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I opened my eyes, and sat up. I was at my desk with blueprints of race cars all over it. I groaned, and fell out of my chair. I sighed, not wanting to move from the cold spot on the floor. I looked at the alarm clock on my nightstand, and sighed. Thirty minutes until Grace comes to visit me. Shouldn't she be working at Zeke's right now?

My train of thoughts were interrupted as the door bell rang. I didn't budge, but I heard chatting behind the front door. The door bell kept ringing, and a vein popped in my forehead of annoyance. I got up, stalked to the door, and kicked it off its hinges.

"What?" I exclaimed, and Grace smiled at me with unfamiliar people staring at me as if I was a freak, in which I was. "Good morning, Alana." Grace said simply, and walked straight in. Grace looked at her guests, and nodded her head. "Come in." I said weakly. The six people walked in, and I sighed.

"So," I began, picking up the door with my foot," who are your friends, Grace?" Grace's face then brightened. "This is Agura Ibaden, the only girl who is able to put up with the guys." The African-American woman smiled at me, and stuck out her hand. I shook her hand. I grabbed a repair kit, sticking four nails into my mouth. I began to rebuild my door, and was finished within seconds.

I then noticed that Grace was making something, and I decided to swipe some of the batter. But Grace smacked my hand with the spoon she was using with a glare. "The black haired by in the corner is Zoom Takazumi, the most lively and athletic one out of the rest." Zoom grinned widely at me. "The one next to Zoom is Stanford Isaac Rhodes IV, the one who loves to party and my boyfriend." Stanford smiled dreamily at Grace's words. I raised one eyebrow. Rude much?

"The two guys wearing different shades of blue are brothers, and their names are Sherman Cortez and Spinner Cortez. Sherman is the level-headed younger brother while Spinner is the immature older brother. " I raised an eyebrow at Spinner, who glared at Grace. I chuckled. Picking a grape from the stem, I threw it into the air, and it landed into my mouth.

"And this is Vert Wheeler, the one who always gets into trouble with the Sheriff." Vert, the tall blond looking leader-type guy, looked up at his name. "Vert is 'the one with the fire in his spirit', meaning that he is the more leader-ish type." Vert then looked me, and smiled. He stuck out his hand, and I shook it. I felt my eyes grow wide at the sudden feeling from our touch. Vert and I stared at our hands with eyes wide.

Grace stared back and forth between us with an eyebrow quirked. "So then, why don't you introduce yourself?" Grace said, bringing me back to reality. I blushed slightly, and pulled my hand back from him just as he did the same thing. I remained silent. Grace sighed. "That girl standing before you is Alana Marie Vactos. She is sixteen years old, and she is more than a boy than a girl. A tom-boy girl who loves repairing cars or anything of the like if she's familiar with it. She's stubborn, boy-ish, and rough around the edges." Grace smiled as I glared at her.

Suddenly, I was surrounded by all three of them. Vert, Agura, and Stanford remained where they were. I was attacked by questions, and I looked between Vert and Grace for help. Vert sighed, and leaned against the table. "Guys, that's enough. Obviously, she doesn't or can't answer your questions all at once." He said, and they sheepishly grinned and apologized for their behavior. I smiled, and said that's it was okay.

"Alana, why don't you and Vert bring down some of your blueprints to show?" Grace said, and I caught the mischievous plan in her voice. I glared sideways at her, and nodded slowly. Vert trailed behind me as I walked to my room. "Did you notice what she was planning?" He asked, and I nodded my head, opening my door. We walked in, and went to my desk. "Whoa, that's some sick car!" He commented, and he continued to marvel my work. The door suddenly shut, and was locked.

Grace was already trying to hook us up? That's completely stupid. Vert frowned at the door. "Grace tries to hook us up on the first day." He said, and I nodded, sighing at my best friend's haste. I looked nervously at him, and looked away when he looked at me. In a way, he reminds me of Vincent, my first lying love. I heard snickering behind the door, and I grew annoyed. I turned to the door, and glared at it. "I'm about ready to kick that off its hinges too." I said, eyes narrowed into a deadly glare.

Vert chuckled, and picked up another blueprint. I noticed the small white note in front, and I gasped. Yanking it from him, I hugged it into my chest, and stared at him. He stared back, and frowned. "T-this one is special." I said, and he shrugged. He turned to the door again, and sighed. "They're so immature." He stated, and I chuckled. "And it's only our first meeting." I said. He nodded.

"Did you feel something when we shook hands?" I asked, trying to start up a conversation. I didn't want to bring up this one. Vert glanced at me. "What did you feel?" He asked. "I asked first." He chuckled. "Yeah. I can tell you what I felt, but before that, what did you feel?" He replied. I looked down, the floor becoming of interest. "Ifeltsomething." I said quickly. "What?" "I said I felt something. Not from me though. I barely even just met you." I repeated, adding words in alarm and embarrassment.

Vert chuckled, and turned towards me. "I have many sides of myself. You just might be the first to experience." He said huskily with a smirk.

I felt someone shaking me. "Alana, wake up." I opened my eyes, and saw Agura, who smiled at me. "Mornin' sunshine." She said, and I groaned. "What time is it?" I asked, rubbing my eyes. "8:45 in the morning." She answered. "Why did you wake me up then?" I asked again. Agura frowned. "Because today is your seventeenth birthday!" She exclaimed with a huge smile. I smiled slightly, and stretched. "Alight, alright. I'll wake up for this day." I said, giving up.

"Happy birthday, Alana!" Zoom shouted, and Sherman grinned a toothy grin. Spinner was too busy playing his video games, but he muttered a 'happy birthday'. "Happy birthday, Alana." Sage smiled, and I smiled back. "Where's the leader?" Agura asked with a frown. "Don't know. Maybe he's still asleep." Zoom replied, and I frowned. I grabbed an apple, and took a bite. Vert walked out with his left hand on the back of his neck.

I glared at him, and chucked it at him. We were far from each other, but it hit him on the head. "Bulls eye!" I yelled. Vert looked at me with a glare before saying a 'happy birthday'. Vert grinned crookedly, and Agura and Zoom laughed as I looked away with pink tinted cheeks. "I might as well give you the silent treatment." I said to myself, and Agura chuckled. "What do you want to do for your birthday?" Zoom asked. I shrugged lazily. "Dunno. Never woke up this early." I shot a Agura a bitter look. "But I have a crave for ice cream." I added. "Ice cream it is then!" Agura announced. "Oh, by the way, can I ride with Zoom? I'm not dealing with British dude over there." I glared at Stanford, who scoffed. "I have no problem with it." Zoom accpected, and I smiled at him.

"Please do." Stanford said, glaring at me. I shot him a quick glare before walking with Zoom to his motorcycle. "Asshole." I muttered, and Zoom stifled a laugh. He turned to me with a wide grin, making me smile back.

So, everyone took me out for ice cream. On the way, we did a detour for Zoom(with me on the back) to show us his new trick. Zoom was getting better on his mid-air tricks. Vert was the person who Zoom looked up to. Agura says that Zoom seems to have a thing for me, so he was getting cocky and even cockier every time he and Vert did tricks. I don't believe that Zoom does. He was just being extremely nice since we were friends. Well, at least, that's what seems to me.

"So," Zoom began, practically jumping in his due to overwhelming excitement," are we there yet?"

I groaned, glaring at him. "No, Zoom. We're not there yet. Now, sit down and stay quiet for the rest of the ride there." I replied, and Zoom nodded his head. "Got it, birthday girl." He saluted, and to my surprise and relief, he did not speak a word at all. Agura made a noise of relief. "At ease there, solider." I replied, laughing. Agura joined in.

Vert chuckled. "Whoa there, Alana. This isn't the military." Vert teased over the com-link, and I glared at the com-link . "Shut it, Wheeler." I spat, and he chuckled in amusement. The whole rest of the way, he has been glancing at me from the Saber. I wasn't quite aware why he was, but something tells me he was planning something. When Vert wanted to be, he could be a prankster. Worse than Zoom. I was never a target because I was just as dangerous as him and Zoom together.

I sighed, and kept my eyes on Vert in case he tried something funny. After a couple minutes, we arrived at the ice cream shop. Zoom cheered, and wrapped an arm around my shoulders once we got off his motorcycle. I smiled at him weakly, and we talked as we walked inside. Vert and the rest walked in after us. We looked at Vert. "Whose paying?" Zoom and I asked in perfect chorus. "'Cause we're not." We added. Vert sighed. Agura looked at Stanford, an evil smile creeping up her face. Sherman and Spinner pointed at each other with convincing eyes. I laughed.

"I'll pay." Vert stated. "Then I'll help." Zoom volunteered. I nodded my head, but paused before looking at Agura. Agura looked at me, and she read my expression before sharing it. We stopped the two, and they looked at us with puzzled looks. "I think I should help Vert, Zoom." I said, and Zoom frowned. "I agree besides, we wouldn't anything disastrous happening to cars." Agura agreed. I shot Agura a puzzled look that obviously said 'that was all you got?'. Agura shrugged. Zoom and Very glanced at each other. "Fine." Vert said, and Zoom frowned.

Agura and I glanced back at each other before we all walked up to the counter. "Welcome to Basket Robins. What can I get you today?" The woman at the counter asked politely. I read the choices, and decided on vanilla. I spaced out while Vert and the others decided on their choices. After Vert payed for the ice cream, I helped carry them. They all grabbed their ice cream from my arms, and I settled with mine. We all talked about random things, and an idea came up to my head. "I should ask Sage about it." I murmured to myself, and they all leaned to me. "Ask Sage what?" Spinner asked. "About the new improvements for your cars." I replied absent-mindly.

Spinner grinned as I glared at him. It was supposed to be a secret until Sage agreed to it. "Never mind. I change my mind." I said, and Spinner scowled. I chuckled, rolling my eyes. "I'm the one who repairs your car if Sage is doing whatever she does, y'know." I had nothing against the blue Sentient. But damn was she picky for someone like her. I actually got along with Sage since she was the one who talked to me a lot. A red glowing Sentient flashed through my head, and felt my blood run cold. I furrowed my eyebrows as I tried to pick the odds between the fact that Sage was blue and this one was red.

I'll have to ask Sage later after we get back. We finished our ice cream, and we thanked the employee with smiles. Zoom smiled at me as I got on the back of his motorcycle. I wrapped my arms around his waist, and we were off. I frowned in thought. Should ask Sage about my dreams? Or not? It was hard to since I didn't know how to slide it in, but I would have to be straight-forward about it. "Are you alright?" Zoom asked. "You're being distant." He added. I stared at him with a blank stare before sighing and looking away.

"I've been... having dreams a lot lately. They've been bothering me. With the endings that never happened and the eerie laughter echoing before I wake up." I shuddered. Zoom frowned. "I'm going to talk about it with Sage since she seemed connected to it." Zoom took one hand off of one handle, and wrapped with mine. "Sage will probably help you. Don't worry about it, kay?" He said, and I nodded reluctantly. "I'm going to sleep." I mumbled as exhaustion suddenly consumed me. Zoom nodded, his hand still holding mine. His hands... they're so warm, I though before falling asleep.

I ran through the halls of a ship. Glancing back, the last thing I saw was red lightning. When I opened my eyes, I was out sea and my mother was calling me back. "Alana!" She screamed, desperately reaching over the bars for me. "Mom!" I screamed back as red lightning hit in the head. She collapsed, her body laying limp.

The same eerie laughter that I have been hearing echoed again, and a man with a red surrounding him appeared before me. I opened my mouth to scream for my body to swim, but I was frozen in fear and shock. "Night-night, Alana." He said, raising his hand in front of me. "Dad, no!" I screamed. The red lighting shot towards me, but a blue lightning made disappear. "Run!" A woman's toneless voice ordered. And I was running suddenly, drenched from the water.

"You can run, but you can't hide!" His eerie voice taunted. I tripped just as red lightning soared past my head. Everything turned black as I being shook rapidly. "Alana!" Zoom? "Alana, wake up!" Zoom, what's wrong? "Alana!"

My eyes snapped open as I gasped. Zoom stared at me with wide eyes. They were so scared, almost terrified. Vert looked at me over his shoulder. I was being carried on his back, and Zoom was still holding my hand, refusing to let go. "Are you okay? You just started screaming, and nearly made me crash into Vert. Sorry about that, by the way, Vert." Zoom explained, and I stared at him. "You also made my shoulders bleed with those fingernails of yours." Vert added.

Agura scowled, smacking him in the arm. "Are you feeling okay?" She asked, frowning a little bit. I shook my head, being honest. Zoom's hand squeezed mine gently. Vert walked to Sage, and Sage glanced between us all before landing me. "What's wrong, everyone?" She asked with a frown. "Alana will tell you that. We're just witnesses." Vert said, dropping me to my feet. Zoom helped me regain balance when I wobbled. I noticed that he still hadn't let go of my hand. Agura noticed, too. Stanford, Sherman, and Spinner noticed shortly after. Then Sage and Vert, who scowled.

I reminded myself that he was being a friend nothing more than that. Agura snorted as if reading my thoughts. I glared at her. "Everyone, please go while me and Alana discuss this problem." Sage said, and Zoom let go, walking away with everyone. Sage and I remained in silence before I began. "I've been having dreams lately, more like visions with twisted endings that never even happened." I paused. Sage's eyes widened. "They're so... real." I said. My dreams did a re-run in my head. "The possible future or the past, they may become nightmares if we don't stop this." Sage said.

"You may even experience some even if you're awake. Now, tell me about your most recent dream." I nodded. "The pain-" I stopped, wrapping my arms around myself," was so realistic. I could feel it surging through me. The fear racing through me as I watched the red lightning hit my mother, and almost attacked me. The horror of my mother being possibily dead was so unbareable. I couldn't handle it. I screamed without even wanting to." I stopped, letting out a silent sob.

Sage walked over to me, throwing her arms around my shoulders. "The blue lightning had me feel safe, rescued, and protective. I got away, but the words- oh, how the words terrified me. When I tripped, I knew that this was it- the end of my life." I managed through sobs. "I'm scared to sleep, Sage. I don't know what I would dream of. But the one picture that makes me feel terrified the most is the-the-" I choked on a sob. "-the red Sentient destroying Zoom and the others in front of my eyes." Sage gasped, pulling from me with wide eyes.

"A red Sentient?" Sage repeated with eyes of alarm. I nodded. Sage's eyes grew wider. "This isn't good." She said, and I turned around, walking to my room. Along the way, I ran into Vert. He frowned at the sight of my tears. He opened his arms, and I ran, throwing my arms around his torso. He wrapped his arms around my neck. At first, my birthday was going perfect until my dream. But this made up for it in anyway to say.

After our embrace, Vert joined the others, saying that Zoom was pacing in front of my room. I nodded my thanks, and began to run to my room. I wanted Zoom to hold my hand again. I wanted to hug Vert again. They were only friends. Are they something more to me? No, they're just friends. I saw Zoom, and he turned around. I threw my arms around his neck, and he stumbled, impulsively wrapping his arms around my waist.

Zoom leaned against the wall for support. I poured my tears onto him, and he pulled me closer, muttering low words of comfort into my ears. I pulled away to open my door, and Zoom walked inside with me. Normally, I would've snapped at him for walking without permission, but I wasn't in the mood to. Once Zoom walked in, I closed the door. I walked away, grabbing his hand like a little girl. Zoom smiled, and grabbed back, pulling me into his lap. "Are you scared to go to sleep alone?" He asked. I nodded without thinking.

Zoom laid down with me on top, and I blushed. Zoom chuckled. I closed my eyes, enveloping into his warmth. I looked him, moving up closer to rest my head on his shoulder bone. He turned his head, and his breath fanned across my face. I closed my eyes, and eventually fell asleep to feeling of his heart beating like music.