Total Drama Island - the supernatural edition.

Chapter 1

The camera starts recording as a figure strides over to the peaceful lakeside surrounded by a number of wooden cabins. The figure stopped, revealing himself to be a 21 year old man with tanned skin, white hair and crimson eyes, with pupils like that of a snake's. He stood at a height of 6'1" with some muscle definition evidently showing under his outfit which consisted of a white button down shirt, grey pinstriped waistcoat and matching trousers.

Mysterious man: Hello my dear viewers, and welcome to "Total Drama Island – the supernatural edition". My name's Christopher Johnson, but please calls me Chris. Oh and just in case you're wondering what happened to Mr MacLean, the producers of Total Drama replaced him with someone more, how shall I say it, humane. However, I'm not actually human myself.

The camera is nearly dropped as a flash of light engulfs Chris, only to disappear a few moments later. And in Mr Johnson's place stood an eight foot being similar to him, apart from the green scales replacing his skin, his head being more of a serpentine shape and the presence of a tail instead of legs.

Chris: You see I am what people would call a naga. A cross between a man and snake. But don't worry, I don't bite much. Anyways, onto the competition (reverts back to human form). On this show, twenty two magical beings will compete for the grand prize of one. Million. Dollars! Only one will be victorious. The rest will go empty handed and leave on the Boat of Losers (points to a rundown speedboat) to our secret location where Total Drama Aftermath will be hosted by everyone's favourite BFFFLs, Katie and Sadie!

Katie and Sadie: (Runs to camera) Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiiii! (Runs off).

Chris: Okay, creepy. So that's it from me, now send in your tapes and let's see who will be crowned the victor of Total Drama Island – the supernatural edition!

Camera turns off

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