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"I still can't believe you lived there." Katie said as she titled her head on the window of the airplane. Her husband rubbed her shoulder. Katie turned to him and gave a weak smile.

"Something wrong?" DJ asked. She quickly shook her head and shrugged.

"I … I'm just tired baby, that's all." Katie reassured him. Her husband gave her a skeptical look. "Seriously! This honeymoon just wore me out." His skeptical look faded. Katie had done a lot in two weeks.

"Well then, get your sleep." DJ said before he gave her a kiss on the forehead. And, she did just that.

The couple was on their way back home from their two-week long honeymoon in Jamaica. Katie was overwhelmed by the island's beauty, but to DJ the beauty was nothing out of the ordinary; he had visited the country almost every summer. Katie spent her days wanting to do anything and everything from cliff-diving to relaxing in the resort's spa; DJ just spent every day next to his new wife.

Katie fell in love with the island, and didn't want to leave. DJ could've sworn he saw her eyes well up when they boarded the plane. But, the tears were dry soon enough when she saw a picture of Leah alone with her grandmother. Then, she knew she needed to go home and be with her precious Love-Bug.

The island wasn't the only thing Katie fell in love with while away. She also grew fond of a native drink called "Love Zone", and let me just say it put her and partner in the "Love Zone" a few times.

DJ placed his hand on his love's shoulder. "Baby," he slightly shook her, "baby, wake up." Katie wildly jerked out of her sleep.

"Can I get a window seat?" She drowsily blurted. DJ laughed to himself.

"Ummm… no. The flight is over; Did you want me to grab your bag?" DJ chuckled while opening the overhead compartment.

Katie nodded, and turned her attention to a couple behind her. "See Arnold, How come you don't do that anymore?" An older woman scolded.

"Mabel, I would but this young buck here is a tower. I can't even reach it if you noticed." Arnold replied.

The couple began to bicker back and forth. The few passengers that were still on the plane were all looking around at each other, some looking on in shock and awe, others were laughing at the elders' antics.

"Ma'am would you like me to get your bags for you?" DJ interjected, stopping the elders' argument. The woman named Mabel looked up at him behind thick glasses.

"Why that would be fabulous, young man!" She exclaimed with a thick Brooklyn accent. DJ, and handed the woman her tote bag. Mabel elbowed her husband. The older man grunted before smiling.

"Thank ya' son!" DJ smiled back at the old man and made his way out of the plane, wife in tow. Katie wearily followed her new husband through the terminal of the airport. DJ stole a few glances at his wife, and noticed that she really didn't look good. "Baby, are you sure you're okay?"

She sighed, "My stomach hurts a little, and I'm tired." DJ opened his mouth to respond, Katie quickly smacked her small palm on his mouth. "I just need to get something to eat probably." Katie smiled, grabbed her husband's jaw, and pulled him down for a loving smooch. "Don't worry, babe." DJ nodded, and Katie ran off to one of the many over-priced fast-food restaurants inside of the airport. He walked over to the baggage return and joined the crowd of people waiting for their bags.

DJ felt someone tap his shoulder; he turned to see that it was the old man from the plane, Arnold. DJ smiled at the older man, and the older man smiled back. "So just back from your honeymoon I assume." Arnold commented making small talk. DJ nodded, and scanned the conveyer belt for his bags. "Well, young man, I say this with complete honesty. You two are going to make it." Arnold smiled warmly at DJ.

"Really, why do you think so?" He asked Arnold who was still smiling warmly, and fiddling with his hearing aid. He ran a hand over his bald head, "Well buster, I can't really tell ya'. But, just to let 'cha know she's a keeper. And, to keep 'er just makes sure that she knows that you love her, and just keep her happy." Arnold gave DJ a pat on the back, and walked away. And, he could do nothing but be astounded by the wise man's advice.

"Here you are ma'am enjoy!" A perky teen said as she passed Katie her kid's meal. Katie thanked the young woman, and then scanned the small restaurant for an open seat. She didn't see one. Sighing, she began to make her way to the exit until she heard a familiar voice.

"You can sit here doll. I won't bite!" A raspy voice yelled. Katie turned to see that it was the old woman from the plane, Mabel. Katie made her over to the woman and sat down in front of her. Katie thanked the woman for letting her sit there. Mabel told her not to worry about it. Katie thanked her again, and the two began to talk. Mabel asked if the two had just comeback from their honeymoon, Katie said yes. The older woman then shared some old wives tales and stories about when she first got married. Katie just listened and laughed as shoved fries down her throat. "So, when are ya' planning on having the little bubbalas?"

"Excuse me?"

"Oh, sorry. The little darlings, children." Mabel explained.

"Ahhhh," Katie said while tapping her temple," Well, hopefully no time soon. We, or well… he already has a little girl." Mabel nodded. "I don't plan on having any anytime soon!" Katie giggled. Mabel pursed her lips and gave Katie a knowing look.

"I wouldn't say that." Mabel said in a sing-song tone. The younger female furrowed her brows. "Well, look at you know you're practically glowing." Katie shook her head, and slurped her soda.

"Thank you. But, I seriously doubt that." Katie said to the older woman. Mabel just rolled her eyes at Katie and got up from her place. She placed a hand on Katie's shoulder. "Just trust me." The younger woman gave her a smile, and with that the older woman walked off to her husband who was standing outside of the small eatery. And after that, she could do nothing but be baffled by the old woman's "advice".

"And, then she told me that I was "glowing"!" Katie squeaked in disbelief. DJ laughed at his wife.

"So I take it that you're feeling better." DJ laughed, turning into their subdivision. Katie grimaced.

"Barely, I'm not tired anymore but, my stomach still hurts."She grunted whilst clutching her stomach. She hissed, and she grimaced before she slapped her palm over her mouth. She began to madly tap DJ on the shoulder. He slammed on the breaks, and with Olympic precision Katie opened the car door and began to… Well... "Blow her cookies" in the neighborhood shrubs and bushes. After a few more dry heaves, Katie slammed the door shut, and whipped her mouth.

"You okay?" DJ asked has he turned into their driveway. Katie shot him the death glare, and let out a huge sigh. "No… I assume." Katie wearily smiled, and shook her head. He could clearly see that she felt horrible; anyone with ten brain cells could see that. So, being the gentleman that he was, DJ passed Katie the keys and told her to go lay down, he would take care of everything else. So, he started un-packing. He didn't really have much packed, just one suitcase. But Katie, she had two suitcases for her clothes, a duffel bag for all her shoes, and two oversized tote for all of her swimsuits. Katie says that she needed options. DJ didn't understand his wife's logic; but, he accepted it.

After pulling the last bag out of the car, he made sure to close the trunk as quietly as he could. No need for nosy neighbors popping out asking question after question. DJ managed to make it to the door with out as much as a peep, and he clicked the door shut. He began to walk to the master bedroom, until he heard a loud thud. Knowing it came from the bathroom; he dropped all of the luggage and ran to the bathroom top speed.

He opened the door to find Katie lying on the floor clutching her stomach. DJ kneeled down next to her. "It… it hurts." She mumbled her voice raspy and faint. He hushed her and pulled her up. Noting the bile in the toilet, he flushed it. Running a hand over her forehead, he noticed that was hot.

Katie was like a puppet in her movements, and DJ almost played the role of puppeteer. He helped her rake cool water to get rid of the vomit that still lingered. He even pressed on her cheeks to help her spit out the water-mix. Katie then looked up at him with these big doe-eyes, and he could see the fear in them. Even though this sent another surge of adrenaline throughout him, he just gave her a quick kiss on the forehead; and told her it would be okay. But would it? He shook this thought from his head as soon as it came in. Katie was going to be fine, and he was going to make sure of that.

He went into doctor mode, and put her into a cradle carry. He laid her down onto the couch, and then rushed to the kitchen. He rummaged through cabinet after cabinet looking for a glass. "T… third on the left from the stove." Katie croaked. DJ quickly grabbed the glass, filled it with water, and gave it to Katie. She promptly gulped the water down. "D…De…Deej, I, I don't feel good."

DJ kissed her forehead, and stroked her hair that was damp from the sweat her fever was producing. "I know, baby. And that's why I'm going to take you to the hospital." A look of horror flashed across Katie's face. "Trust me; Everything's going to be okay." DJ assured.

But as soon as those words came out of his mouth, he considered how true they actually were.

Would she really be okay?

Anything could happen.

No, no Katie was going to be okay.

She was going to be perfectly fine.

He hoped so.

an: Okay, don't worry I wouldn't have people die at the beginning at both of my stories! (: Okay, now I'm going to talk about the GxDxC triangle. I could care less who Duncan's paired with (although I am a little biased towards DxC…). I don't care about GxD being together, but I dislike how they came together. I mean cheating? Really? That's not cool. Duncan man, you made a strong young woman break-down, that's really messed. Who else thinks that Gwen and Bridgette will no longer be friends? I actually think Gwen's going to lose LeShawna as a friend also. How's Trent going to feel? And, I hope that somebody reminds her about the Heather kiss that happened in TDI. Because, she just kissed her crush. Gwen had a relationship with another person that was already in one! C'mon son! But on the flipside, Gwen believes in karma; and, karma's a bitch. So Gwennie and Dunky, what goes around comes around.

Okay, one main thing I really disliked about this season was how they made Deej look. I mean really, he sung about his momma in practically ALL of the songs! They really punk'd him out, and I don't appreciate that. rawr!

Sierra wore on me, I love her correct amount of craziness. Not overly crazy like Miss Isabella. But I digress.

TDWT was sub-par. I honestly liked TDA. I loved TDI.

Well, I hoped you enjoyed the prologue to "Martial… Or um… Maternal Duties".

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