No P.O.V

"Well, she seems nice enough." Paige offers to a fuming Piper, "Right?"

Piper scoffed, "She touched my belly! She put her hands on belly I don't remember her asking for permission."

"You let us do it all the time!" Paige responded by putting her left on Piper's stomach and smiles when she feels baby Chris move beneath her hand.

"But with you and Phoebe it's a given. I don't even know the woman."

"Your dad likes her." Paige offers.

"And so do I. But it's totally love for him." Phoebe nods curtly, "She meant well and I think she's funny. Plus, she was really great with Wyatt." They begin to make their way towards the house, trying their best not to wake Wyatt.

"I guess I'm just worried about dad." They were standing outside the door, Phoebe and Paige were waiting for Piper to finish her thought before they entered, "If she freaks out about the witch thing dad will have to choose between us and her."

Paige scoffed, "As if there is a choice he's your dad and what about Wyatt and Chris."

"I think that's what she means." Phoebe sighed, "He'll choose us but at what cost, losing the woman he loves."

"Everything good in life has some kind of sacrifice, right?" Piper opened the door to the mansion and to her surprise found the entire Cullen clan sitting at the dinning table, laughing, talking, and more shockingly, eating, "What is going on here?"

"Oh, Piper." Esme stood daintily dabbing a napkin at her lips, "I'm so sorry we sort of raided your refrigerator but I promise we'll replace all the food we ate."

Piper laughed in disbelief, "Okay, that is very generous, thanks. But, and please correct me if I'm wrong, I thought you didn't eat. You know with the whole inability to digest food and everything."

"Well, there is an explanation for that..." Alice began.

Before Alice could finish her sentence Leo orbed into the mansion his face was tense his eyes searched for Piper, "There you are. Where is Bella? Michael?"

"How should I know? Wasn't she with Chris?"

"No." Edward stood, "She was with me." Everyone turned to turned to him and he took a breath before telling them that he was speaking to Bella in the attic when her father arrived and asked for him to leave so they could speak alone.

"So she spoke to him. Good." Leo sighed in relief, " Do you know where they went?"

"We didn't go anywhere." Michael appeared from the top of the stairs his eyes fixed on Leo, "You seem eager to know where she is?"

"I'm worried about her. I need to know that she's going to be okay."

Michael chuckled, "You should worry more about your family than mine Leo, after all Bella is not your daughter."

"No, you're right, she's yours." Leo walked to Michael and stared him down, "Yet you treat her like she's just some prophecy to protected. Her destiny as the Supreme one doesn't come before her role as your daughter, lying to the people you love isn't right even if you're doing it to keep them safe."

"I love Bella. I know what I have done probably makes no sense to you but it was never my intention to hurt her."

Leo shook his head, "No, of course not. You just wanted to manipulate her."

The room grew quiet and Piper, Phoebe, and Paige were no longer interested in the Cullens' newfound mortality but instead on the two men that stood before them only seconds away from ripping each other apart.

"Will someone tell us what the hell is going on here?" Paige called out.

"I had a discussion with Minerva. Apparently, she is worried that you will force Bella to do something she may not want to do." Leo's eyes didn't leave Michael's as he spoke, "You need to know something, all of you. And Michael here is going to be the one to tell you."

Bella awoke to the sound rustling wind, her eyes were heavy and the arm the was laying on was numb. She showily picked herself up from the floor and tied Charlies old shirt around her waist. She knew that a part of her was wrong for leaving her father in the attic, she wanted more answers but she was so hurt that just thinking about him made her chest tighten.

Being alone in the house that had once been her home make her bones hurt. She felt out of place and small, as if the house was swallowing her whole, there was nothing left for her here and the only place she could go back to was in San Francisco but at what cost. If her father was right then that would mean that she would be a threat to the Charmed Ones. What if she was to become a monster? What if she destroyed the people she loved the most? Maybe the best thing for her to do would be to lock herself way from the world?

But she made a promise to Chris that she would spend whatever time he had left with him.

Then again she had no idea where Chris was. He must have thought such horrible things about her, but why did he have to jump to conclusions? Why did he have to be so stubborn?

Her head started to spin as she carefully made her way down the stairs. As she made her way to the bottom she found herself facing the empty house again. When she was here with Charlie he was always so quiet but he was there, breathing, eating, watching tv, the house was always full of life; now there was only silence and she realized that whatever life was there had died a long time ago.

"I wish that this never happened to me." She cried out her arms wrapped around her torso, her eyes brimming with tears, "Why couldn't I have just had a normal life as a normal girl? I wish I never moved to Forks, I wish I never met the Cullens, I wish I never had these stupid powers!"

Then she remembered the day she got them, the same day she met the Charmed Ones on top of the cliff in La Push. That was the day everything changed and that was where she needed to go.

"What do you mean Bella has the ability to be evil? She's Bella she wouldn't hurt anyone unless she needed to protect an innocent or the people she loves." Piper half screamed at Michael.

"I'm telling you what I know and what my sister had foreseen. It is a possibility that Bella could in fact the one who is meant to turn Wyatt evil or even be the very evil that Chris will go back to."

"That is all speculation of something that hasn't happened. Bella is still Bella and she loves Wyatt and as far as we are concerned she is the only reason Wyatt won't become evil."

"Wyatt was turned, correct? In the future that Chris came from he was evil. If it was possible for him why not for Bella?"

Piper snorted, "Are you seriously using that as your argument? Bella is a freaking Goddess, pure and all that crazy stuff that I hardly understand."

"That is the issue Bella is not pure; she is half human, mortality, desire, basic human needs are still a part of who she is. At first I though that made her stronger but I realize now that it damaging her."

Leo sighed, "Tell them everything Michael, everything you know, and everything you kept from Bella."

Michael took a turn about the room, he hands behind his back and his eyes glued to the floor, this was the first time any of them had seen him so resigned and submissive, "Bella does have the ability to turn evil so long as she remains what she is now, half-witch and half-goddess. But there is a way to stop her from turning."

"Well what is the way?" Rosalie asks as she rubs her temples in frustration.

"It is complicated."

"And entirely her decision." Leo crossed the room to meet him, "But you were going to make the decision for her weren't you?"

Piper wanted nothing more than to sleep and have her feet rubbed but she couldn't have that she couldn't even have a moments peace in her own home, she froze the two men leaving the Cullen's and Phoebe and Paige to watch them.

"Piper..." Paige began.

"No, don't start with me. I know Bella is in trouble and I want to be there for her but these two need to put differences aside and talk to us and not each other." Piper sat down closing her eyes and rubbing the side of her stomach where Chris was now kicking, "Oh, he's restless."

"Who?" Emmett asked.

"Chris." Piper opened her eyes sharply, "Where is Chris?"

She hadn't even realized her son wasn't in the room with them. Leo had gotten them so riled up she hadn't been able to think about anything other than Bella. Maybe he was with her and she was safe.

Edward suddenly cleared his throat and everyone looked up at him, "I was going to say something before but Chris was the last thing on my mind, I apologize for that." Paige couldn't help but roll her eyes, "Bella and I were in the attic having a conversation about our relationship-"

"What relationship exactly?" Phoebe asked.

"The relationship that existed that before Bella met your nephew. Now I understand that you don't like me, that you despise me but Bella doesn't she was angry and hurt but she admitted that she loved me." Edward raised his to stop anyone from talking before he could finish, "Not that she was in love with me, just that she loved me, but I'm afraid that isn't what Chris thought."

"He heard you?" Alice trilled in her child-like voice.

"And took it completely out of context." Edward answered somberly, "You have to believe that this isn't what I wanted."

Michael and Leo unfroze and Michael immediately responded, "Only a simpleton like you would only think about that, this is bigger than Bella, if she chooses wrong-"

"If it's her decision it won't be wrong." Leo roared back.

Carlisle stepped forward, "We are all fathers here, can we agree that right now the most important thing is getting Bella home safe?"

Leo nodded and Michael huffed in agreement.

"Well, how do you expect to find her. She's not going to want to be found right?" Rosalie asked solemnly, "She's going to want to hide. Especially from you." She spat to Micheal full of more venom than she ever had as a vampire.

Michael ignored her and began to pace around the room, he knew his daughter and the last place she wanted to be was near him; she would want to be as far away from him as possible. But where would that be she could be all the way in China if she wanted to be. Bella was becoming increasingly unstable they needed to find her quickly.

"Alright, I am sick and tired of this." Piper announced loudly, "Chris this is your mother speaking. I know you can hear me so this is what is going to happen, you are going to stop acting like a jealous, angst-ridden child and you are going to get your little butt over here." Piper paused for a effect. "Now."

There was a second of silence before Chris appeared his chin rested against his chest, his eyes downcast covered by his hair. No one said anything because they weren't exactly sure what to tell him. It would have to dealt with very carefully. Leo made his way to Chris, he reached his hand out to touch his sons shoulder but before he could speak Emmett's booming voice interrupted.

"So, Bella might be evil 'cause apparently her dad over here decided to keep her in the dark over her vulnerability to evil because she's a product of some unbreakable vow thing. And now she's missing."

The room went quiet and Chris darted his eyes between Michael and Leo.

"Also, we're human now but, you know, that's probably not your priority right now."

Chris stared open mouthed at the people in front of him as Rosalie lightly slapped the back of Emmett's head.

"Do you- uh- need to sit down?" Phoebe asked gently as she she offered her seat.

"Explain. Now." Chris demanded his hands clenched into tight fists.

Michael shook his head, "We must find Bella."

"I need to know what is going on. You're going to tell me every thing, no bullshit, no skimming over details."

"You don't understand, Chris, we don't have enough time."

"Then you should start talking now, very quickly."