I sighed as I watched him walk into the thick forest behind his house. "Be safe. I love you." I whispered into the still of the night. I lingered on the porch waiting for the second most comforting sound I'd ever known. A howl erupted into the darkness breaking the silence. I smiled a little then walked back to his bedroom. I took off my top and bottoms replacing them with his gray v-neck shirt. I grabbed a few thick quilts and laid down covering my side, attempting to fake his temperature. I dug my face into his pillow breathing in his unmistakable scent of cinnamon and wood smoke. I felt my eye lips drooping closed and I soon fell into a peaceful slumber.

I woke up to hot feverent kisses all my body. I opened my eyes and saw Brady distributing his lips where ever my skin was exposed. I smiled while running my hand through his hair. He smiled back at me flashing his pearly whites and my heart skipped a beat. It still astonishes me how breathtaking Brady is. His russet skin, abs that any guy would kill for, short dark hair, and deep chocolate orbs so deep you could drown in. He looked like he stepped right off the runway, but then again so did everyone else in the pack.

"Goodmorning," I said groggily, sleep evident in my voice. I cleared my throat getting rid of it, "what time is it?"

"Seven thirty."

I groaned, "Why can't everyday be, 'Stay in bed with Brady day'?"

He chuckled, "So stay in bed with me? I don't have to work today."

"That'd be the third time this month I've called in sick."

"So? Come on Ali.. " He moved his hand to the inside of my thigh, his hot lips never leaving mine.

I pulled away, seeing hurt in his eyes I gave him a quick kiss. "You know I want to.. but duty calls."

"Why don't you just come work at the garage? You can answer phones." A devious look crossed his face, "Or, you could walk around in those sexy little outfits of yours. That'd be hot."

I laughed, "I don't think the other guys would appreciate that."

He grabbed me pulling me against his body, "But I know I would."

I kissed him before pulling away and getting up. Stretching I saw his eyes go from my head to my toes. Looking at my long silky straight brown hair that had ringlet curls at the end, piercing green eyes, pale (compared to everyone else's) skin, and legs a mile long. His eyes stayed on my legs the longest, before meeting my eyes. "Like what you see?" I giggled.

"Oh, I more than like. I love." He said while getting up and wrapping his arms around me with inhuman speed. I looked into his eyes and there it was, the look. The look thats filled with complete adoration and love. The look that never fails to make my heart swell twice it's size. The imprint look if you will. His look so intense I couldn't help but look away. He knew that look make me uncomfortable but sometimes he just can't help it, and I understand. Sometimes I'll catch myself looking a Brady, wondering why, out of everyone, I was lucky enough to be his.

I pulled away once again and went into the bathroom, shredding my clothes, and stepping into the shower. I turned the knob and cold water blasts out make me shiver while a shriek escapes my lips. "Baby?" Brady says while running into the bathroom, "are you okay?" "Yeah," I say lamely, "I just wasn't expecting cold water. No biggie." "You gave me a heart attack! I thought you were hurt." He says while he has a hand clamped over his frantically beating heart. "Sorry." I say sheepishly. "I'm going to make breakfast. Pancakes?" He asks. "Of course." I say while he walks out.

After my shower I paddle into our Bradys room in a towel and go to my drawer in his dresser getting out some clothes. I look up and see a picture of me and Brady when we first met. I pick up the picture rubbing my thumb over the glass and start to think about when I became an imprint.