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Damn That Demon

Chapter 8


I felt like I floated into consciousness, a part of me registering Grimmjow's voice before I opened my eyes. I could hear him but I couldn't understand a word he was saying. It was deep, dark, a language I'd never heard before.

And then there was booming laughter, which definitely didn't belong to Grimmjow.

It made me bolt upright, my eyes wide as my chest heaved. Whatever had made that sound, whoever had made that sound, had all my hair standing on end.

Grimmjow was ranting in the language now, whatever it was still dark but in a way lulling and soothing. I realized that my hand was in his, his grip on my hand almost painful as he stared daggers at a tall, blue-haired man across the room.

My eyes went wide as I took in this stranger that could only be Grimmjow's father. His hair was a deeper, darker blue and had to reach his ass, but the blue of his eyes were identical to Grimmjow's along with his feral smirk. I couldn't help but shutter as his eyes blinked to me, the irises slit like a cat's.

"Ooooooh, look at this little kitten," he cooed, his voice deep, cavernous, a predatory purr that skittered down my spine and made my dick jump. I slapped a hand over my crotch, mortified.

"DAD WHAT THE FUCK!" Grimmjow hissed, practically throwing me behind him and guarding me with his body so I couldn't see the man anymore, "Cut it out!"

The man laughed, the tension in the room seeming to dissipate steadily as whatever power he'd been using got swept away.

"Sorry sorry," he teased, not sounding sorry at all, "Just curious about your little mortal, that's all. No need to get so defensive…" he trailed off into that soothing yet feral language again, making Grimmjow snap back at him angrily before the man laughed even harder.

"Alright alright, enough games," he said, chuckling as he stepped forward to offer a giant, black-nailed hand, "It is a pleasure to meet you, Kurosaki Ichigo. Call me Gairah, or Papa, if you prefer."

"He's not gonna call you papa, you fucking weirdo," Grimmjow spat, not even allowing his dad's hand to make contact with Ichigo's, "Turn it off or I'm taking him home and you'll never see him again."

Gairah tsked, his eyes flashing as he smirked at his son and ran a hand through Grimmjow's hair, "And when did my little pangeran become so hostile? I hope, Ichigo, you understand what a temper my one and only son has. He is quite the spoiled one, no?"

Grimmjow growled, snapping his teeth at his father's wrist, and his father pulled his hand away with another laugh. Whoever this man was, he was extremely carefree, almost the opposite of Grimmjow in a way. It was unsettling, but I couldn't help but laugh at Grimmjow's overprotectiveness.

"I wasn't expecting…to meet family, so soon. But it's…nice to meet you, sir," I finally managed, holding out my hand for a formal handshake. This man didn't look Japanese, and with the weird accent I couldn't place and his behemoth height, I doubted he'd do a traditional Japanese introduction.

Grimmjow narrowed his eyes as his dad went in for a handshake, Gairah humming as they shook once, twice.

"Manners. So rare in the mortals these days. And beautiful. Very…unique," he said, stepping forward and sniffing my fucking hair.

"DAD," Grimmjow barked, baring his fangs and yah, okay, I was on the Believe It train now. Grimmjow's eyes were just like his dad's now, the pupils slits, his face promising violence.

"You did well, Grimmjow," Gairah said, tilting his head slightly and releasing my hand, "I can feel it, deep in his blood, the thread. He will bare you young one day."

"What," I practically screeched, Grimmjow saying the same thing at the same time.

Gairah smirked, flashing a fang, "Just kidding."

"Dad," Grimmjow seemed to have had enough, since he launched himself across the short distance and tackled the giant man to the floor, his father howling with laughter all the while. They wrestled, the sounds getting more and more violent and animalistic as they waged war. I jumped up onto the couch in the corner to avoid the war, praying that this was a fever dream and none of this was actually real.

Then the front door slammed open, a vicious shriek settling over the room that made me cover my ears.

"You dare act this way in front of soon to be blood?" the woman said, her voice an ocean of fury as she glided into the living room. My eyes were going to drop out of my skull at this rate because Grimmjow's mother was fucking GORGEOUS. Her hair was so blonde it looked almost white, but there was no mistaking this was Grimmjow's mother. The power about her, or maybe the stance, whatever it was, I knew this was her.

Not to mention Gairah and Grimmjow immediately stopped their battle, both of them sweating and covered in scratches and even a few bite marks that left little trails of blood. Jesus, they really were demons.

"You disrespect future kin with your antics, husband mine," she seethed, grabbing him by the ear and making him stand up. He muttered something to her in another language and she hissed at him in answer before helping her son up from the ground, running a hand over his cheekbones and smacking him softly on one while he winced, "And you, behaving like animal in front of would-be mate. There is no one to fight him for here, in this plane. Control yourself."

"Yes, ibu," Grimmjow murmured, practically purring under his mother's touch.

Her head turned, her piercing, green eyes focused on me, her pupils slitting, "Hello, Kurosaki Ichigo, newest son."

She stepped forward, stopping about a foot away from me as she reached her hand out towards my face, "I am Cinta. May I?"

I nodded, terrified of her but also intrigued. She was so gorgeous it almost hurt, but it wasn't sexual. It was…I suddenly and fiercely missed my own mother.

She started a crooning noise, her hand touching the side of my face, her thumb stroking idly over my cheekbone, "Oh, sedikit satu hilong, I'm sorry your mother is gone."

I felt tears prick at my eyes, but just as soon as I felt the sadness, I felt a wave of calm pull over me and it almost made me gasp.

"Mom," Grimmjow called, his voice almost worried.

"Hush," she ordered, her eyes still focused on me, "He has no fear of me."

"He wouldn't know how to fear you, when you pull your power like that," Grimmjow said, practically gnashing his teeth as he came to my side, "Stop digging around in his brain…"

"It's okay, Grimm," I said almost breathlessly, actually able to feel Grimmjow's mom pull through my mind, like water trickling. It was weird, super fucking weird, but it was gentle and felt nice. She was all radiance and warmth, love, protection. No doubt in my mind that Grimmjow's emotions came from this woman, the fierceness, the loyalty, the passion.

She smiled at me, her face suddenly even more beautiful than it had been a moment ago, "Thank you, Ichigo. You are truly gifted of the mortal-born."


She hummed to herself as she stroked idly over my cheek again, her head nodding as she finally released me, "Your mind is very open, very bright. Empathic. Once Mate-bonded, I sense psychic gifts."

"Great, another mind reader," Grimmjow mumbled, his mom smacking him on the shoulder.

"Treasure your Bonded," she practically snarled, while at the same time turning back to me to grab my hand, "Come, Ichigo, let us sit at table and explain all you wish to know."

So this was it. It was all real.

I had too much evidence here, interacting with Grimmjow and his parents. They spoke candidly of everything and anything I wished to know, told me stories of their homeland (home world) and asked me a billion and one things about my own, boring, human life. Even though Cinta was telepathic and could pick out of my brain whenever she saw fit, she still asked. It made me warm inside.

And Grimmjow's dad was weird, maybe even weird enough to be best friends with my old man, and at the thought, Cinta burst into tinkling peals of laughter.

"Part of her power is being able to see what you're thinking," Grimmjow answered for me at my weird look, "So whatever you're thinking about, she's seeing it."

Maybe I shouldn't have chosen that moment to remember my weirdo dad running around the house with Batman boxers on his head.

"Your family is delightful," Cinta said, smiling at me as she poured tea, "I'm sure once our families are united, my husband and your father will be the best of friends."

"Unless you don't wanna tell them," Grimmjow added firmly, holding my hand and stroking his thumb over my knuckles, "Me or my dad can change or distort their memories. I mean, if we ever slipped up, or they found out when you didn't want them to."

"Why would I…I wouldn't want to hide this from them," I said quietly, feeling a sense of panic, "But how could I tell them? I mean, it took a lot for me to even believe…will they be safe?"

"No one will touch your family," Gairah swore, looking at me with a serious expression for the first time in hours, "once bonded, you and all your blood fall under our protection. Like…a security system, if you will."

"Any demon in this realm would be suicidal to fuck with me or mine," Grimmjow growled, his fingers tightening around mine, "They're safe."

"And me? What about…if we…" I couldn't help dropping my eyes, still uncomfortable with all the bonding would entail.

"Once bonded, you will begin to transform. You are human, mortal, but your mother's blood feels…there was one of us, once, in your line. I do not know how that will affect your change," Cinta said quietly, her eyes roving over my face, "You could present with horns, or wings, but maybe neither, maybe one. Or perhaps your eyes, your teeth. There are ways to learn to mask them, simple tricks we can teach you. It takes much practice and strength, but over the years, you will learn."

"But…the bonding…I have to leave?"

Gairah nodded, "The ceremony takes place in Hel, on our family grounds. Grimmjow will mate you there, in front of all our blood and kin."

"Wait WHAT?"

Grimmjow barked a laugh, "Just the wedding, Ichigo. Not the…you know, fun stuff."

"Oh. Oh my god," I covered my face with my hands, knowing I was probably bright red. My embarrassment was thick enough to taste, and I keep forgetting I'm in a room with three sex demons who sense and taste emotions. Not to mention imagining sex with Grimmjow with his MOTHER able to SEE what I'm thinking…fuck.

"This is so embarrassing."

"It is life," Cinta assured, her own hand reaching out to her husband's and clasping it firmly, "We hope you consider our words carefully, Ichigo, we understand it is a lot to ask. Grimmjow has chosen you, therefore, we welcome you into our fold."

"Just like that?" I couldn't help but ask, a part of me extremely insecure. Fuck, what about this was even a little bit normal? Me and Grimmjow had just started dating, and now I was pretty much already being treated like a member of the family.

It felt good, it felt right. But was it too fast?

"Only you can decide that," Cinta answered for me, seeing my struggle. I don't know what she was seeing, but she must've understood my levels of confusion, "You are young. In demon years, our son is young as well, but the mate pull is instinctual. Grimmjow is certain, but you, I understand, are mortal. You will need time. You will need reassurance."

"You can take all the time you want," Grimmjow murmured, and the way he said it, so quietly and calmly, nearly made me cry. Shit. He was serious. So fucking serious right now.

Staring at him, staring at me and looking at me like I was the center of the universe, and I felt my heart creak and rearrange, the color of his eyes stitching me all together.

Cinta let out a small gasp, her eyes going wide.

"You are bonding already," she murmured, seeing something that I couldn't.

"I don't know if I'm ready for…mating. Marriage, whatever your kind calls it, but I don't wanna give Grimmjow up. We just started this thing, you know?" I said, reassuringly running my fingers over Grimmjow's clenched fist. He took my hand, making me sigh, "Is it okay if…I have some time to think about all this?"

"Of course," Cinta said, nodding her head, Gairah smiling at Ichigo like he was proud, and he probably was. This really was a beautiful family that Grimmjow had, and one day it would be my family too.

At the thought, Cinta's eyes filled with tears and she got up from the table and made her way to me, hugging me around the neck, crooning deep in her throat, and it settled me so wonderfully I hadn't even realized I'd closed my eyes until Grimmjow's hand tensed harder around my own.

I opened my eyes, staring at him, his face peaceful.

"He's happy," Cinta murmured, kissing me on the cheek, "He was worried about our approval, but you are perfect, Ichigo. I swear on the blood of my kin to protect you and yours, and to keep your happiness blossoming with my son for as long as you both breathe."

Gairah smiled so wide it took over his entire face, making him even more handsome if that was possible, "Welcome to our brood, Kurosaki Ichigo."

Emotions swelled up in me, spilling out through my eyes. Shit, was I really crying?

Grimmjow pulled me closer to him, wrapping his arms around me and breathing into my neck, a calming rumble pushing out of his chest, shaking through my own. I grabbed onto him tightly, not knowing how any of this shit was going to work out, but I couldn't shake the calming knowledge that I was making the right choice.

I was in a literal house of demons, and I'd never felt safer in my entire life.

"Do you need to lie down, Ichigo? So much exposure to us has surely drained your energy," Cinta said calmly, leaving the table and making herself busy in the kitchen, "I'll make you some tea and begin dinner. Please rest until I can feed you."

Grimmjow snorted, practically pulling me into his lap as his mother grabbed pots and pans, "She must really love you; she can't cook to save her life."

"I will make sure everything is edible," Gairah said, his laugh soothing my nerves, "go rest."

Without another word, Grimmjow lifted me up, making me scowl as he carried me bridal style through the house, "Put me down, idiot."

"No way in Hel," he said, licking the side of my face, "you're mine."

I shivered, annoyed and yet not.

Jesus Christ, I was falling in love with a demon.