Finally. The time has come, the time when my dreams come true. It's been long, the waiting, the fighting, the everything, but now... oh, now, everything will come to an end and begin again. The next step in my plan is almost complete, and when it is, there's no stopping my dream from become a sickening reality. It's time. It's finally the time.

"And where do you think you're going?" asked the owl, still hidden in my pocket. I whipped it out.

"Where do you think?" I asked, "Exactly where I told them I was going. To get Grendel."

"You're actually going to help them solve the case?" it asked, "Grendel will find out it's you for sure."

"Not before I'm gone and my plan is complete." I said, a small smirk reaching up to my lips. The owls head turned, but stood still otherwise, trying to figure out what my plan was.

I was only a few steps away from the door to where Grendel was staying, and had been staying ever since Elenia was set on fire and his old home was destroyed. I hastily walked up to the double door, and knocked.




Each one resonated through me as if I was a bell being struck by a metal poll. The sound shook me to my soul, knowing that this was the beginning of something much greater.

"Enter." that familiar old, creaky, dead sounding voice said.

I pushed the door in just enough so that I could slip through and then closed it once I was in. I put a look of emergency on my face.

"Grendel!" I said, panic in my tone, "There been a murder... two murders... I'm not sure how many murders! And the murderer is no where in sight! We need you help as soon as you can give it."

His white eyebrows raised as he began to stand. "A murder? There hasn't been a murder here in years..."

"Yes, Grendel, I know, but someone somehow was able to take down two high ranked soldiers." I informed him, "A rank eighty nine and ninety. That's all we've found out so far."

I watched as he began to walk towards the door. "Come." he said. I obediently followed him.

"Nothing else is known about these soldiers?" Grendel asked.

"No sir!" the leader of the troop answered. They were all lined up neatly and saluting Grendel as if he was the ruler of the world. How sickening.

Grendel turned away from the troops and knelled beside the dead bodies.

"Grendel... if you want... I can go get more backup. Perhaps a filer... to at least tell the family from which they came the news..." I said, breaking the silence that had rose.

He looked slowly to me and then nodded, old head drawing out the movement as much a possible, making me hold my breath. "Very well. That's only fair to the family."

I nodded to him and then began to walk down the hallway, towards the filers office. Once I was far enough away that Grendel wouldn't feel the mana I expelled, I teleported to Grendel's home.

He was such a fool. He never leaves his house... only for emergencies... and now, he's gone and I'm here... it's so perfect.

The book was right on the rocking chair, which saved me a lot of time. I teleported to the chair in an instant and picked up the book. I looked at it: it's cloth cover golden, the letters on it even more so, shinning as if real gold, making the cloth look like a dull yellow in comparison. I opened it up, my eyes skimming along the brilliant words, the words that only one other person had ever gotten to see.

The skills were strange, and quite gruesome. I didn't mind. One that caught my eye was Impalement. I read it.

"To impale your target with many solid, five by five inch pieces of mana. In order to use this skill you must focus a great amount of energy into a certain place, and then compact it. The more you focus, you more mana you'll be able to release, and the more times you will be able to impale the victim..."

I continued to read, my eyes skimming over the perfect cursive as fast as they could manage. I was cut short, though, as my brain screamed at me: "Danger!"

I looked up, sensing it coming from above me, and jumped out of the way just fast enough to avoid getting smashed by a large piece of wood. Before me stood a large, chunky monster, made completely of processed wood. On the floor, I saw the cushion that had once sat on Grandles chair. When I looked back to the monster, I noticed a charm on it, right in the middle.

Where have I seen that charm before? Those markings...

I remember... when I had tired to steal the Bishops book...

On the chair was a charm. The lonely old man charmed it...

Oh. He charmed it alright. It was just a much more powerful charm than I had thought.

I jumped to the right, dodging another hit from the chair... monster... but just barely. How do you kill a monster that's not really alive?

I thought hard, and the answer came to me almost instantly. You take away whatever is making it kill able. In this case... that's the charm.

I jumped quickly, soaring through the air, and using the tip of my pointy staff, stabbed the charm. The thing froze for a moment before I flung my arm down, tearing the charm in half. I fell and landed on the floor right in front of the monster that was no longer moving. It only took a few more seconds until it exploded, sending little splinters of wood everywhere, causing me to shield my eyes. Once it was all done, all that remained was a rocking chair on it's side, a stab and a slash mark in the very middle of the backrest. I huffed. Was this the best Grendel could do? How... how pathetic.

I heard footsteps outside the door, running footsteps. I knew who it was, obviously Grendel had found out who killed those people, and sent the guards here, having figured out my plan but probably thinking that I wasn't going to finish off his rocking chair as fast as I had. Won't he get a surprise when the poor soldiers come back saying: "Master Grendel! He got away!" with shame fulling their words. The last thing I heard from that room was the doors opening before I left in a flash... quite literally.


"So now what?" That god damned owl asked me for the millionth time, wings spread open in exaggeration as it sat perched atop of the second largest rock inside of the damp cave we ended up in, while the largest rock was being occupied by me.

"I've told you," I answered while flipping the page of my newly stolen job advancement, "I study the book. Really, if you're just going to bother me, then why don't you just go an do something else?"

The owls eyes severed. "You're kidding me, right?"

I turned away from my book to face the owl, my eyebrows raised. "What do you think I am kidding about?"

"You keep answering me saying that you're going to read that book. Haven't I told you before that you can't become the strongest that way? Don't you want to be the strongest?"

I blinked at it before laughing a bit, throwing my head back. The owls beak opened as if representing a quick jaw drop, but yet it seemed to have nothing to say at my actions. It was truly a child of a bird. Didn't it understand my REAL intentions yet?

"You don't understand!" I said, still laughing a bit in between sentences, "I will become the strongest, but on my own! What's the point in someone else leading you the way they learned? You'll just end up as a copy of that person. So, in reality, you'll never be the strongest because you'll be just as strong as that person was. Do you understand yet?"

"No." it answered, and out of the corner of my eyes I thought I had seen his eyes cross in confusion. "Why not be taught the same way? That way you'll become just as powerful as that person. And if you're just as powerful, then when that person dies, you'll then take his place. So, in the end, aren't you the truly powerful one?"

"Not at all." I said, looking down at my feet as I crossed my legs, back hunching a bit. "You must not be very old, or you must not be very wise. If I do what you're suggesting, then I'd have to find someone who's just as powerful as Grendel, have them teach me the true power that's been hidden away from the public, and then wait for them to die. By then, Grendel will be probably dead, and I'll have aged a lot. That ruins my plans in more than one way."

The owls face scrunched a little. "What the heck is you're goal? It seems to keep changing to me. I thought it was to become the most powerful magician to have even lived!"

"Oh, that's my life goal." I said, now understanding his confusion. "I do want to become the worlds most powerful magician, but I have other goals first. First, I'm going to kill Grendel using my own hands for revenge. Then I'm going to become the worlds most powerful magician."

The owl stared blankly before realizing that it was going to have to think things through a little bit more now, knowing my true intentions. It lowered it's head slightly before it somehow managed snapping it's fake feathers together and jumped up.

"Oh, oh! How about you have the Dark Lord teach you to the point where you know how to kill Grendel! By the time you kill him, you will have already reached the Dark Lords standards. You could train a little bit harder and kill the Dark Lord himself later! Then you'll have had your revenge, and you'll have eliminated the strongest magician in the world, otherwise you. All you're goals are completed."

My eyes opened a little wider. You know, for something that was thought up over the time period of a minute, it was a good plan. With a little spit and shine added to it, we could have something really going here. My eyes lowered from my book to look into the owls eyes.

"I... don't know."

"Trust me!" it insisted, leaning forward, hands ground into tight fists of excitement, "We can make it work! I'd bet that, if you really wanted it, within a year we could have you the strongest magician in the world, with you're revenge accomplished!"

I placed my fingertips in my chin. "I'm still not so sure..."

"What's not you be sure about?" it asked, "You'd get everything you wanted. Where's the wrong in that?"

I looked down at the bird once more, my eyes filled with fire. It could work. It... really could.

"Very well..." I said, fading out a little to much at the end, making myself sound unsure, "But I read the book first, and learn the skills. Then we go to the Dark Lord."

The owl sighed, displeased that I still insisted on reading that book, but at the same time pleased that I had agreed.

"Sure." it said, beak curved up at the ends into what resembled a smile, "Book first, mastering the arts of a magician with the experience of a real master later. Whatever you want."

I looked away from my book a final time and actually gave the owl a genuine smile.


It took four months. Four months! No, that's not bad, that's record time for me completing anything so big. Normally it took at least a year. Maybe two years. But four months? And on the hardest class, one that's never been discovered? I was amazed at myself. Maybe I was really one of the most brilliant magicians of all time... maybe there really was no one better than me. I was the only one who could learn this so fast. There must be something wrong with me. Something is wrong here... it shouldn't have been learned so easily... what's going on...?

"Okay, read it one more time, okay?" I asked, staff in hands and ready to kill a pig. It was just practice, and it would be a waste to practice on anything bigger. We don't have unlimited resources, you know.

We were in the middle of a clearing that I had made one day just for practice. All you needed to do was capture a few pigs and you're set for a while will training. The owls eye rose in doubt as it sat on a rock, the job advancement book set open right in front of it, perfect for reading. "Again? This is the fiftieth time you've used this same move. I think you have it down."

"No! I have to make sure. I learned every move so fast, and now I'm sure there's some move that I surpassed something, or... or I'm doing something wrong!" I said. Yes, I was panicking a little. I didn't trust that I was doing everything right. I was missing something... something that was important.

"Look, I'm not reading it again! You've got this move down! I don't know what you're so hyped up about! So, you learned everything a little faster than usual. That doesn't mean you did something wrong."

"But I might have." I protested. "And I've got to make sure everything is perfect. Everything... or else..."

I turned towards the pig, all tied up and ready for slaughtering. Poor thing, didn't even know what was going to happen to it.

"Fine." I said, walking over to the book and grabbing it, "I'll do it myself."

I walked back to where I was standing and read over the page again, the skill memorized and therefore replaying in my head as my eyes skimmed the words.


In order to make you target explode, quickly release a large amount of mana in a small amount of space (Ex: Releasing 670 strihes through the space of a needle.) work on compressing the mana, and send it through the targets skin while still compressing it. Once inside the target, decompress the mana. This will cause the mana to expand rapidly, causing the target to 'explode' or have an exploding effect...

There was more to it, like the stance that you should make, and the best places to insert the mana to get the best results, but I had it all memorized. Nothing new.

I did exactly what it asked. I compressed the mana into the thinness of a needle, and sent it flying into the pigs head. I turned as I decompressed the mana, to avoid getting blood on my face as the pig was sent everywhere. Quite a gruesome attack, that is.

I turned around only to see that the same thing had happened to this pig that had happened to the other pigs. It exploded. Exactly what it was supposed to do... but that meant I wasn't doing anything wrong. Then why the hell did it take such a short time to learn these moves? This was the last move in the book...

I fell to my knees. I had been thinking about it, but really never thought about it enough, I never wanted it to be true, I guess, but now I realize. No wonder why Grendel put up such a lousy fight with his chair and did such a horrible job in finding me.

He wanted me to get away. He wanted me to take the book. It's really the only explanation.

"These moves..." I said on my knees, "They're not advanced. Sure, they're new moves, but they're nothing as deadly as they should be. Gruesome, but not deadly."

The owl looked down at me. "What are you talking about?" it asked.

"Don't you get it?" I growled, "I was tricked. These aren't the fifth job advancement moves, they can't be. A person in the third job advancement could learn these moves with great ease. They all only kill one monster at a time and use up to much mana. These aren't to moves of a true master. They're the moves of a true master in-training, which is what I was last job advancement. No wonder why he did such a horrible job in everything he did when it came to that day: it's for a reason. He made two books, one the real one, one a fake."

The owls eyes were wide with disbelief. "You're kidding me! How... how could you possibly know that?"

I looked it in the painted on eyes. "One day, back when I was at the third job advancement, stealing my fourth job book, I had seen the real one, the one with the real moves. I know this is a fake because that one had a move called 'Impalement' in it, which was a deadly move that allowed you to impale multiple victims on mana rods. This book doesn't have that. That book looked the exact same, even smelled the exact same, but it hasn't been until now that I see the difference between the books."

The owl was now starting to see how much thought I had put into this. It was a lot of though, for sure, and a lot for it to take in. "What... what's the difference?"

I smiled a smile that mocked myself. "Grendel was actually guarding the real one, even hiding himself from my mana using his own to cloud his existence. Grendel put an easy give away for the fake, with his easily leaving his home, pretending to be oblivious, and I do believe taking the time to put the book on the chair once he had gotten up." I said, remembering out of the corner of my eyes back then, having seen him move his hand a little bit and place something on his chair. I think that I had thought he was fixing the chair cushion at that point in time. "I can't even think about why I hadn't stopped to think about why it was so easy. Even the chair was easy to take down, sure I wasn't expecting it, but it was just enough guarding the book where I wasn't curious as to why there was so little protection. I think it was all just a set up that would keep me from getting his real book."

The owls eyes were wide, completely taken away by shock. "You... really think so?" it asked.

"Oh... by now, I'm pretty sure I know so."

The owl obviously didn't know what to say for a while. Eventually he did speak up. "In that case, he's probably going to start hunting you down soon. All the better reason for you to go the the Dark Lord and become a master."

"Yes..." I said, admitting that it was a good idea for once in a while. "Perhaps you're right."

"We should move soon..." it said while it muttered something about 'what a waste of four months' under his breath.

Yeah, it was a waste. Yea, I was a fool, and it took me all that time realize it. But at least now I have even more of a reason to kill the old man. He killed my dad, he crushed my dreams, and now he even deceived me.

He's going to die a horrible... horrible death.

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