Damn That Demon

Chapter 7


Thanks to the incineration stunt, Soi Fon gave me another detention. Not like I told her I'd actually incinerated it, but she was angry enough over the supposed "shenanigans" that I landed another detention.

And so did Ichigo. Not that it bothered me, but he seemed pissed since he'd been asleep the entire time.

But he wasn't totally convinced. Ichigo is a smart human, and I know he's furiously trying to work out what exactly had gone down, but I wasn't about to have this important conversation over my species with him in detention where Soi Fon decided to sit with us the next day.

So much for making out to pass the time.

It was fucking awful. So many times I thought of just hypnotizing Soi Fon so we could leave, but IChigo was already pissed off and was putting pieces together and I didn't need to add fuel to that fire.

When Soi Fon finally let us leave, Ichigo pounced.

"What the FUCK was that about yesterday?"


"Don't play dumb."

I sigh, running a hand through my hair as I contemplate the best way to handle this situation. Lying to him will only piss him off and more than likely end up with us breaking up, which I can't allow to happen. I've already chosen him as mine, and I gotta take him back to hell and announce the upcoming nuptials. And Ichigo still has to agree to be my mate, and he won't do that if he's angry or scared or punching me in the dick for keeping this a secret from him.

He's gonna shit bricks. I just know it, but the tension rolling off of him right now is mostly tinged with worry and what feels like confusion.

"Come on."


"My place," I offer, already having my car keys out of my pocket, "I'm not gonna talk about this in public, and sure as fuck not talking about it at your house."

I wouldn't tell Ichigo that I felt safest there, at least not yet. Pretending to be human and actually being human are too very different things. Being home is as close to normal and personal as I ever get.

And he's more likely to believe me if I show him my release form, and I'm not doing that anywhere but somewhere that I feel safe.

And if this all really does go to shit, my Ma can erase his memories.

It'll suck, it REALLY fucking will, but maybe I can start over again, take my time. This mate thing is already rolling at a way faster rate than I ever thought it would.

Ichigo is silent and pissy the entire drive to my house, which takes a while. I don't live in town, my Pop might be on the mortal plain but it doesn't mean he actually likes living like one. We have a house and shit, but he hates cities. So, here we are, almost forty minutes later standing outside what Ichigo keeps saying is a mansion and I keep insisting isn't.

When he sees our family properties in hell, he's going to shit himself. They're colossal, way bigger than the bullshit humans make. Not that I can't appreciate it, but humans think they're fucking gods when it comes to architecture. All the paintings of hell are such bullshit. Decadence out the fucking ass: one of my estates is nothing but gold towers, another one has temples bigger than most pyramids on Earth made of precious stones so dazzling when the suns hit it you can see it for a hundred miles.

But whatever, if Ichigo is impressed by the three stories of marble, so be it.

Thankfully nobody is home right now. I take him to one of the living rooms and sit down on a couch across from him and we stare at each other for a while until his emotions get too antsy for me to delay any longer.

"I don't really know where to start," I offer, cuz this is going to be an awkward and painful situation no matter how I cut it, so I decide to be blunt as fuck, "Welp, you know how you're always saying I'm a demon?"

Ichigo blinks, "I guess?"

I laugh, "Remember when I said you could be a succubus?"

Ichigo's eyebrows draw together, "Did you take me home to have sex with you?"

"What the fuck? No, stupid," I slap myself on the forehead, "No, that's not…wait, do you want to have sex?"

Ichigo's got his arms folded across his chest and his only emotion right now is anger, so I babble on, "Okay, look, you're not gonna believe me, so maybe I should just….show you."

I take a deep breath and blink.

Ichigo screams and rolls over the back of the couch he was sitting on.

"What the fuck what the fuck what the fuck!"

"I'm not gonna hurt you!" I bellow, annoyed that he went from rage to extreme fear in the course of a second, "Don't be afraid of me."

"What the fuck, Grimmjow?!" he says, climbing back over the couch, "What the ACTUAL LIVING FUCK?!"

I hold up my hand, let him see the fire I can create. He just stares at it before shaking his head, his emotions all over the place. It's making me sick trying to sift through them, so I block them out the best I can.

"This is my release form, my strongest form. I'm an Espada…"

"Which is…?"

"An order of demon."



"Oh my god, this is SUCH BULLSHIT."

I roll my eyes and change back, but his eyes are still bugged out like he's not going to listen to a word I say, so I just stay quiet and wait for him to say something first.

"Seriously, what the fuck even is my life," Ichigo finally offers, looking at me a bit bashfully, "There's no way this is real, but I'm awake, right? I'm not dreaming…"

"I broke the desk, remember?"

"Yeah, well, yeah that happened, but…"

"Ichigo, you just watched me transform. I have claws, and teeth, and can summon hell fire."


"Is this…too much?"

He laughs. Laughs, "Too much? Grimmjow, I thought it was too much when you were just a nerd. Then when we started dating, it was too much, but I wanted it. And now…yah, this is…a lot. To take in, I mean."

I perk up, breaking into a giant grin that settles out his emotions. He's peppered with affection and curiosity.

So I go for broke, "Espada are like Incubi. We feed on sexual energies to survive. I can read emotions, but some of our kind can read minds, like my mom…"

"Whoa, wait. You mean…" Ichigo goes so red that I already know what he's worried about.

"I don't care if you're a virgin, Ichi."

"But, you just said…"

"And I'm NOT with you just to get in your pants, if that's what you're worried about."

"I….well thanks for planting that thought in my head."

"It's true. We could have mindless sex with anybody we wanted…"

"Gee, thanks so fucking much."

"…but I wouldn't. I chose you. You're gonna be my mate."

Ichigo blinks slowly a few times, cocking his head, "Excuse me?"

"My mate. Our kind find mates, life mates. We're not as promiscuous as your human stories make us out to be. Or, at least, we CAN be monogamous and loyal. If that's what you're worried about."

"You…just told me you're a SEX DEMON and you think I'm worried about that?!"

"Isn't that what you SHOULD be worried about? Monogamy seems to be a huge thing this century for you humans. I have no fucking idea why, but anyway, exclusivity isn't a problem for my kind. In fact, I'm ready to bond you to me right now, if you want."

"Wait, whoa whoa whoa, what are you talking about?"

"When demons choose a human mate, they bond. When we bond, your life force will be tied to mine. You'll become a hybrid, and gain immortality. Well, unless somebody kills you or you do something really fucking stupid to get yourself killed, but basically, theoretically, we can live for a damn long time. I'm almost 1,000 years old."

I'm kinda glad that I made Ichigo sit down, 'cuz this time instead of flipping over the couch, he faints onto it.

What is it with this kid and fainting?