I don't any of the characters from charmed, or twilight.

Bella's POV

I needed to see him.

Just once more.

Then I would go on with my life as much as I could. For Charlies sake and also for Jake and Renee's. So I stood at the edge of the cliff waiting for his sweet voice to come to me. I waited and waited…..but there was nothing.

'What?' I spoke aloud, confused. 'Edward? Edward?' My throat burned a little when I said his name but there still was nothing. I sighed after a few minutes. Still no Edward. What the hell was going on? I know I hadn't gotten over him yet. I still missed him immensely, so why wasn't my brain reacting? Why hadn't I heard him? This was dangerous, right?

Yes! It is dangerous. Even more dangerous than the last time. The wind was stronger, the water that attacked the rocks at the bottom where more fierce. This time I was actually scared. So why wasn't I hearing his voice?

'Maybe….maybe because my body hasn't registered the danger of the situation yet.' I thought in my head.

No, that didn't make any sense. But it was the only assumption I could make. 'Just jump Bella. Maybe you'll hear his voice in the water. Come on Bella jump. What's the worst that can happen?'

'I could die.' The words slipped from my lips in a whisper. But I didn't feel any regret or emotion when I said them. I should have felt something. But I feel absolutely nothing. I felt numb. I suddenly realized, if I did die it wouldn't be so bad, Edward had already left me twice. Jacob didn't- couldn't understand that I didn't love him in that way. And Charlie and Renee had gotten on with their lives.

I'm nineteen, living at home with my father. No friends (aside from Jacob), I'm not in collage, I don't have a job. And on top of that pathetic excuse for a life, I'm still in love with my vampire ex-boyfriend, who does not love me back.

My life sucked and as I got older it got worse. I crouched back ready to spring in the air.

If this jump killed me, I wouldn't complain.

Sorry if I made Bella Seem suicidal.

So Edward left Bella right after they got back from Volterra, and Bella hasn't been able to live with her life. The Charmed Ones show up in the next chapter, so please be patient.