigo, "there's nothing special about them."

"Whatever, Tatsuki," Luppi said, a hand on his hip, "If the Big 6 were girls, maybe you'd be a little more interested."

"I'm not a dyke!" Tatsuki bellowed, suddenly grabbing Luppi by the front of his shirt, "Just because all of my friends are boys and I never do anything girly and I spend an extreme amount of time obsessing over Orihime does not mean I'm a lesbian!"

"Whatever," Luppi said, rolling his giant purple eyes, "Denial is the first stage, princess."

"Princess?" Tatsuki bellowed, pulling her fist back to punch the annoying little terd.

A hand shot out to wrap around Tatsuki's fist, catching Ichigo and Tatsuki off guard.

"Don't," a male voice said evenly.

"Don't tell me what to do, nerd!" Tatsuki huffed, turning her rage on the tall boy that had appeared suddenly next to Ichigo. Ichigo registered the striped sweater vest, glasses, scuffed up Chucks and thick, black rimmed glasses before the kid with shockingly blue hair was punched in the chest and sent careening into the middle of the hallway, landing on his ass before the Big 6.

Nobody breathed as the Big 6 stopped, staring down at the blue-haired blunder by their feet.

Ichigo studied the kid who had stood up to Tatsuki, feeling sorry for him. He had been going to the school for the past two years, blending in fairly quickly considering he was a complete noob. He dressed in ridiculous sweater vests, usually with a pair of jeans and Converse. He might have been able to pull the look off with the cooler crowd, but the way he had his crazy blue hair styled forward to cover his forehead and hang over his eyes was extremely geeky, not to mention the thick, black glasses that hid his eyes. He was extremely tall, probably 6'1'', but he hunched his shoulders, like he was afraid of people. Which he seemed to be. He barely ever talked, and when he did, it was to throw formulas and correct answers to teachers.

Another thing that had made him an outcast: he was too damn smart for anybody's liking. A lot of kids picked on him, but he never said anything to them, instead ignoring them like they didn't exist. He'd sit in his corner desk, his book up to his nose, or he'd be sleeping. Come to think of it, Ichigo had maybe talked to him a handful of times, each time being for something ridiculous, like borrowing a pencil or asking if he had gotten the same answer as him in advanced Calculus.

Yeah, Ichigo, despite his delinquent tendencies and temper, was quite the student himself. Although he didn't flaunt it for obvious reasons, he prided himself on maintaining a high grade point average. He was in the top ten percentile of his class. But he knew this poor loser, Grimmjow Jabberwocky or some other shit like that, was in the top 1%, the elitist of the elite.

The Big 6 were still staring down at him, as if deciding if he was worth helping up or stepping over.

Ulquiorra Schiffer, the one who always seemed to be in control of the group, finally said, "Please get out of our way."

The tallest of the group and the one with the craziest reputation, Nnoitra Jiruga, cackled with laughter, holding his stomach as he laughed. Gin stood to his side, his hands in his pockets as he offered that constant, creepy grin, his eyes hidden.

"S-sorry," Grimmjow mumbled, standing up and facing the group, his head held high, "but I'm not the type to ever, ever hit a girl, no matter how manly she may think she is."

"What?" Tatsuki raged, coming forward and punching him in the side as hard as she could, "Fuck you, geek! You're the biggest loser in our school! How dare you talk about me like that!"

Nnoitra was howling with laughter at this point, Ulquiorra's eyes filling with something unrecognizable. Ichigo couldn't stop watching him: was that rage he saw? But why? The Big 6 didn't care about kids getting hurt. Actually, they were responsible for most of the beatings. They were kind of the tentative peacekeepers at the school, but a lot of people messed with them, and they had gotten the reputation fairly quickly as troublemakers. Although they were troublemakers, they were still idolized by most of the student body. Teen idols. Ichigo wanted to throw up. Rumor was they were called the Big 6 because of their leader, a delinquent with the reputation of a demon.

Ichigo knew the superstition of 6 being the number of the devil. If that was the case, Big 6 didn't sound so stupid. Kind of bad ass, actually.

He was supposed to be an incredibly good fighter, a snarky talker, and all around bad ass that wouldn't hesitate to put his foot down your throat if you crossed his path. Other kids had started the rumor they called themselves the Big 6 because there were five members, and they were really looking for a sixth one, so a bunch of guys had petitioned and all had been beaten up and left in garbage cans or in bushes along the school's property.

It was utterly humiliating. In fact, there were probably only a handful of guys that hadn't tried, including Ichigo and Grimmjow. The girls didn't give a shit what they were called; most of them called them the Sexy Six and giggled behind their hands. God, girls made Ichigo want to throw up.

Tatsuki kicked Grimmjow in the gut as he fell forward, not making a sound as he took the beating, "You're such a loser! Say something to the Big 6! They're waiting for an answer, geekwad!"

Something inside of Ichigo snapped at the treatment. He didn't know Grimmjow from gravity, but he'd be damned if he'd let the poor kid get humiliated like that in front of the entire student body.

"Stop it, Tatsuki," Ichigo said, pushing forward and blocking Grimmjow from her, "Come on, this is stupid."

"Shut up!" Tatsuki said, still angry, "Why do you care, huh? Nobody cares about him. Nobody would even notice if he disappeared!"

"I would," Ichigo said evenly, his eyes fiery, "Just because he's on the ground doesn't mean he's weak or worthless. Stop acting like an ass, Tatsuki."

Tatsuki looked like she wanted to throw a fit, her face super-red as she finally sputtered something to redeem herself in front of all these onlookers, even though what she said was ridiculous, "So-so what? You got the hots for Grimmjow or something?"

Half the people in the hallway made "oooh"ing noises while some others laughed and made kissy noises. Nnoitra's grin was eating his face, Starrk looked slightly amused and Gin his usual creepy-sexy self as Ichigo tried not to overreact.

In fact, he did what nobody else expected, and told the truth.

"So what if I do?" Ichigo said, shrugging, "It's not exactly a secret that I'm gay."

It wasn't a secret. Word had gotten out during Ichigo's junior year, after somebody from school had seen him kissing a boy he had been dating from the neighboring high school. He had tried to hide it for a long time, had even denied his sexual orientation for years, but he had found no reason to hide it anymore. He held his head high at school, took on the bullshit, fought every motherfucker that fucked with him and called him names, until eventually everybody had backed off. Come to think of it, the only real student interaction he had had all year were the few conversations with the awkward, mysterious Grimmjow and the few other gay students at the school, including his best friend Shinji Abarai. Tatsuki had quite literally been his only straight friend at the school.

Until now, since she was beet red and glaring daggers at the orange-headed strawberry, "Whatever! Just take the nerd and go make out or something!"

Almost everybody laughed, jeered, catcalled, and made rude innuendos.

"I'm disappointed in you, Tatsuki," Ichigo murmured, giving his friend a stern look before turning back towards Grimmjow and offering him a hand. Grimmjow took it,

standing up and mumbling thanks.

"Next time, I won't be there to help you," Ichigo said, turning away from all the students and walking away, furious as he made his way down another hallway and walked into his first class moments after the bell rang and people scattered.

Students came in, whispering and still laughing. Fuck all of them, Ichigo thought. Fuck them all.

He heard a desk scrape next to him, but he didn't look over. He didn't care what any of these people thought: he'd done what he had thought was right, and he'd been honest. Why should he allow anybody to talk down to him because of his sexual orientation? He was proud of himself and, damn it, he'd never been a weak, sniveling coward.

"Thank you, Ichigo," Grimmjow said, adjusting his glasses on his face, his blue hair skimming along the top of the glasses, "I owe you one."

"Don't worry about it," Ichigo said, looking away from him quickly to avoid blushing. Now that he had gotten a better look at him, he was pretty cute. If he pushed that blue hair back, maybe styled it a bit, and got rid of the glasses, Ichigo was sure he could be cute. He had exotic looks: Ichigo doubted he was full-blooded Japanese. Ichigo had been blown away one day when he'd heard Grimmjow answer his phone in the library one time, something that wasn't allowed, but he had gotten away with it anyway. Grimmjow had fired off in German, the words flowing from his mouth effortlessly and kind of turning Ichigo on. He would never admit it out loud, but there was something about not being able to understand a language that was kind of hot. And Grimmjow was certainly fluent in something besides Japanese. Ichigo also had English class with him, and he excelled in that too, speaking as eloquently and professionally as Kuchiki-sensei.

The more and more Ichigo began thinking about Grimmjow Jaegerjaques, the schoool's most awkward, quiet, clutzy nerd, the more he found himself being attracted to him.

Grimmjow sat quietly at his side, taking notes with a sure hand. Huh, he was left-handed. Wait…Ichigo had seen him take notes before, and he'd most definitely used his right. Was this bastard ambidextrous? Was there nothing he wasn't good at? And everybody called him a geek. Of course he never played sports and was quiet in gym, never getting picked for teams or anything. Ichigo had only heard, because he hadn't been assigned to the same gym class as Grimmjow. It suddenly made him want to see Grimmjow in gym clothes, those glasses put away, that hair slicked back from a quick shower after soccer or running laps…

Shit, Ichigo gulped. When did I get a crush on such a weirdo?

Grimmjow looked at him, and Ichigo quickly looked away, embarrassed. Damn, he'd been staring for a while, obviously.

Ichigo didn't see the smirk on Grimmjow's face as he scribbled more notes with his favorite blue pen.

"Ichigo, I can't believe you stood up to the Big 6! That was so hot!" Shinji squealed after school, walking with Ichigo the couple blocks to his house, "They were totally thrown off, like didn't know what to do! Especially that tight-ass Ulquiorra. He looked completely constipated as you took over the situation! And Tatsuki, Jesus, that bitch needs to get laid...!"

Ichigo listened to his friend blabber on and on, making him laugh. Shinji had been his best friend for years, had always made him feel comfortable and that he could be himself, so he'd finally stopped lying to himself and told Shinji his freshman year of highschool.

"Aw, Ichi," Shinji had said, putting an arm around his shoulders, "Welcome 'ta the club. Dammit, if only you were my type!"

"Shut up!" Ichigo had barked, punching his friend in the shoulder and making him yelp.

"You're such a brute!" Shinji had complained, laughing, "Oh, I already have a list of guys that're gonna be after you…"

And Shinji had stayed true to his word, hooking him up with a variety of boys that were, for the most part, his type. But nothing had stuck. And when a few of them had gotten too touchy, Ichigo had kicked them in the face or punched them so hard in the face or gut that they'd never called or texted him again. Damn horny teenage boys! Didn't they get that there had to be feelings involved for something as serious as sex?

Dammit, Ichigo thought, when did I start sounding like a damn parent?

Ichigo was still a virgin, and he didn't mind it, but he didn't exactly broadcast it, either. It was embarrassing for a boy of seventeen to still be the V word: it just wasn't heard of. Everybody Ichigo knew, well, nearly everybody, had lost it over the summer or sometime in high school. Ichigo's senior year was quickly ending, and he was about ready to just throw in the towel and do what every other kid had done.

Get wasted at a party and start groping.

That's how Shinji had done it, and it had worked out splendidly for him. Why not Ichigo?

"You're coming tonight, right?" Shinji asked, bringing Ichigo back to the present.

"To what?"

"Duh! Neliel's party tonight? She's only, like, the richest kid in school. Her parents are out of town. Everybody will be there, even Grimmjow."

Ichigo's ears reddened, "Why do I care?"

"Oh come on," Shinji said, rolling his eyes, "Ya obviously got somethin' for him if ya were willing to embarrass yourself like that in front of half of the student body. Nobody misses a Neliel party; he'll definitely be there, and this could be your chance."

"Shut up," Ichigo said, punching Shinji playfully in the shoulder again. Shinji knew him far too well. Dammit, "I'll come, but I'm not going to like it."

Shinji giggled, "I have a feeling you're going to eat those words, Ichi."

Grimmjow walked the few blocks off campus to get to his car, a sleek black-and-orange RX-7 he'd been tinkering with for the past few months. He was still making modifications to it, but he was pretty pleased with what it was capable of at the moment speed-wise.

He kind of had a thing for orange. Orange cars and, more importantly, orange hair.

He never parked on campus: too many students would be confused. Why would a class-certified nerd have such an expensive ride? He didn't need people knowing he was rich. That would just have more fake bimbos coming onto him, the damn, fake-titted gold diggers. Enough of the whores at the school were dropping subtle hints that if he helped them pass the next exam, they'd make it worth his while.

Fuck that shit, Grimmjow thought with a grin. Can't get it up for girls, anyway.

And it was true. Nobody but his crew knew he was gay, and he preferred it that way. Gave him the options he wanted. And he was getting sick and tired of playing the nerdy outcast. It wasn't like him at all.

Now seated in the driver's seat, the smell of detailed leather surrounding him, he pulled the annoying scratchy sweater vest over his head and threw it in the back seat, revealing a simple white v-neck shirt with 3-quarter sleeves. He pulled the sleeves up to reveal toned, tan skin graced with a few intricate tattoos he had gotten done over the past three years. He always had to wear shirts to school that covered his arms to his elbows to avoid kids knowing he had such things.

He pushed his hair back with his hands, making it more manageable. He fucking hated walking around school everyday with his hair in his fucking eyes. How the hell was he supposed to see? His glasses were non-prescription. He didn't need them: his steel blue eyes had perfect 20/20 vision.

He yawned, the silver bar in his tongue exposed for a second as he ran hands through his hair, trying to make it behave just once. It was always unruly; he usually had to gel it back into a messy heap that apparently drove girls wild. And a few boys as well, he thought with a grin.

He grunted, turning his key in the ignition before whipping his annoying black glasses into the backseat to be forgotten with the sweater vest. It was Friday: he had the whole weekend to be his true self.

He peeled out of the business parking lot, his phone buzzing beside him. He answered on the second ring, "Yo."

"I can't believe you let that piece of trash little girl hit you like that," Ulquiorra said in his usual monotone, "I wanted to beat her within an inch of her life…"

"She acts like a dyke but she sure as hell can't punch like one," Grimmjow said, his eyes focused on the road ahead, "Only a few more weeks to go until I win the bet."

"You're ridiculous," Ulquiorra sighed, "All this nonsense over a stupid bet."

"I never lose. I'll call ya later," Grimmjow retorted, snapping his phone shut.

Of course the bet with Nnoitra had been kind of stupid but had been fun nonetheless. He had gotten a lot of enjoyment out of being a virtual spy at the school, pretending to be someone he wasn't as a sort of social experiment. Grimmjow had been incredibly popular at his old middle school and high school, boys and girls alike always coming on to him and telling them they wanted him.

But they didn't want him. They had wanted his money and his popularity.

"So what're ya gonna do about it? It'snot like ya can be a loser," Nnoitra had said, puffing on a cigarette, "Even when we all transfer to Hogyoku High, you're still gonna get a lot of attention."

"Maybe not," Grimm had said, swishing the idea around in his head, "What if I disguise myself? Ya know, do what they do in those sappy shoujo manga and act like a complete nerd? That'd work."

"Yeah, right. Ya'd drive yerself crazy before the end of the year."

"What if I could do it up until halfway through senior year?" Grimmjow said, leering, "What then? What would ya give me?"

"Why halfway through senior year?"

"Cuz there's no way in hell I'm going to homecoming, prom, and the school festivals and graduation looking like a computer technician," Grimmjow had scoffed, throwing a ball at Nnoitra's head, "What'd'ya say? If I win, I get your Zanpakuto."

"Fuck you!" Nnoitra had said, "No way in hell are you getting your greedy hands on my motorcycle, motherfucker!"

Grimmjow's grin had been calculated, "So ya think I can do it."

"No ya fuckin' can't!" Nnoitra said, looking totally pissed, "Fine, I'll bet'cha, but ya don't get any help from us, either. We totally ignore ya at school; treat ya like the scum ya are. And if I win, I get yer cousin."

For a second Grimmjow had been pissed, but Neliel was a big girl. Nnoitra had been pining after her for the past year but had been forbidden to pursue her by Grimmjow. It was just all kinds of wrong to think his best friend was fucking his closest cousin.

In fact, her party was that night, and he was expected to be there, even if Neliel was in on their little deal not to reveal who he was to the student body until the time was right. They had different last names and were complete opposites in the eyes of the students, so it had never been an issue as long as Neliel played along with the little charade.

"Deal," Grimmjow had said, shaking his best friend's hand, "It's on."

And it had been on. It had been a rough year, but only during school hours. Grimmjow had been amazed to find how few students had talked to him, engaged him in conversation other than asking him the answers to homework or to help them with an essay. Sure as hell nobody had helped him when he had been bullied, until today. Ichigo Kurosaki had been on his peripheral for a while, and now the berry was filling his mind with all kinds of inappropriate images.

The question was: did Ichigo really have a thing for him? Had he been serious in the hallway when that bitch had asked him that? Grimmjow felt a smile creep over his face as he drove on. Yeah, that would be an interesting turn of events.

And Grimmjow was somewhat of a delinquent. Yeah, mommy and daddy had money, but he had begun his own investments and built a mini business empire on his own, helping expand his father's business overseas before his seventeenth birthday. Negotiations were going so well, in fact, that Grimmjow would be going home to Germany the summer after graduation and help get another power plant under way. Pantera Enterprises was growing, but Grimmjow refused to be sucked into it for the rest of his life.

His friends, the Big 6, were his closest friends, a gang of sorts. They had grown up together, had always had each other's backs from a young age, and all of them believed 'bro's before hoes'. Girls (or boys, in Grimmjow's case) had never come before their loyalty.

And this stupid bet with Nnoitra would finally be over and he'd be free to pursue the sweet little strawberry he'd had his eye on for the past few months, Ichigo Kurosaki.

The almost-mansion was packed when Ichigo and Shinji arrived, dressed to impress. Shinji, always the confident flirt, was wearing dark grey jeans that hugged him in all the right places and a white collared shirt with a black blazer over the top. He had opted for a tie, but Ichigo was terrible at tying ties and Shinji had eventually given up in frustration and left it back at the house.

Ichigo, on the other hand, didn't feel that impressive, but Shinji had whistled when he had come out of the bedroom, telling him he looked hot. Ichigo had blushed and punched his friend in the shoulder, his sign for 'thanks, baka'. Ichigo had donned slightly ripped jeans and a black collared polo shirt, which made his hair stand out even more against the dark color. Shinji had tried to make him wear his dressier pair of leather shoes, but Ichigo had vehemently fought it. He loved his black and white Chucks, and they looked good with this outfit.

They fought their way through tangled bodies dancing and drinking and carrying on like typical teenagers until they squeezed into the kitchen and got themselves some drinks. Shinji immediately started flirting with a goth kid that had an interesting 69 tattooed on his face. Ichigo was supposed to be his wing man, but he was already uncomfortable with all the people surrounding him. He loved parties, but he loved them even more when people weren't talking about him and recalling the day's events. Perhaps tonight hadn't been such a good idea.

He finished his beer in record timing and left the kitchen, bumping into a set of gigantic breasts that had to belong to Neliel.

"Hi!" she giggled, giving him a big hug and nearly smothering him to death in her ridiculous breasts, "So glad you could make it! Hope you're having a fun time!"

She danced off into a group of girls, all of them giggling as they began to gyrate to the Japanese rap track. Ichigo found a spot in the corner and leaned against the wall, his arms folded over his chest as he took in the scene. He wasn't a cock blocker so he didn't want to interrupt Shinji's advances, and he didn't necessarily want to go home, but he knew that he didn't really want to stay here. Shit. What a predicament.

The song changed over, the bald skater dude known as Ikkaku playing d.j. for the night switched the tracks to a familiar English song that had become very popular. Soulja Boy's "Pretty Boy Swag."

How predictable. The second the song started, Ichigo noticed the Big 6 standing in the hallway that connected the living room to the passageway that led to the front door, all of them dressed to slay in black and white ensembles. Ulquiorra looked deader than ever, while Starrk yawned, Nnoitra leered, and Gin offered his usual no-teeth grin.

Ichigo watched them for only a second before deciding to vacate the room. He was too uncomfortable.

He fought through the bodies, making a beeline for the kitchen that connected to a patio area he had noticed before.

Shoving out onto the patio, he was relieved nobody was outside. The deck was absolutely huge, leading down a pair of steps that graced a very good-looking swimming pool.

"Why ya in such a hurry?" a silky voice asked, making Ichigo stiffen and turn around.

Ichimaru Gin's fox face leered at him. Ichigo gripped his new beer can tightly, not knowing what the creep wanted. He was always sneaky and didn't talk to many people, and he sure as hell had never talked to Ichigo. It was disconcerting.

"Claustrophobic," Ichigo replied as Gin's face transformed to reveal his teeth.

"Ya look nervous. Do I make ya nervous?" Gin said, still not showing his eyes.

"To be honest, ya creep me out, man."

Gin laughed, his hands now in his pockets as he regarded Ichigo, "Mah, I'm just here ta relay a message. Sit with us at lunch on Monday, ne?"

"What?" Ichigo nearly dropped his beer can, staring at Gin like he had lost his mind.

"Sit with us," Gin repeated, like he was talking to a mentally challenged person, "We like what we saw taday; ya weren't intimidated in the least by us or anybody else. Ya stood up for yerself and ya didn't back down when challenged. We like that. Our leader likes ya too."

Ichigo felt a blush creep up the back of his neck, "Your leader?"

Gin's smile was in danger of eating his face, "He likes ta' hide, but he saw ya taday. Ya caught his attention, so ya caught ours. As ya know, we don't invite just anybody ta sit with us. Actually, I think this is the first time we've ever asked anybody, so ya better be there."

Ichigo stood there, dumbfounded, as Gin left to return to the party inside, a few girls squealing as he ignored them to make his way back to his little gang.

"What the hell?" Ichigo mumbled to himself, turning back towards the empty patio.

Which was, apparently, no longer empty.

The moonlight silhouetted a male sitting on the sunning chair near the pool, his luminescent blue hair made more beautiful. Ichigo gulped: Grimmjow?

He walked closer to the pool, taking quiet steps so as not to startle the geek.

"Must be nice to be a part of the cool crowd," Grimmjow said loudly, making Ichigo still his movements. Damn, he had heard all that?

"I wouldn't know what that feels like," Ichigo retorted, getting closer and taking a seat on the abandoned chair next to the bluenette.

Grimmjow turned his face towards him, startling the strawberry, his eyes going wide.

Gone were the thick-rimmed glasses. Gone was the ridiculous hairstyle. It was messily sexy, like intense bed head gone right. He was wearing a black-and-grey striped sweater vest and black slacks with those scuffed up high-top Chucks he wore to school a lot.

"Yer more popular than ya give yourself credit for," Grimmjow said simply, putting his glasses back on but not stopping Ichigo from staring deep into those cerulean blue eyes.

Ichigo fought to make his tongue work, to say anything, but he couldn't help but blurt, "You changed."

Grimmjow tilted his head to the side, studying Ichigo before offering him a sinful grin.

Oh shit, Ichigo thought. I really do have a crush on this loser.

"What'd'ya mean?" Grimmjow husked, leaning in towards the strawberry.

"Nothing," Ichigo mumbled, his fingers twitching as he fought the urge to lean into the bluenette. Jesus, he had been right, so right, about Grimmjow. Even so, he liked the glasses on him now; they had always been a kind of smart-sexy that Ichigo could appreciate.

"Maybe I should let you in on a little secret," Grimmjow almost whispered, sending jolts of electricity shooting through Ichigo's spine, "You wanna hear a secret, Ichi?"

Ichigo fought the urge to moan at the statement. Grimmjow's warm breath was tickling the flesh of his skin.

"The bet ends soon," Grimmjow said, a grin on his face, "The bet that's kept me from being who I really am. I want you to know who I really am, Ichigo, because ya need to be ready."

"Wha…?" Ichigo said, his heart beating out of his chest as Grimmjow's large hands rested on Ichigo's knees. Fuck, Ichigo was already hard. He'd only had one beer, but he felt drunk.

Grimmjow leaned in even closer, their noses almost touching, Grimmjow's fingers hot as they slid up his thighs, "I'm the Sexta, Ichigo. Leader of the big 6, and I want ya, and I'm gonna take ya, and I'm gonna make ya mine. Got it?"

Ichigo's mind was fuzzy at the murmured, sure words, his legs tingling at the unfamiliar contact. Jesus, he was so turned on right now it wasn't fair, "Yeah right, Grimm. That's really funny."

"That's why I like you," Grimmjow growled, his fingers now in the belt loops of Ichigo's pants, "Ya noticed me before the others. You're really smart. I like that."

Why the hell was he not pulling away? Pull away now, Ichigo! Dammit!

But he couldn't. His body was saying 'fuck you!' to his mind, and he'd be damned if he wasn't feeling hornier than he'd ever felt in his entire life. Shit, Grimmjow was perfect for him, even if he was a liar.

"Shut up," Ichigo said weakly, his heart still beating a mile a second, "You're crazy."

Ichigo squealed as firm, warm lips pressed against his, his brain positively melting as a slick, hot tongue entered his mouth, memorizing the inside. Ichigo almost bucked when he felt the metal ball of a tongue ring rub sensually against his own tongue, making him moan.

Shit shit shit shit shit! This was not good!

Suddenly Grimmjow pulled back with a sexy, confident grin, "That was our first kiss, but it sure as hell isn't our last. Be ready, Ichi: your world is about to be turned upside down."

Ichigo sat there dumbly for several minutes while Grimmjow walked away back towards the house, smoothing his hair over his forehead in his usual geeky manner and adjusting his glasses.

Ichigo, his brain finally somewhat cleared from the mind-orgasmic kiss, stood up and pulled at his hair.

Dammit. What the hell was that?

Ohohoho, Ichigo, this is only the beginning ;D

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