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"What is it?" Katie asked as they pulled into the drive way. Now it was DJ's turn to smile and giggle. "What?" She asked again.

He just opened the front door and went into the house. Katie was waddling behind.

She had no idea of what he had in store.

"Babies are such a nice way to start people."

-Don Herrold

"I can't believe that you guys did this for me." Katie whispered to herself while rubbing her hand over the pattern of a onesie. One of the many onesies that she received at the surprise baby shower thrown in her honor that night. Many of the guests didn't go to the unplanned baby shower because either a) they wanted Katie to get her rest, or b) they weren't told about the shower. Katie's brief visit to the hospital worked out in the hosts' favor.

Well, there were some family members whose presence was less than desired. So, the cancellation and quick rescheduling of the shower was a fantastic means of getting DJ's over-affectionate aunts out and Katie's obnoxiously loud grandmother just to name a few. The rest of the party who were basically DJ's mama, and Bridgette, Lindsay, and Courtney's families threw a small shower in the pregnant woman's honor.

Katie was sitting in her son's nursery as her husband was installing a shelf over the baby's crib. The pregnant woman ran her hands over her abdomen, and her son shifted slightly. DJ then began to use the electric drill which sent out a shrill grinding noise. That sound made the small boy begin to flutter all over the place in fear. "Oh, daddy scared you?" Katie rhetorically asked her unborn child.

DJ looked over and smiled at his wife. "So, you liked your surprise last night?" He asked before giving his wife a kiss on the top of the head. She nodded. "Good. We put a lot into making sure you didn't figure anything out." He sarcastically said while giving her a hand up. Katie playfully rolled her eyes. The Jamaican born man walked out of the room.

"Your daddy has jokes doesn't he?" The pregnant woman said to the bun in her oven.

"I heard that!" DJ yelled from down the hall. Katie smiled to herself and waddled to the door frame. She looked over her shoulder at the nursery. Everything was in place for the little boy that would be coming in a month. Walls were painted in a soft blue. A painting of a sea of animals that was given to Katie by her cousin that is a painter was hanging on the wall next to the window. Bedding that was decorated with turtles, fish, crabs, and other sea life covered the crib. Then, on the adjacent wall, Khenan was spelled out in blue bubble letters.

This room was just right. Katie smiled to herself, and closed the door behind her. Everything was just right.

Three weeks later…

Hot water poured out of the shower head and trickled down her tan skin. The shower was supposed to be soothing, but it was giving the pregnant woman no relief. Faint cramps still sent an aching pain through her abdomen.

These cramps had been going on since dinner, and that was about two hours ago. No one knew she was in any discomfort. Leah was too innocent to notice anything was wrong, and DJ just figured that she had gas again. Katie even thought it was just the extremely sugary dessert she had after dinner and the half a box of snack cakes she had during the day.

Mrs. Williams carefully stepped out of the shower and onto the bathmat that was still damp from DJ's shower. She stood in front of the mirror and shook her fingers through her short hair, removing some of the moisture. A towel made its way into her hands, and she dried herself. Katie gripped the counter as another small cramp made its way down into her groin.

She grimaced and let the pain move its way through her body. Nude, the pregnant woman walked into the bedroom. Standing in front of the dresser she grabbed a pair of underwear and put them on with the assistance of the dresser. Then, put on one of DJ's t-shirts since they were the only thing that could fit over her large abdomen. Waddling, Katie made her way to the bed and slithered in.

DJ noticed his wife's presence in bed and turned towards her back. He wrapped his arm around the small area between her belly and her breasts. She smiled. He kissed her softly on the neck. "Stop." Katie softly moaned. He still continued. She told him to stop again in a slightly louder tone and he did. Katie rolled over onto her back, DJ stayed cuddled to her side.

The married woman rubbed her husband's head, making patterns in his short dark brown hair. Her fingers crept down to his jaw line where she noticed a crop of stubble that was growing on his face. She then kissed his temple. Another cramp surged through her body. To avoid any worry, she grasped the sheets on the opposite side of her husband and squeezed them until it passed. It was a bit more painful that time but, it was still no big deal.

"He can come any day now. Maybe even tonight." DJ whispered. Katie laughed in a slightly bitter tone. "I can't believe that a year ago, you were yelling at me to propose to you and now we're having a baby."

Katie laughed bitterly again, and turned her face towards his. She pulled his body as close to as the belly would allow. Legs laced together and lips brushed. The spouses shared a passionate kiss, unlike any other they've ever had. It held something more, a passion or the passion of life. This baby brought a brand new element to their relationship. It was new and even deeper bond that is solidified in this new life that they created.

The pregnant woman pulled away and left her husband dumbfounded. "What was that for?" He asked.

"I don't know, I guess we won't be able to do that for a long time so…" Katie explained in her soft voice that was weary from a long day. "Now, let's go to bed." She flipped onto her left side, and closed her eyes to drift off to sleep.

"The world doesn't want to hear about the labor pains, they just want to see the baby."


At ten o' clock, only an hour after the couple went to bed, Katie awakened from her slumber with an extremely painful ache in the pit of her stomach. She knew it was time. The time that is always talked about in baby movies. The time that the obstetrician warned her about for the past few weeks. She clutched her abdomen. "DJ, wake up." She groaned. Her brick house for a husband didn't wake up. She grabbed his shoulder and shook it lightly.

He still didn't wake up. Out of frustration, she slapped his large back. Her husband jerked from his slumber. "What what's wrong?" He turned towards Katie and looked at her face. Her furrowed brow, slightly flared nostrils, and moist forehead were illuminated by her bedside lamp. He then looked down to her belly that was clutched by her small hands. His mind began to buzz as he put each of these things together. "Is it time?"

She nodded. A huge smile was plastered across his face. "It's time Deejy-poo. We're going to have our baby." With those words, the couple went into the routine they rehearsed many times. Katie changed her clothes, brushed her teeth, and grabbed the bag she packed for the hospital stay. DJ got Leah dressed quickly, grabbed her little backpack with activities inside of it, and buckled her into the car. His wife was close behind him prepared for whatever this baby had to throw at them.

"Mommy, where are we going?" Leah asked rubbing her eyes being cute as she wanted to be. Katie looked back at Leah and imagined another car seat next to Leah's. Then, she thought about another person calling her mommy. But, this time it would be her own child that she gave birth to.

The soon to not be pregnant woman cleared her throat. "Well, Love-bug you and your daddy are coming with me because, your little brother is coming out of my tummy." The four-year old's eyes ent as wide as saucers as her step-mother told her the news.

Katie placed her hands back on her abdomen and began to process what was going on. This child wouldn't be inside of her this time tomorrow. She would be having a baby, a little her, a little DJ, a little them. Her heart began to race and tears nipped at the corners of her eyes. She was going to be a mother, a legit mother.

She sniffed. DJ looked over to his wife and noticed her tears. "Kate, don't cry. It is okay you don't need to cry. How about you call everybody?" DJ said trying to soothe his wife. Her cheeks turned up in a grin and she grabbed her husband's phone.

First, she dialed her mother-in-law. The older woman sounded as if she was ready to jump out of her skin. She told her daughter-in-law that she was on her way. Next, she called her friends: Courtney, Bridgette, and Lindsay. Courtney as usual was giving Katie some of her own advice, this time on birthing techniques and on vaccinations. Duncan was in the background telling her to hush. But, Courtney said she was on her way and she left Duncan with Spencer and Tatum duty. Bridgette and Geoff along with their twins were on their way. Finally, Lindsay said she would come in the morning. She doesn't do to good with 'baby juice and goo' as she put it.

As soon as she was done making the calls to her friends they were at the hospital. The family of three soon to be four walked into the emergency room. Just to their luck, pregnant women are always put at the top of the list when it comes to emergency care. The Williams family was escorted to the maternity ward. Katie was quickly given a room, everything was going smoothly.

Leah was sleeping in DJ arms when the nurse walked in. She was a tiny woman, her scrubs were a dark navy, and instead of wearing the usual orthopedic nursing shoes she wore a pair of grey converse. "Hi, I'm Camilla. I'll be your nurse until six tomorrow morning. "Her voice was soft and friendly. Katie smiled at her and subconsciously placed her hands on her stomach. Camilla tucked her mid-length black hair behind her ears. "Would you mind letting me see that belly so we can find out where this baby is?"

Katie obliged and Nurse Camilla warmed up the sonogram machine. Like many times before, Katie braced for the cool semisolid that was slathered on her belly. The sweet natured nurse applied the sonogram's wand with the pressure that Katie was accustomed to. But, then she did something out of the ordinary.

Nurse Camilla motioned for DJ to come over. He slowly got up from the chair, careful not to wake up Leah. The nurse pointed at the screen. DJ's eyes darted between the screen and Katie. He folded his lips in and nodded.

"Mrs. Williams, I'm going to get the attending physician to verify. But, your son is breech."

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